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FearlessTitle: Fearless

Author: Cat Grant

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Publication Status: Available

Genre: MM Romance

Sub Genre: Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-937551-18-6

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

After over a year together, Connor Morrison and Wes Martin decide to tie the knot. But an ethics complaint regarding their deeply non-traditional relationship threatens Connor’s job and Wes’s Ph.D. The fact that Connor tried to keep it from Wes—even with the best of intentions—makes the situation even worse and casts a pall over their plans for a Christmas wedding in New York.

It doesn’t help that Connor still treats Wes like glass, though Wes insists he’s recovered from the brutal assault he suffered a year and a half earlier. Wes may be okay, but Connor isn’t. Memories of taking a battered, terrified Wes to the emergency room that night still haunt him, and he can’t let go of the need to protect Wes from any and everything life might throw at him.

But Wes has had enough. Between the specter of the ethics complaint and Connor’s overprotectiveness, he’s already beginning to question their plans. Add in a family ashamed of and angered by his choices, and Wes might just leave Connor standing at the altar.

(Publisher’s note: This title is a sequel to Priceless. For maximum enjoyment, we highly recommend reading Priceless first.)

My View:

Fearless by Cat Grant is the third book in her “Irresistible Attractions” series. It revisits Wes and Connor, the main characters from Priceless. Though you COULD read Fearless without having read Priceless, I wouldn’t recommend it. As Fearless is a novella, there is not a lot of room to rehash the main character’s back story, so it is more of a “picks up a year and a half later” type thing. The second book in the series furthers Wes and Connor’s relationship some, but is not as necessary as Priceless.

*****Potential Spoilers*****

Wes and Connor are in love. They had a bit of a rough start, but now they are planning a Christmas wedding in New York. The only problem? Someone is out to ruin their relationship by publicly outing their beloved Berkley University for employing the “predator” Connor. Connor isn’t a predator, but he and Wes definitely have an unconventional relationship. Not only does 15 years separate them, Connor is a professor in the same department where Wes is PhD student. They have followed the letter of the rules, but the University fears the backlash if the relationship got out.

Undeterred Connor and Wes set off for their wedding in New York. Once there more secrets come out. Usually protecting the ones you love is not a problem, but when the object of your love feels suffocated by said protection, maybe it is time to take a look at alternatives.

*****End Spoilers*****

Having read the entire series I will say this. You will love this series or hate it. I don’t see a lot of middle ground for Fearless or the rest of the series. There are a lot of loose ends as the story comes to a close. There is no neatly wrapped package with a beautiful little bow at the end of Fearless. It is more of a “We know we have problems, but we will work on them and see where it can go”

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I would like to thank Riptide and NetGalley for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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