January Reading Challenge #4 ~ Monthly Challenge ~

This challenge comes to us from the Romance Readers Reading Challenges group on Goodreads

1. ‘J’ is for January: Read a book that starts with ‘J’ or by an author whose first or last name begins with ‘J’.

2. Happy Birthday!: Read a book from a January birthday celebrant’s GR bookshelf whose name/nickname starts with the same letter as yours OR match the date of your birthday (1-31) to a member on the January birthday list. Eg My name is Jane and my birthday is 13 August. I can either pick a January birthday celebrant whose name starts with ‘J’ or was born on 13 January.

If neither of these options work, select a match as close as possible (either side of the initial or date).
January Birthday List

3. Geography: Read a book whose author, character or setting is from Louisiana, USA. Louisiana is well known for New Orlean’s Mardi Gras, so for this category you can also read a book centered around a celebration or involving a parade.

4. ‘New Year’ means New Year Resolutions! Read a book with a character that is trying to improve themselves, started in a new profession/job/life-phase or has moved to a new district/country.

5. National Stay Healthy Month. Read a book where good health or dealing with health issues is a key consideration. For example, read a book where a main character is an athlete, doctor, nutritionist/dietician, physiotherapist, or where the character is recovering from ill health.

6. 13 Jan – This is, of course, Rubbie Duckie’s Birthday!: (From Sesame Street) Read a book that features a child or children; or just read a children’s book 🙂 [Not a Young Adult book.]

7. 14 Jan – National Dress Up Your Pet day: Read a book with a pet in the storyline.

8. National Hugging Day and Make Your Dreams Come True Day are both in January: This is an easy category for everyone – Read a romance book! And a ‘High 5’ if your bookcover shows 2 {or more ;} people hugging!

9. Backwards Day is Jan 31: Two options.
* How do you organise your TBR shelf? Take a deep breath and select a book from the opposite end of your shelving (the last 20% of your ‘normal’ bookshelves).
*Catering for those that don’t have a TBR shelf, read a book that shows someone/something’s back view or that ‘takes you back’ in time (a historical book or time-travel book that goes back in history).

10. Reader’s Choice: Read any book of your choice.

My Picks:

1. J is for January – Jet Mykles Heaven finished 1/5 4*
2. Happy Birthday BookWatcher – The Nothingness of Ben finished 1/3 4.25*
3. Geography (Celebration – Hanukkah)- Holiday Outing finished 1/6 4*
4. ‘New Year’ means New Year Resolutions! – One True Thing finished 1/2 5*
5. National Stay Healthy Month – Break and Enter finished 1/4 3.5*
6. 13 Jan – This is, of course, Rubbie Duckie’s Birthday! – An Unsettled Range finished 1/4 3.5*
7. 14 Jan – National Dress Up Your Pet day – Keeping Promise Rock finished 1/6 5*
8. National Hugging Day and Make Your Dreams Come True Day are both in January – One Night finished 1/7 4*
9. Backwards Day is Jan 31 – Lucky Boy finished 1/2 3*
10. Reader’s Choice – Stolen Summer finished 1/1 5*

Heaven (Heaven Sent, #1) The Nothingness of Ben Holiday Outing One True Thing (One Thing, #2) Break and Enter An Unsettled Range (Range, #3) Keeping Promise Rock (Promises, #1) One Night Lucky Boy Stolen Summer

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