As Natural As Breathing (All They Ever Needed 1) ~ 4* book ~ Review by Marc ~ @ThiannaD.

Hey guys, we will have some exciting news for you, soon. In the meantime, make sure to check back here tomorrow for exciting author interviews 🙂 You guys are great, we are so excited for what we have planned for you! But anyway, today I have book for all those , who were naughty and need a good spanking 😛

The facts: This book was published by LazyDay Publishing on August 7th, 2013. It is book one of the ‘All They Ever Needed Trilogy’ The cover: I love the dark green tinge to the cover, always creates some mystery for me 🙂 Plus the river we see works well with the BREATHING in the title and sets the cover apart far more than just the half-naked bodies would have 😉

The title: I love the title! It is intriguing, works against the ‘being gay is unnatural’ mantra some people unfortunately still follow and references a pivotal statement of one of the book’s MCs.

The story: First, you should know that this books MCs have a spanking fetish and Domestic Discipline is often referenced, leading me to believe it will be further explored in book two. Why is it important to mention it here? Well, there was something about spanking in the blurb and having never rarely read a book with that kink, I wasn’t sure what I would be in for. I actually forgot this part was coming though, because in the first wonderful 30 percent of the book (even though we were able to follow the POV of the main and some supporting characters) there was never an implicit mention of this desire anywhere, except for a small, joking reference to bad boys being spanked by Santa. I loved how hilarious the first part was; it introduced the characters in a caring and sympathetic way and made me fall in love with them 🙂 Christian is a young man, returning from war with a damaged leg and a broken spirit. Especially, since it was friendly fire that took him down after he stood up for a gay comrade when he was harassed and the army therapists cared more about curing him from perceived ‘gayness’ than helping him recover from the traumatic event. Arriving home after a grenade explosion he should never have survived, not even his fiance can cheer him up and he believes he might have smiled his last smile until he meets the gorgeous son of his father’s boss at a Christmas party and the mysterious man manages to make him smile and laugh, even dressed as Santa. The question is, whether he can overcome his own fear of accepting that he is also attracted to men after what happened and if they will manage to overcome the challenges thrown at them. I can easily give the first third of the book 5 stars, because it was well written, charming, funny, heartbreaking. LOVED it! BUT… then suddenly the next third starts and there is such an abrupt change with the kink being introduced that it really threw me. In the end of the book there is a not of the author that this is her first full length novel about this topic/kink and I actually think she handles it much better later in the book, but here it just seems to come out of nowhere. It almost feels like she wanted readers to fall in love with the characters first and then plunge the reader into unknown territory, knowing they would stick with the story to know what happens with the guys and might come to appreciate the hotness of the spanking. If that was the plan, it didn’t really work for me. Well, I read the book and will read the sequel, but this ploy really annoyed me as it took me right out of the story. I can fall in love with characters that have serious kinks or secrets or faults from the get go or love some surprises about characters we DO NOT know from POVs. But in a story where in 30 percent of a 200 plus book there is nothing that would indicate a spanking kink and then suddenly both MCs have this desire out of nowhere and it has a major part in the story … well, wasn’t much a fan of the way it was executed here. It’s still funny and charming, but the writing isn’t as smooth in the middle of the story, making me more inclined to rate that part in the low 3 star region. After that bad transition, the story recovers and the spankings are actually very hot and I still love the characters and their awesome families (with a notable exception). I would rate the last third in the 4-5 star region. It very easy to realize that it’s not a finished story and merely a HFN, so I’m very interested in continuing this trilogy, but if the kink had been slowly introduced or readers had at least been made aware of it the story would have been much better, probably even 5 stars. As it is, I still enjoyed the story a lot and can give it 4 stars as a whole.  It is definitively worth reading and I can recommend it to anyone intrigued by spankings, Domestic Discipline (though that will play out in the follow-ups I’m sure) or reader who just love a sweet, humorous tale about coming out, recovering and allowing desires to come out in an honest relationship.

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