College Boys (Men Of Holsum College 1) ~ Review by Marc

Hi guys! I’m impressed with your contributions for Eric Arvin and TJ Klune as well and thank you for being so giving and caring! You guys are awesome! This time I have a review of a book I bought and read in May of this year. Brandilyn got it as a R4R, but I actually liked it more, even though I had to pay for it 😛 Hope that shows you guys that we always post our honest opinions about books we read, whether we get free review copies or not. So here my opinion: 🙂

The facts: This novella was published as ebook on April 9th, 2012 by Siren Publishing and is the first of 8 books in that series that became available as ebooks that year.

The cover: It’s a simple cover, but I really like half faces. It looks like the guy is lost in mesmerized by the half naked guy in the background and so I really think  it fits as well.

The title: The title is even more simple, but it perfectly shows what should be expected. A love story about two guys in college. I actually found it by looking for M/M titles with the word “college” in them, when I wanted to tame the craving for a nice college story 🙂

The story: So, Brandilyn is right. This isn’t an epic love story like “Keeping Promise Rock” by Amy Lane or a particularly angsty story with psychological depth like “Chase In Shadow” by Amy Lane. It is a short novella that is sweet and hot in equal measure and satisfied my need for a short and engaging story in every way.

We’ve got the soccer jock Chris, who moves right next to the dorm room of an openly gay guy he knows and likes from his past. Though he never had much contact with him, Chris remembers Peter fondly and doesn’t particularly mind having him as a neighbor, even as some of his buddies seem to be bothered by his sexuality. Chris is… intrigued. More so, because the neighboring rooms used to be one big room, divided by the tiniest of walls, more like a dividing curtain. Pretty much every sound travels through and what he hears makes Chris’ hidden desires flare up as his imagination goes into overload.

This story could have been the average read and forget college tale that only caters to the college kinks but never manages to distinguish itself. For me this mainly didn’t happen because of the fresh concept of the thin, dividing wall. As people are much more open on the internet or in the dark, where their facial expressions and the expressions of the other people are hidden, I found it incredibly intriguing that the wall had the same effect. Through the wall, the two guys have interesting and engaging conversations and become fast friends, but outside of the bubble it doesn’t quite translate. Their easy friendship ends outside their rooms and they have to work hard to change that as well as stand up to their friends to have any hope for a meaningful friendship or relationship.

It’s not quite as easy out there, under pressure to be, who everyone expects. Their room is a different world. They can be who they are there, without pretending and through the wall many inhibitions fall as it is easier to admit some things, when no one else is in the room. It gives Chris the needed courage to explore his desires, flirt, let out a part of himself he has kept hidden, even if it is locked away as soon as he leaves his room. But dayum, these scenes are incredibly hot. I don’t know why, but the fact that there is a wall between them, even though they can hear everything through it makes their first mutual explorations so extremely hot that you won’t soon forget the story.

The way they try to stand up to their friends and the sweetness and innocence they carry, while they take their first awkward stumblings in becoming a couple are very nice and heartwarming, but it is the hotness and eroticism of their exploration, increased tenfold by the unique setting of the story that made this story unforgettable for me 🙂

Yet, I must admit, I haven’t read any of the other Holsum College stories yet. Though that might be that I read an average of about 250 pgs (gotta love GR for calculating that! 😉 per book and had to abandon many great series due to the many challenges I participate in.

I can definitively recommend this story, though. Have fun with it!


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