Get Better Soon, Eric Arvin ~ One Fan’s Perspective ~

How can your heart hurt for 2 people you have never met in person? Well when those people share their hearts and souls with you, you grow attached to them. When you have spent time reading about the struggles and successes, time talking with them about shared loves, when they choose to share with you and your friends one of the most special moments in their lives, you grow to care for them. You grow to love them on some level. If you read this blog with any regularity, you have seen these two men’s names more than once.

Eric Arvin and TJ Klune were lucky enough to find each other. Anyone who watches them from afar can tell how in love they are. Anyone who knows them up close will attest to the fact that appearances are not deceiving. I have never met either of these men in person, (though, I guess I could call them a friend of the family, in a way, as my sister has had the privilege to work with both these men) but their books speak to me. Through my love of their books, I have begun conversing with them online. Through that friendship, I have met many more wonderful people.

Right now Eric is laying in a hospital bed on a ventalator and awaiting surgery. Do I know all the details? No, but I don’t need to. I have a general idea from what his fiancé has been kind enough to share with us. I know he is facing brain surgery (again) in the very near future. I know, from experience, that, as a loved one faces the knife, those 2 words (Brain surgery) are about the scariest ones out there. I know that he and his family and friends need as many positive vibes sent into the universe as possible right now. I know TJ needs his friends and family for their strength and comfort. I know their fans are mobilizing their support as I write this.  (See below on that one)

This isn’t supposed to happen; they are supposed to be the shining example of a real-life happily-ever-after for all of us M/M romance fans. They aren’t supposed to have to hurt like this. I know that is a lot to put in their very fragile human shoulders, but I am sure others will join me in this wish for them.

Eric, darlin’, get better. We need your beautiful smiles, wonderfully twisted imagination, and subtle humor. TJ stay as strong as you can. Eric needs you to lean on, to hold his hand, to tell him he is worth it all. Don’t be afraid to break down if you need to; that is why you have an awesome group of friends and family there with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether from those there with you or those of us out here in the ether.

Eric and TJ have a long and expensive road ahead. If you want to help support them and give them a little less to worry about, consider donating to help these two wonderful people. You can give at the link here (For those who don’t know, Eric is the one on the left. TJ is on the right.)


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2 thoughts on “Get Better Soon, Eric Arvin ~ One Fan’s Perspective ~

  1. I will be sending them good thoughts and praying for the surgery to go well. It would be so unfair for these guys to find each other, only to lose their sole mate again 🙁 They must be so scared and confused right now…

    If you don’t have much extra cash lying around, I’m sure it would be appreciated as well if you buy one of their books. I can highly recommend Eric Arvin’s “Woke Up In A Strange Place” and T J Klune’s “Bear, Otter ANd The Kid” series as well as his dark paranormal “Burn”. If you are looking for something to read, perhaps you can give one of these books a try (all 5 star reads for me) and support them that way. If you like the books, a review might get even more people interested in reading their work and help them out financially!

  2. ” We need your beautiful smiles, wonderfully twisted imagination, and subtle humor. …” Exactly what I think too! Great blog. You said what I am thinking too 🙂

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