The Flesh Cartel, Season One: Damnation (Flesh Cartel 1 & 2) ~ Review by Marc

Hi, y’all! I’m back with a few book reviews for you 😉 Should you be desperately looking to get rid of that pesky holiday cheer, this book will be perfect to scare it away. Damn, this is a dark, dark story that will take you down the abyss of the human soul and show what humans are capable of. I can promise you that it will make your stomach turn in disgust, but there is a good chance the amazing writing will string you along until you are so invested in what will happen to the brothers, whether they will survive and escape together, how they can ever deal with what is happening to them and for me most importantly, whether the monsters who are doing this can be caught that you will have to read the rest as well, as I will after receiving this collection as e-book  for an honest review by the publisher.

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The facts:

Book Release:
Monday, October 1, 2012
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pdf, mobi, html, epub
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Print release:
Monday, August 5, 2013

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The cover: It’s perfect for this story. It is dark, shows the beautiful man on a leash being displayed as merchandise and shows the perverted and sick billionaires, protecting their identity with creepy white masks as they bid on humans, …

The title: The first two story titles were “Capture” and “Auction” and have been put together as Season One: Damnation. I think it is a very fitting title. The two stories of this collection were titled in a very simple and direct way. The collection is more clever, showing what is happening internally: The characters go through hell as people try to break their very souls, damning themselves by their unforgivable acts.

The story: Wow, okay, this was intense, soul-crushing, heart-wrenching and… kind of sickening. I’m usually not good with very dark stories that make me want to scream, especially if they are set in our time and our world. It seems so real to me that I can’t always handle the story. This one is very, very dark. It’s about two brothers being captured by the flesh cartel; the black market for humans. The very idea of such a market even existing is terrible, but the reader will have to endure details of horrible torture and rape, humiliation and … well, it’s not pretty. Both brothers love each other but are very different and survive in very different ways. This was the red string that captivated me and got me to read, even though I often needed to put down the book. It’s a story about two brothers having to survive in the most dire circumstances and adapt in their own ways to something no human being should ever endure. You really get to care about them and will be hooked, trying to hold out long enough to see their happy end (or as happy as can be) and the punishment of those who make this travesty possible.

I very often found my boundaries and was pushed way beyond them, but I liked that the book never tried to justify what was done to these slaves to get sympathy for the monsters who did this to them. It shows how people are able to turn off their humanity and treat others as things. It was truly horrible what was done and the hope of seeing them brought to justice in some way is what mostly k=hooked me enough to endure the next dark part of the brothers journey.

Please, believe me: This is nothing for people with weak nerves and stomachs. It is really well written, but if you don’t think you could handle something like this, chances are you won’t. I can recommend this for people who accept the darkness of this world and are interested in how people can deal with the most terrible things happening to them. If you can handle the darkness of the story, you will find consistently great writing and a devastatingly engaging story of survival.

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