Where The Allegheny Meets The Monongahela ~ audiobook Review by Marc

Hey 😉 This is a book I listened to a while ago and I highly recommend it. I was really surprised by how good it was and wanted to share my thoughts about it on this blog as well!


Written by: Felicia Watson

Narrated by: Jeff Gelder

Length: 9 hrs and 13 mins

Release Date:06-13-12

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

The cover: I love that the cover has several layers (as does the story) and there is a triangle of tension that attracts the eye. It looks good and interesting and I think the artist did a wonderful job!

Title & story: This is one of my favorite book titles. It sounds so poetic and made me very curious about the book. The two rivers that come from different directions to join into the Ohio river are furthermore a great metaphor for the two main characters of this story. They both have had very different, complicated pasts and there are a lot of issues that they need to deal with. When they meet, one MC is in counseling for badly hurting his wife in a fit of rage and the other one counsels women, who got out of a violent domestic situation and doesn’t believe that offenders should be given a second chance. They are forced together and when those two powerful and different rivers meet, their direction changes and a new path opens up for them. The past, while difficult is important for the person each MC has become. Their journey was formed by every stream that flowed into them and every obstacle they had to overcome to get where they are. This book tackles those difficult issues with honesty and without being afraid to show the characters’ mistakes and faults, but also with a lot of hope.

I really, really loved this book and the characters and though the plot and the MCs were very realistic and sympathetic. I was worried about the story being to dark when I started it. It wasn’t to me. I thought it tackled some very complicated issues that I haven’t often seen in m/m romance novels and by having two MCs who come from so very different directions and are on the opposite of these issues in the beginning, the author managed to create a well-balanced point of view that respects (imo) the different positions ppl will have on these issues. A difficult theme and flawed characters surprisingly made for a smooth and engaging story :)I listened to this story on audio book and really enjoyed it. I’m so thankful for Dreamspinner Press for turning so many of their m/m novels into audio books. They are doing a great job with them!

Highly recommend this book
5 stars

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    • Glad you found something that made you curious. It’s so encouraging to know that people actually find great, new books to read through these reviews. Should you give it a try, I really hope you’ll love it as much as I did. I would be interested to hear back from you *g*

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