Zombie Boyz Break Up (but in a good way) ~ Author Interview and Giveaway ~

That is right, the Zombie Boyz have broken up.  Well not literally, they are all still friends, and can be found together as a collection in the original anthology form… As of today, you can also get each story individually. I had some fun with the title because this is actually a FUN group of zombie stories and zombie authors.

I am going to talk with you today a little about each story, and then I have a little giveaway.  The folks at Wilde City have agreed to give away a copy of each of the stories.  So stay tuned for more details.

I have for you today and interview with Ethan Stone & Daniel A Kaine of Surviving Sin City and an exclusive excerpt from Geoffrey Knight & Ethan Day’s offering Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner.  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget Ghoul’s Gym from TJ Klune & Eric Arvin.

Surviving Sin City

SurvivingSinCity_ZB_cvrI am really excited to sit down with Ethan Stone and Daniel A Kaine of Zombie Boyz (among other great works) fame.  Their contribution to the 2013 Anthology from Wilde City Press is entitled Surviving Sin City is among the three titles in the book to be released today as individually available titles.

Here is a little summary of Surviving Sin City (sorry boys if I don’t do your book justice)

Kaleb is a closeted pizza delivery driver in Vegas. He knows the world isn’t all roses and carries a Glock with him at all times. He lives at home with his mother and brother, Pat. Cooper is traveler from across the pond, who is prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse… if only he was home. After discovering his partner cheating, again, he takes their already booked trip to Las Vegas, only to land in the middle of the end of the world… well maybe. Through the zombie attacks, they come together and discover the world has much bigger monsters than the ones in their closets, and that they will need each other if they plan to survive.

So onto the fun part 🙂


DanielAKaine_author_p_lr1. How did Surviving Sin City and your literary partnership come about?

Ethan: At GRL 2012 Daniel and I spent a lot of time together. Basically, the entire weekend. Geoff and Other Ethan (Day) had already co-written a book and spent time together. Eric and TJ, being the adorable couple they are, were also attached at the hip (and other things, I bet.) Geoff contacted as later with the idea, which I think was born out of the fact that the six of us were “couples” at GRL.

Daniel: Ethan and I roomed together at GRL 2012 in Albuquerque, and being as anxious as I was I kinda stuck around him for a lot of the events. Afterward, Geoff and Ethan Day contacted us asking if we wanted to do a short story for their anthology, which was inspired by a t-shirt I had worn saying ‘I like you, but if zombies chase us I’m tripping you’. After much procrastinating we came up with the idea of grouping a Brit and an America in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. I think that’s probably a good metaphor for how I felt at GRL as it was the first huge convention I’d ever been to.

2. Ethan – I know you recently released Transparency with Sara York, how was writing with Daniel different?

Ethan: I think the biggest problem with my partnership with Daniel was the time zone issue. Sara and I are in different time zones as well, but not near as much as with Daniel. Other than that, I had fun working with both of them.

Daniel: He probably didn’t have Sara procrastinating all the time 😛

3. Daniel – I don’t think you have any other published co-authored works, How was working with Ethan?

Ethan: (If he says he enjoyed it he is totally lying. He hated it. 😛 )

Daniel: Surviving Sin City is my first, and currently only, co-authored story. It was difficult at times because Ethan and I have very different styles, and I think we both would have taken the story in very different directions if it had been a solo work. I had a lot of fun doing the story though. It was very different, having another person involved in the planning of the story and being able to bounce ideas round.

4. Okay, I will admit it, prior to reading Zombie Boyz, I was a literary Zombie virgin… so for all those out there that don’t understand the attraction, why zombies??

Ethan: I haven’t read many zombie stories but I totally go for the zombie movies and I LOVE The Walking Dead. For me it’s not just the creatures, it’s how everyday people would survive.

Daniel: I love zombies because they are simply pure evil. They have no feelings, and no desire beyond wanting to feed. I think that alone makes them scary because there can be no reasoning with them. They will hunt you down and won’t stop until they’ve eaten you, dead or alive. And I love seeing how ordinary people will react when faced with a horde of zombies. Do they run for the hills, or fortify their homes? Do they band together or go it alone?

I also have a fascination with exploring human nature through my writing. I think we’re all capable of both good and evil, and a zombie apocalypse is a great setting to observe that in. When civilisation is on the brink of destruction and loved ones have been lost, what lengths is a person willing to go to in order to ensure their own survival? Do they give in to despair, or find something (or someone) new to fight for? Even the most virtuous of people may become as deadly as any zombie because all the rules have gone out of the window.


5. Eric and TJ suggested that Ghouls Gym started as a satirical look at Gay Gym Culture, do you think it’s necessary to have a sub text when writing in a horror sub genre like Zombies?

Ethan: I don’t think it’s necessary but it can certainly add to the story.

Daniel: In my opinion, there doesn’t need to be a subtext, but it can be a good way to have readers connect to the book. None of us have ever been slap bang in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but by adding a subtext we can relate the experience to something we are familiar with. And that, I think, can make the horror genre all the more scarier, by preying on feelings and experiences that already exist within our minds and applying them to these new situations. You could have a pack of zombies closing in around a character, and the reader may be wondering how they might react? Hypothetically, of course. But if you were to draw a parallel to being surrounded by bullies in a playground, something most children have experienced, it draws out that fight or flight instinct from the back of our mind because we remember how that feels. Hope I’m making sense here, lol.

6. Who is your favorite character in Sin City?

Ethan: The super smart zombie who played dead.

Daniel: Cooper, of course. I love his snarky attitude, and his Britishness. But also that deep down he’s still quite vulnerable, and all it takes is the right person to smash through the barrier he’s built up to show the kind of person he really is.

7. Will we be seeing any more stories co-authored by you guys?

Ethan: If the right project came up I’d definitely be up for it. I’ve considered writing other stories in the same universe, not with those characters but other citizens of Vegas dealing with the walking dead.

Daniel: There are no plans to write any more stories together, though there was an interesting discussion on Facebook where I suggested we take the trend of dinosaur erotica and produce a new anthology called Dino Boyz. Geoff seemed to like the idea, but I don’t think TJ and Eric were up for it. Such spoil sports 😛

8. Did you get to choose the color of your Z?

Ethan: No, but the color is perfect.

Daniel: No, but I like the blue.

9. Final Question, What is coming up for each of you in the future?

Ethan: I’m working on a paranormal story I plan on self-publishing. In April, Totally Bound will publish Recruited, book three in my Uniformity series. I’m also working on a collection of erotica stories that should be out soon.

Daniel: I’m just about finished with the first draft of Slasherazzi, a story about a serial killer who is into genital mutilation. I think this is probably my favourite story so far. It follows Alex, a homicide detective as he struggles to solve the Slasherazzi case, while also fighting to save his relationship with Vince, a journalist. But there are some chapters written from the killer’s POV, so we have insights into his mind as he toys with his victims. It’s sexy, and gruesome. And at times the killer blurs those lines.

Also, I’m starting work on a series that revolves around a group of amphibious shape shifters that come from deep in the ocean. This is probably the biggest project I have to-date, especially with the world building involved. This started from my desire to write a series like Anita Blake, or Sookie Stackhouse, where the main character goes through more than one relationship before finally picking one of the guys. Really looking forward to writing these ones.

You can find Ethan Stone at Wilde City and his website.

You can find Daniel A Kaine at Wilde City and his website.

Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner

GuessWhosComing_ZB_cvrAnother offering from Zombie Boyz releasing as a single today is Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner by Wilde City c0-founders Geoffrey Knight & Ethan Day.  Day and Knight are both known for their humor and characters.  Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner, isn’t their only collaboration.  you get them together and you get gold.  Here is a little more about their offering.
Summary courtesy of Our very own BJ:

What does a zombie look like? Well according to ‘Chandler Cox’ they can look like,
‘the offspring created by the unholy union of The Creature from The Black Lagoon and Mrs Epstein, our Math teacher.’ Chandler Cox is a teenage boy coming to terms with being gay and high school. A little solitary, his best friend is a Korean wannabe ‘Glee’ cast member called ‘Dong’ and Chandler admires a Quarterback, called ‘Zane Anderson’, from afar. Chandler works part time at ‘Beefcake Bob’s Burgers’ little knowing that it is to be the epicentre of a zombie plague.

The sudden ‘zombie apocalypse’ changes everything for him as he is rescued by his, soon to be zombie, crush Zane who needs rescuing right back and after depositing him at a hospital, rushes to his own home to find ‘Grumpy Gramps screaming ‘…the Cubans are coming.’ and his gentle Mother screaming ‘Eat lead zombie freaks!’ Awkward family moments and the zombie attacks, lead Chandler and the rest of the alliterative characters to face some home truths about themselves. Chandler comes out at Gramps’ ninetieth dinner party and finds there is still intolerance and bigotry, only in the ‘new order’ it is not the gay population who face it. A wonderful non-gory zombie satire.
And now for a excerpt from Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner:

“Is that what I think it is?” Grammy Gabby shrieked, her eyes bulging so big that her gigantic, tinted 70s-style specs slipped an inch down the bridge of her nose.
And all my studly zombie boyfriend Zane could do was grin that big, stupid, handsome, kinda-undead smile of his while he pawed and tugged at the raging tentpole erection in his ripped jeans and announced to the whole table in that animalistic tone of his, “Me haaaaaawny.”

My mother dropped her fork. Clang!

My father started choking on his beans. “Blarrrk!”

My sister, Sister Mary Abigail, crossed herself several times and started talking in tongues. “Muhl-sun-lun-acka-clacka-yada-zirka-blirka!”

Grumpy Grampy cupped his hand around his ear to hear better and shouted, “What that little sonna-bitch just say?”

My drunken Aunt Tilly just chuckled calmly with a “he-he-he” and said, “He’s a real tiger, ain’t he!”

Zane took it upon himself to confirm Tilly’s suspicions by growling at me as if he were an actual tiger before announcing loudly again, “Me horny, Chand-lerrrr!”

Ghoul’s Gym

GhoulsGym_ZB_cvr I am honored to be part of the blog tour in support of the release of Ghoul’s Gym by TJ Klune and Eric Arvin.  You can see more about that offering right here at BRB on Sunday. Until then, check out today’s tour stop over at Mrs. Condit & Friends Review Books (and enter to win stuff).

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Where to Buy

You can get all three stories at Wilde City’s website.  I always like to encourage you to go through the publisher (you can even email directly to your kindle from their website), but if you need to go through the ‘zon, they will be available to you soon.

Amazon links: Surviving Sin City, Guess Whose Coming at Dinner, Ghoul’s Gym

Also releasing today from Wilde City is the “sweet and fun” freebie from JP Barnaby – The Perfect Tree.  I love her other works, so please check her out.


The folks over at Wilde City have graciously offered one of each of these Zombie Boyz singles.  So I will draw 3 winners on Tuesday 24 December at 10pm CST.  All you need to do is comment below to be entered to win.

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