Payoff by LA Witt & Aleksandr Voinov ~ review by Brandilyn

Holy Hotness Batman!  I love the Market Garden series from LA Witt and Aleksandr Voinov.  I have reviewed books 1 & 2 (Quid Pro Quo and Take it Off respectively) but I have read the entire series.   There is one thing you can be assured of when Witt and Voinov write together and that is hot sex.  But you can also be assured of likeable characters.  Payoff is no different.

Payoff_500x750Title: Payoff

Authors:   LA Witt and Aleksandr Voinov

Publisher: Riptide

Rating 4.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher

Tristan and Jared have got it made. When they aren’t raking in the cash together at Market Garden, they’re burning up their own sheets and getting closer by the day. But something isn’t right. Tristan’s on edge, and Jared doesn’t understand why.

Before they can hash things out, their services are requested by none other than Rolex. And Rolex doesn’t just want to be a bystander this time. He wants Jared while Tristan watches, and he’s more than willing to pay for it.

But Tristan’s reached a breaking point, and even that huge wad of cash might not be enough to keep tonight’s arrangement from crashing and burning.

My View

Payoff continues the story arc of rent boys Tristan & Jared and their rich voyeuristic john, known only as Rolex.  It has been a little while since we heard from T&J in Take it Off, but we have heard that they work together and play together from some of their coworkers.  So we pick up when Rolex once again comes calling.  As with QpQ and TiO, Payoff is mostly about the sex, but if you have followed the story arc from the beginning, this installment brings it full circle.  QpQ was completely from Jared’s POV;  TiO was from Tristan’s POV.  In Payoff, we see both sides.

There are really 2 stories going on in this arc.  One, of course, is the hot as hell scenes between the rentboys and their john, but the other is the relationship that is developing between Tristan & Jared.  In Payoff Jared is confused and Tristan is jealous.  Rolex wants Jared while Tristan plays the voyeur this time.   The power game between Rolex and Tristan isn’t as fraught with tension this time, as Rolex manages to throw Tristan off his game.

Payoff serves to both complete the Jared & Tristan arc and set Rolex up for his own book in the series.   It humanizes him some.  Gives him some personality and the reader some sympathy for him.  I am eagerly awaiting my chance to read the next installment in the Market Garden series, If It Drives, which returns to the Market Garden and another lovable john, Red Tie.

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9 thoughts on “Payoff by LA Witt & Aleksandr Voinov ~ review by Brandilyn

  1. Niiiiiiiiiice review! I’m so looking forward to this one as I adore this series, too. Holy hotness, batman always fits with these books! Love that we get both POVs in this one. Love that we get the hotness with Jared and Tristan with Rolex in the mix again, as well as the relationship J and T are trying to work out. 🙂

  2. Great review but I´m kind of sad to hear that Jared and Tristan´s story ends…excited that there will be other stories, but first I have to find time for this one.

  3. I just read Quid Pro Quo and wondered if we saw more of this pair. I’m glad we do. Will have to check out Take it Off and Pay Off!

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