Cowboys and more with Z.A. Maxfield ~ Interview and Giveaway by Beverley

We would like to thank ZA Maxfield for sitting down with Beverley to talk Cowboys.  You can see Beverley’s 5* review of My Heartache Cowboy here.

Hello Zam and thank you so much for spending some time with us today. I have just finished reading ‘My Heartache Cowboy’ and I think my review reveals that I love it.

Why did you decide to write a cowboy novel that relies very heavily on two characters, namely Jimmy and Eddie?

Well, Jim and Eddie are from the first My Cowboy Heart book and of course I felt like they needed their story. It was obvious to me from the beginning they were a couple. They just didn’t know it.

This is a very different type of cowboy novel from the current norm, what were your thoughts behind your decision to write this?

I admit this wasn’t really a Cowboy story. Westerns are mostly about holding on to the land and the life that goes with it. These guys are cowboys, sure, but they’re not in a cowboy situation. They’re in transition — especially Jimmy. He’s been taken out of the ranch environment and told that in order to get back to doing what he loves, he’s going to have to grow as a person. I did worry about this, but it was necessary. Jimmy is going to lose his cowboy life if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right. The very fact that he’s kept away from it, that he wants so badly to go home again, is what the story is about.

Did you always intend to give Jimmy and Eddie such a hard time when you wrote ‘ My Cowboy Heart’?

Yes and no… When I started My Cowboy Heart, I suppose I just wanted to tell a family story. But Eddie and Jimmy kind of spoke to me, and I wanted to see them together.

I really enjoyed the St. Nacho’s series will there be any more of them or a similar series? I love the idea of a place where society’s ‘misfits’ find love, redemption and acceptance.

I think that the J-Bar is going that direction. I would love to write more in the St. Nacho’s world too.

I admit to having a soft spot for ‘Rhapsody for Piano and Ghost’. It was …unexpected, so funny and heartbreaking. Are we ever going to read more of Ari and Fitz and the sensational Julian and Serge?

Originally, I wanted to have Julian and Serge go around helping people like the ghosts in the Topper Series. I hope I get a chance to do that someday.

I suppose having said ‘Rhapsody…’ was unexpected, I shouldn’t have been surprised by ‘My Heartache Cowboy’ but I was. Do you like to shake things up occasionally with your writing style or novel, themes?

Yeah. I guess I do. I think I have writer’s ADD. I change things up all the time, but I try to keep the basic core of the books the same. They’re always about family, redemption, and finding home.

I have an appalling memory, which is why I need book covers to remind me that I have read a novel and then the details flood back. It can be difficult when some novels use the same stock covers with different titles superimposed. How do you decide on book covers and was the ‘graphic’ cover for ‘Drawn Together’ your idea?

Most of the time, I don’t have that much input. Berkley asked me what I thought and I said I liked cowboy silhouettes. I sent them a bunch of images that made me happy and wow! Didn’t they do a spectacular job on those??? And ZOMG. I loved the cover for Drawn Together so much. It was a no brainer because the character was a manga artist of course, but I wanted that cover because of the Heaven Sent Covers on the Jet Mykles books, so YES. I BEGGED for a P.L. Nunn cover! I even had that made into a phone case for my iPhone 5.

I have been asking all the authors I have interviewed this question, do you enjoy conventions like GRL? If so what do you like best? If no why?

I adore them! I love meeting fans and making new friends, and it’s the only time I get to see my author friends online. I feel really blessed to be able to go. My husband has been such a trooper. In the beginning, he had to worry about the kids getting home from school okay, so he had to take time off work. Now my kids are old enough to take care of things while I’m gone. They’re great about that. Everyone has been very supportive.

Would you consider going to a convention like GRL in another country? Of course I’m pushing for UKMeet here!

YES! I would love that. I wanted to go this year but my budget’s pretty tight (since I now have two kids at university.)

I cannot let you go without asking you to tell us about your work in progress and future plans?

I have two books coming from Riptide this year, one is a kind of buried secrets mystery with strong romantic elements and the other is a goofy romantic comedy. I have another Grime book to write — this time it’s Gabe and Dave’s story, and I have two more Cowboys coming atcha, and these will probably go back to being more homey Western-type stories.

Well, thank again for your time, we’ll be looking out for more from Grime and your new works but especially for some more cowboys and hope to see you here again soon.


Z.A. Maxfield has kindly offered to one lucky reader an ebook copy of any of her back catalogue! (This offer excludes the new ‘Cowboys…’)

Contest ends 28th Jan 2014 at 11:59pm CST!

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  6. I read and loved Grime and Punishment recently. Can’t wait for the next in that series. I plan to read My Cowboy Heart very, very soon. It’s on my Kindle! 🙂

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