Mia Kerick stops by to talk about Out of Hiding ~ Interview and Giveaway

I would like to thank Mia Kerick for joining us today on PBA.  I recently was introduced to her work via her YA novel Not Broken, Just Bent, which I adored.  Her latest release, Out of Hiding, dropped today over at Dreamspinner Press.  Check out my early review here then see what we talked about and enter to win your own copy!


How did you get started writing and why M/M?

My older sister has been a motivational force for me all my life. (Ok, I sort of copied her since we were little kids playing with Barbie’s.) When she did something, I followed along and did it, too. Like having a larger-sized family—she had five kids, and I got up to four when my husband put on the breaks. So, she wrote a book.  It was my little-sisterly duty to copy her, wasn’t it? However, this was many years ago, and she is still going for the BIG CONTRACT so she keeps revising her epic M/F romantic fantasy, where I started with Beggars and Choosers and I keep writing new MM romances. I can’t stop.

And I write M/M for several reasons. First of all, I am a firm believer in “love is love.” I always put myself in the shoes of others—it is something I can’t stop doing—and since I am a romantic, I ask myself “what if I was a man and loved another man and I couldn’t feel comfortable in public holding hands?” and “what if I was gay and couldn’t legally marry the person I loved?” The more we write about things that seem different, the more they seem ordinary. (Not that true love is ever ordinary.) Oh, yeah, and I write men very well. Sometimes readers will email me and say, “I can’t believe you are not a teenage boy.”

A lot of authors in this genre use pen names (as I know you do).  Furthermore, they use different pen names for their YA vs. their adult titles.  You are Mia in either genre.  Why did you not separate the two?

I think I can sum up my answer in one word: Twilight. Other than my sister, my biggest motivation in writing a novel was that I wanted to create a character as selflessly devoted as Edward Cullen was to Bella in Twilight. That series, coupled with the image of Robert Pattinson’s expressively, beautifully, tortured face, spoke to me. And yes, it was YA, but lots of forty-five year old women (like me) wanted to bake Edward Cullen cupcakes (if he could have eaten them) because of their (my) love/obsession with him. So I consider the Twilight series to be adult romance, too.

In the same way that Twilight appeals to young adults and adults, my books are mainly love stories that I hope appeal to different ages. The ages of characters, whether they are high school students or college students or working people, isn’t of much consequence. I conceive of a love story, usually my characters are on the brink of adulthood, and I write it. If they are 15-18 or 19, they are classified as YA books. If they are over 19, they are adult books. All of my romance novels include life lessons. The YA contain less sexual content, but that is largely because the circumstances of these characters lives dictate that. All of the sexual content in all of my books is closely related to the development of the characters—never just for it’s own sake. To me, sex isn’t sexy if love doesn’t have everything to do with it.

A lot of authors in this genre use pen names (as I know you do).  Furthermore, they use different pen names for their YA vs. their adult titles.  You are Mia in either genre.  Why did you not separate the two?

As I wrote in question 2, my stories are of a “universal” nature. I hope they will all appeal to older young adult as well as adult readers. There is violence, there are serious issues, there is sexual content in all of them, but it is always sensitively handled, and is not there just to shock or stimulate the reader. (Which isn’t bad, but it is not what I do.) So, Mia Kerick is who I am as an author. My books are clearly designated at Dreamspinner Press, as well as on my website/blog (shameless promotion: www.miakerick.com), as Adult and YA, but they are not so different in nature that they require two different author names.

Your newest book was released from DSP today. What can you tell us about it?

Out of Hiding is a book that demonstrates how closely my YA and Adult novels are in nature. I wrote it as a “New Adult” novel, switched it to YA, and then I switched it back to Adult. (Dreamspinner Press was incredibly patient with me during these changes-thank you!!)

The main character, Philippe Bergeron is 20 years old and is something of a recluse. As a boy, he lost his mother, and it truly altered the direction of his entire life, in that he never fully recovered. He started “hiding” inside himself at the age of ten, to protect his heart from experiencing a certain depth of emotion that he cannot handle and potential pain, as he had when he lost his mother. He became a commercial fisherman as soon as he graduated from high school so that he could be relatively alone out on the Atlantic Ocean, and lose himself in the huge starry night. He wanted to feel small and insignificant. But after an injury that prevents him from fishing, he finds himself chaperoning his 17-year-old niece as she tours dance education programs in NYC. There he meets Dario Pereira, a 22-year-old dance instructor who refuses to allow Philippe to remain invisible.

From where did the inspiration for Out of Hiding come?

My 17-year-old daughter is a semi-professional dancer. She left home at fifteen to study dance in NYC. We explored many dance programs prior to her moving to NYC, as well as during her time there, such as Martha Graham Dance, Mark Morris Dance, Peridance Capezio Center, Steps on Broadway and more, to figure out what the best option was for her. Now that she is a senior, we toured The Juilliard School, Fordham/Alvin Ailey, SUNY Purchase, Marymount Manhattan, and other dance colleges. I truly wanted to share my depth of knowledge of the NYC dance scene and my love of modern dance, as well as the rigorous life of a dancer, with my readers. Sophie Bergeron is nothing like my daughter in personality, but she is going through the same searching-for-what-is-right-for-her process that my daughter, and many other high school seniors experience. For this reason, I think young adult readers will be very attracted to this book, as well.

Dario, one of the main characters is a professional choreographer.  What research did you have to do to make him true to life and what experiences led you to choose him as the MC?

Dario Pereira is a choreographer, but he is also a student, a performer, a teacher, and a dance studio toilet-cleaner, if he needs to be. My inspiration for his character was many of my daughter’s friends and acquaintances in NYC. A huge part of their lives is auditioning for dance companies. But that does not pay the bills—and so they teach. They perform wherever opportunities arise. They also must continue to study dance, as well as to take daily ballet classes, pilates, yoga, floor barre, to improve as dancers and  to stay in shape. And if need be, they will clean a dance studio bathroom to keep themselves afloat. It is a rigorous life.

So much of my research was conducted by talking to my daughter’s friends who live this very life. And as for describing Dario’s performances, I have watched a lot of modern dance. I closed my eyes and remembered my impressions and let the description flow.

I know it is hard to pick a favorite, it is like choosing among your children.  That being said, I must ask of all your books, which character is your favorite and why?

Aaaahhhh…. My favorite book?
I love them all equally. Really, I do. BUT I have a few characters that touched me more—Brett Taylor from Beggars and Choosers- I LOVE HIM! He is the ultimate in romantic characters as he is tortured, and rough and tough on the outside, but soft and squishy inside. Love him.

And Tristan Chartrand from A Package Deal. Sooooo sweet I can’t stand it!!!!

And Timmy… and Jamie…and Philippe… and….

What do you have coming up next and what are you working on now?

After Out of Hiding is The Red Sheet, a YA. I think it is quirky and funny and full of character growth for both main characters. I just let all of my inner weirdness flow when I wrote it. And I have another YA that just got accepted, both by Harmony Ink Press, to be named a little later. It requires that the reader be able to take a step out of the traditional box.

My current work-in-progress is called an adult M/M (of course) called Random Acts- if you want a sample, chapter two is on my blog. It is called “Meeting an Angel.” Here’s the link:
http://miakerick.com/blog/ It is the January 2nd entry. My main character “Bradley” looks like Bradley Cooper (hehehe), which makes it really fun to write. I have quite the awesome visual images.

Where can readers find more about you and your books on the web-

My books are at Dreamspinner Press and Harmony Ink Press and Amazon.com, and AllRomance ebooks, and Barnes and Noble, and probably more places… BUT—please check out my website www.miakerick.com for books, samples of the books, reviewers comments, fun facts, and blog entries that are truly thrilling (shameless, I know.)

Can you show picture my kids gave me?

YES!! Please show it—it was such an awesome Christmas gift, I nearly cried.  And here’s a secret—all of my book earnings go straight to my four kids’ college funds. That requires me to write a lot of books. I’d better get back to writing….



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Contest ends 20 Jan 2014 at 11:59pm, must be 18 or older to win, void where prohibited, etc.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting interview! I hear you about the college funds – your kids are lucky you are saving for them. 🙂

    Out of Hiding sounds like a wonderful book.

  2. Great interview – love the picture from the kids. I read Beggars & Choosers and really enjoyed it. My daughter is a dancer so I’m sure I like this as well.

  3. I loved Beggars and Choosers! Thanks for the giveaway. It is nice getting to see some of how things are researched and the backstory. Thank you

  4. Great interview, I loved what you said about just using one name for all your books. I find it easier to track an author’s books if they release them all under one name, and so it’s easier to keep up to date on their new releases and such.

  5. What a gorgeous cover! This is the first time I hear the name Mia Kerick and I’m definitely intrigued by the description of the book and the researched she had to do. I would love to read some of her books. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  6. I had no idea you guys left all of these awesome comments!! (Newbie at the blog scene!!) Thank you so much for the words of kindness.

    First of all, I agree GORGEOUS COVER! I can’t take credit for the model’s awesome genetics, but I can thank Paul Richmond for the great design. I was nervous to have the title and name written sideways but it seemed to work.

    I’m glad that some of you are excited about the choreography aspect. I wanted the book to have a little MORE and dance is what I know.

    I like being just Mia Kerick, all around. I think it would be confusing to have another name lurking around out there.

    And thanks Beggars and Choosers, Cory and Brett will always be my first and I have a very special place in my heart for them. I still think about them all the time.

    Again, thank you for spending time with me!! And THANKS to Brandilyn!

  7. I love reading author interviews. It’s fun to get more information and to learn a little bit about them themselves! I also really really love this cover 😉

  8. Mia! What a great interview! It’s always nice to hear background information on books and the author! It’s been great getting to know you over on my author profile (Leighton) 🙂 Very interesting!! <3

  9. Ooh, a character who’s a dancer and choreographer?! Having a dance background, I’m always excited to read books about dancers. This sounds great!

  10. Beggars and Choosers has held a special place in my heart since I read it, and I can absolutely see why Brett would be one of your favorites, Mia. I love that gift, and for our sakes, I hope you keep adding to it. Thank you for sharing with us!

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