NR Walker stops by to Talk about Thomas & Cooper ~ Giveaway & Interview by Brandilyn

I would like to thank NR Walker for taking the time to talk to me about my 2 favorite Architects, Tom & Cooper from her Thomas Elkin series.  The third, and final, book of which has just been released by Totally Bound Publishing.

You can see my reviews of each of the books in the series here: Elements of Retrofit, Clarity of Lines, and Sense of Place

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How did you get started writing and why MM?

It was a natural progression from writing slash fanfiction. I found a love of male/male romance in online fanfiction and have never read het since. It started with a love of someone else’s characters, but then I had characters of my own that needed a voice.

Book 3 in Thomas Elkin Trilogy was released on the 17th for VIP ordering.  Is this really the last we will hear from Thomas and Cooper?

Yes, it is the last we hear of them.  I think you’ll be happy with how the third book wraps up though 😉
As I have told you before, I adore Cooper.  So which is your favorite character in all of the Thomas Elkin books?

I love Cooper’s snarkiness and his attitude on life. But I just adored Tom. He has a quietness that I find sexy, and I would imagine – if he were an actual person – a presence that would be felt in any room, in any crowd.

I also love Jennifer. That woman is kickass. LOL

I know a lot of people were uncomfortable with this pairing because of the large age gap.  What challenges did you face writing such a pairing?

I didn’t find any challenges at all. And to be honest, didn’t give the age gap a thought until reviews started coming in and they all mentioned it. These two characters were like any other to me: they needed to be together, and that’s all I cared about.

I love that Cooper knows what he wants and goes after it with everything he has.   But everyone has a weakness, something that will bring him to his knees.  What is Cooper’s?

Cooper’s weakness… a fear of failure. He hates it when people don’t like him, as we saw with Lionel, and he worked the poor man down until he succumbed to his charms.

That being said, Sofia didn’t like him – or the idea he was Tom’s new love interest – and Cooper couldn’t have cared less. I think he drew a line on that one. LOL

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we know Cooper is going to want to spoil Tom.  What does he have planned?

He might surprise him with more tickets to Linkin Park LOL.  Just kidding. I could imagine Cooper hiring out a museum with an exhibition on architecture and spending the night, just the two of them, talking about each item of art work for hours.  There would also be steak for dinner and sex because, well, because it’s Cooper. LOL

In those quiet moments, when it is just Tom and Cooper, what music is playing in the condo?

Tom’s music collection is rather eclectic, but he loves 70’s rock. He likes Eric Clapton, 10cc, Van Morrison – just easy listening music. And as we know, Cooper loves Linkin Park and other bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

So they compromise on blues guitar solos with the like BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Cooper bitches about it, but he really secretly likes it. Don’t tell Tom.  And Tom recently bought Imagine Dragon’s new album… Don’t tell Cooper.

Many authors find inspiration for their characters from pictures on the internet.  When you picture Tom and Cooper, who do you see?

Oh, absolutely. Tom is Anderson Cooper


And Cooper is Andrew Cooper  (English model). I couldn’t believe the similarity in names but it’s been those two since day one.

The first picture is of Cooper when he first turns up at Tom’s apartment with Ryan, before working with Tom.

Cooper 1

The next picture is of Cooper when he turns up at Brackett and Golding as an intern. cooper 2
What do you have coming up next and/or what are you working on now?

Coming up, I have the re-release of Taxes and TARDIS (in March) and Three’s Company (in April) and then Starting Point, the third instalment in the Turning Point series in May/June (to be confirmed).

At the moment I’m working on an Australian Outback story. I thought it might be 25-30K long, but I’m now thinking it might be closer to 35-40K long and I am sooooo in love with these characters. Writing hasn’t been fun for me for the last six months, but since I started this one, I get giddy when I think of writing them. And that is what writing should be about.

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NR Walker has kindly offered to give a reader an eBook copy of Sense of Place and their choice of backlist Title!

Contest ends 25 Jan at 11:59pm.  Must by 18 years or older, void where prohibited, etc.

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  1. OMG, I just love this series and NR. Walker! I have read almost all of her books. The interview was great and I just love the inspiration for Tom and Cooper. Can’t wait to read Sense of Place! 😀

  2. Thank you for the interview. Thanks for the images it’ll be a bit easier to imagine what the characters look like when I give the series a read. I’m looking forward to seeing those WIP when they become available =)

  3. Haven’t gotten to start this trilogy yet, but have only heard magnificent things. Thanks for the interview. The pictures really add a touch of reality, it allows us as readers to see what the author is envisioninning. Giveaways are always a nice addition. Thanks!

  4. I absolutely ADORE Tom and Cooper. Fantastic series and one of my top 5.
    The outback story sounds a winner and I shall add to my ‘keep an eye out for’ list 🙂

  5. My first thought was, yea a giveaway! Then I saw the prizes. I hope to win for Eric. I love the first book, but I can buy the rest. Best gifting giveaway ever for a great cause. Thank you.

  6. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by NR Walker so far, including Elements of Retrofit. I will be reading Clarity of Lines soon! Thank you for the interview and giveaway. 🙂

  7. Thanks for a fabulous interview, Nic! I love learning more about these boys!! That being said, I own all of her backlist so no need to be entered in this contest BUT am excited for more releases from you! <3

  8. Wonderful interview! Thank you so much. I’ve really enjoyed this series. The characters are just so engaging and entertaining and real. I can’t wait to read this third installment 🙂

  9. I’ve just started Elements last night. I’ve got Clarity ready to go on the Kindle, but would love to be entered for a copy of Sense of Space. Gotta fill this kindle. Lovely interview BTW.

  10. Thank you for the lovely interview and the giveaway! It’s always great to hear more about the characters and their development!

  11. I just love Tom and Cooper. Thanks for sharing the inspiration pictures, they are perfect. Can’t wait to read more of these guys.

  12. I’ve only read Elements of Retrofit in this trilogy so far, but I loved it! I’m not normally a big fan of big age differences, and reading Elements of Retrofit was a shot in the dark for a challenge, but once I started I was hooked. I didn’t even really notice the age difference because they just worked so well.

  13. Thanks you for the interview and the giveaway! I always love NR Walker’s books and can’t wait to read the Thomas Elkin series all at once. I have read Elements of Retrofit but I’ve been saving Clarity of Lines until Sense of Place came out.

    Thanks again!
    -Emma Ro
    ( & @_emma_ro)

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