Pelaam stops by to talk about All the Glistens and What is next! With Giveaway!

I would like to thank Pelaam for taking the time to talk with us about her latest release from Wilde City Press, All That Glistens. You can find Lirtle’s review here.

Okay, we will start out with an easy one. How did you get started writing and why do you choose to write MM?

I’ve written since childhood. Even then I was drawn to fantasy, paranormal, and mythology. During my teens I moved more to science fiction, writing what would now be regarded as fan fiction. I then discovered slash fan fiction, and haven’t looked back.

You write across Fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, etc. Which is your favorite sub genre to write?

That’s a tough one. I think fantasy, but it’s a close run with sci-fi. I love the freedom to dream up worlds and beings, which I can do in either of these genres. I love getting lost in a new world.

How did you get hooked up with the guys at Wilde City?

When Geoff launched Wilde City, I was really excited as I knew him as an author, and a friend. I submitted ‘All that Glistens’ and couldn’t have been prouder or happier when it was accepted. My book is actually their very first traditional m/m romance fantasy. They also publish new m/m romance that bends the rules a little, as well as mainstream gay fiction and erotica.

I understand you live in New Zealand now, what do you think it is about the country that inspires writers, such as yourself and film makers towards fantasy?

New Zealand is an amazing country. Forest, mountain, and sea, it has it all. Lots of beautiful scenery that makes you feel you really are in Mirkwood, riding across Rohan, or climbing the Misty Mountains. I live on the coast, and the sea colour is ever changing; grey, green or blue, so beautiful. The country just lends itself to a fertile imagination.

What genre would you place ‘All that Glistens’ into and what difference do you think introducing gay characters makes?

It’s a fantasy, and a romance. One day no one will think twice about a character’s sexuality. Gay friends have said they wished for books when they were younger in which the hero was gay. I believe in equality, and that love has no boundaries. My writing supports my beliefs.

How do you come up with names like ‘Citali’, ‘Rayen’, ‘Muraco’ and ‘Menno’ and do you ever have problems remembering who is male and female?!

The names Citlali, Muraco, Taima are Native American, and I chose them for their meanings. I use a book of baby names, and I go online hunting for the right name for a character. The names I pick often have a specific meaning, or are specific to a time or place. I take time selecting names. Despite having several WIPS on the go at any one time, I don’t have a problem remembering my character’s names or who they belong to.

Who are your literary heroes?

Jeffrey Farnol, Tolkien, Koontz, Verne, Conan-Doyle, to name just a few.

What do you have coming up next and what are you working on now?

I have a contemporary with MLR Press, ‘As you like it’ due out 28th Feb. I’m waiting to hear on another fantasy, just a short story, and I have a contract with Breathless Press for a cowboy/steampunk m/m book. Currently, I’m working on another fantasy, and a few inspired by fairy tales.

9. Where can readers find more about you and your books on the web?

is a good place to look. I’m one of their listed authors and I’m on Face Book under Pamela Pelaam-One


Pelaam is kindly offering a reader their very own eCopy of All that Glistens

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  1. From the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, New Zealand as their film location is incredibly gorgeous. Please include me in the contest. Thanks!

  2. I love fantasy and sci-fi and I love them even better if the author manages to mix the two up together. I haven’t read many steampunk so I’ll be looking forward to seeing that. Thank you for the lovely interview and wonderful giveaway =)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book. I’ve been craving something out of my comfort zone lately. Seems like this is the book for me.

  4. I love traditional fantasy, and it can be difficult to find any that fulfills my craving for gay romance (or any romance… *rolls eyes*), so I’m very excited to hear about All That Glitters. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more from you!

  5. Conan-Doyle, Tolkien,Bulter,and Koontz,are a few of my favorites also. Great interview–I hope to be reading more soon, the All of Glistens sound intreging
    — I am a big Sci-fy,fantasy nut, it is always nice to see more coming up to enjoy–how exciting– thanks for the interview, keep up the great works

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