TN Tarrant stops by to talk about Nikki’s Secret and more ~ Giveaway & Interview by Adriana

I would like to thank TN Tarrant for taking the time to talk with us about her books today.  Check out Adriana’s review of her latest Nikki’s Secret.

What made you decide to write M/M Erotica?

I didn’t do it on purpose, lol. I was unemployed, so I had plenty of time to write again, so I just started writing.  A week and a half later I had 104k ménage story done. It is part of my Hidden World series, with the Rimalian aliens. And then a few weeks after that, I had Adam done.. and it just went from there.  I started looking around and wondering if maybe I could get published, I had nothing to lose, right?

What was the driving force to write Nikki’s Secret?

Nikki’s plot bunny, originally.  Then Ritchie and Cody’s plot bunnies started fussing that they hadn’t been able to say anything in the original short story… so I told them to settle down and I’d write them a sequel…then I got the rights back for the original and the opportunity to expand it, so all three got to say a lot more. Writing the expanded story was very interesting…I was given a lot of pointers for research areas by Rooster and Pig, which made it a better story, I think.

What made you become a writer?

Desperation as a teenager to be anywhere else but where I was. Writing has been the safest outlet for me since then, although I haven’t always been very determined to do anything with it.

Will there be a prequel or a sequel to Nikki’s Secret and if so what is next on the horizon for this loving trio?

As it stands, there is a sequel planned, and even started, although I need to work out where it’s going to go… They want to tell me more, but they don’t know yet what it is… except that Ritchie and Cody forgot about the birthday party and they know Nikki is going to have a few words to say….lol

If you could co-author with any other author who would it be and why?

Well, I think I could and one or two of my fellows and I have talked about it, but nothing settled yet.  We’ll just have to see 😀

Where do you get the ideas for your books from?

Depends…sometimes a picture triggers something, sometimes it’s something I read somewhere else… other times, like the plot bunny attack I had yesterday, with a dragon and a ferret, they just come out of nowhere, knock me down, sit on me, and say, “you will write me.”

What advice do you have for other authors out there just starting out into the M/M Genre?

Make friends with other authors, ask seemingly stupid questions, go be “bothersome” because you really aren’t a bother. Talk to editors, ask them why they want to change something when you don’t understand, they’ll tell you. But remember it’s YOUR story. Over and over most of the editors I’ve worked with have helped tremendously, not just with editing, but explaining why stuff is being done a certain way, or in my case, just teaching me to use MS Word, lol. READ. ANYTHING. Read everything that catches your attention. And the best advice I’ve ever seen, I can’t take credit for, I stole it from Laurell K Hamilton: Just get it done. Don’t worry about perfect. You can make it perfect during edits, just get it done.

Can you tell us a bit about what makes TN tick?

A demented mind? I think I’m pretty boring really. I work a stunningly boring job, I raise my bright-eyed, gorgeous child monster, who draws the prettiest dragons you ever saw, I knit scarves, blankets and cat traps, and I do not understand why it so hard for the world at large to just act like it has some brains.  All it takes is a little consideration and cooperation and things could be so much better… So I write HEAs and go from there.

You write M/M but what do you like to read?

Hmmm… Star Trek, Star Wars, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders and Talents series’, a LOT of gay romance, quite a bit of het romance, been known to get sucked into history books, Buffy and Angel (don’t give me that look, you love them too!) and the only horror I will read if LKH’s Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series’, even though they give me nightmares.

What is the next project you have coming up? What’s next on the horizon for TN?

Uh… let’s see…trying to find a good home for my series, or the funds to self-publish it. It has to be edited properly after all, 😀 . I have a story in the works for Rooster and Pig, with a trio of young men that were living on the streets, but are getting on their feet. When Emmet Met Oliver comes out in February, from Silver Publishing, the first part of a serial.  Working on the second part, but I have no idea when it will be done. Each will be complete for itself, but will be short reads. And as I mentioned earlier, something with a dragon and a ferret. With the possibility of plot bunnies that get weaker if they don’t attack innocent authors who aren’t doing anything to anyone. My friend (who doesn’t write obviously) told me to feed the plot bunny carrots and I’d be fine…silly friend, lol. Maybe I should make a character out of her….she could be in charge of the plot bunnies…

How about a couple of excerpts?

From the first book…

Nikki sighed as she puttered through the house. It hadn’t taken her long to eat and clean that up. Now she grabbed a duster, tidying things up a little. The house was rather large, with plenty of space for each of them. Nikki had taken over the living room as her area, and her knitting lived there beside her rocking chair. Cody had taken over the small den, and Ritchie had a workshop in the back yard. Fortunately, her husbands shared the chores with her which made keeping the house up fairly easy. Pictures were spaced throughout the house, starting from when they began dating not long after she turned nineteen. Jane had pictures that were from earlier, but she had put those away at Nikki’s request. It was difficult for Nikki to be reminded of those darker days, and she certainly didn’t want to think about it now, when her husbands weren’t around to comfort her.
She smiled as she dusted a picture she’d taken of her husbands last summer, when they’d gone camping. Both were sleeping, Cody’s long, sun-lightened hair mixing with Ritchie’s longer, darker hair as they cuddled. Cody had been holding Ritchie close, his face buried in the back of Ritchie’s neck, as Ritchie held Cody’s hands to his chest. The peacefulness on their faces was something Nikki loved to watch. She grinned. She wondered if watching your lovers sleep was an actual fetish, since all three of them did it regularly. There were similar pictures for them all over the house, some more of Ritchie and Cody, some of her and Ritchie, and others of her and Cody.
The phone rang, making her smile, checking the time. Her husbands were eager to talk, it had only been an hour. She hurried to the phone, but paused when she saw the Caller ID. It was a local number, not either of her husbands numbers.
Pat Sloyer answered. “Hello, Nicole, how are you tonight?”
“Mrs. Marnell, Pat. We’ve discussed this before.” Nikki kept her voice calm, but a little stern, trying to make her disapproval clear, without being cruel. Briefly she wondered if that was what it would take, though. “How did you get this number?”
Pat ignored the question, asking instead, “How about you meet me for dinner? I’ll take you to a really nice place, where it can be just us two.” The boy’s voice was excited, and Nikki recognized that he was trying to be seductive. However, it just creeped her out.
“No, Pat, I will not meet you for dinner, it would be highly inappropriate. I am your history teacher, and you are one of my many students. If you need help with an assignment, then we will discuss it during class tomorrow, or you can send me an email,” Nikki paced the living room, agitated. Her students and their parents had a school email for her, as well as a cell phone number she kept for her students, but none had her private home number, nor her personal cell number. Pat was calling the house number.
“Come on Nicole, we have something more special than that. I can even pick you up from home, take you to dinner, maybe go to the park and talk for a while,” Pat voice changed to a wheedling tone, one she’d heard countless times from boys over the years. The same tone that arrogant boys used whenever they wanted something from a female, whether it was a better grade or sex, the tone and attitude behind it remained the same. That tone that said “come on, don’t be difficult, you know you want what I want and I want you to give it to me. Don’t be a cocktease.”
“No, Pat. Good night.” She hung the phone up. It immediately rang again, with the same number, but she ignored it. She called Cody on her cell phone, shaking, moving to check all the doors and windows, needing to make sure they were locked. She shut the windows she’d opened to let the nice evening breeze into the house.
“Hey good looking, what’cha got cooking?” Cody asked, a hokey, teasing lilt in his voice. She could just see the goofy grin on his face as he spoke, even though he was halfway across the country from her. Nikki couldn’t help but smile, even as shook up as she was.
“Pat Sloyer just called the house line,” Nikki answered.
“That’s it, Nikki,” Cody replied, sounding angry. “I want you to tell Vincent that Pat needs removed from your classes.”
Nikki nodded, even though he couldn’t see. She had resisted that suggestion before when Cody and Ritchie had suggested it, but now. They were right. This was no longer just a crush. “I will, this is getting more than a little creepy.”
Cody grunted, but only added, “And Ritchie wants you to call the police and make a report of it. It might not be necessary but…”
Nikki sighed. “I will, but we both know there’s nothing they can do as things are right now.”
Cody echoed her sigh. “I know baby, but at least there will be a trail outside your reports at school.”
Ritchie’s voice came on the line. “Maybe you should go stay with Mom and Dad.”
Nikki shook her head. “No, I’ve closed and locked the windows, and checked the doors and the alarm system. I’m safe here.”
Ritchie made a frustrated sound. “Stubborn woman.”
Nikki smiled. “I’m not letting a little boy scare me out of our home, Ritchie. And he hasn’t been threatening, just getting obsessed.”
“Obsession gets to threats way too often, baby, you know that,” Ritchie answered worriedly.
“I know, babe,” Nikki conceded. “That’s why Vincent, the school counselor and I are going to insist that the Sloyers get their son some help. None of us want to see that potential wasted, let alone the damage he could do to someone…”

Ritchie made a disagreeing noise, but didn’t argue with her. Nikki smiled a little, knowing that Ritchie didn’t give a damn about Pat’s potential as a person, he only worried about the potential threat the boy represented to Nikki.
Cody’s voice came back. “Make your calls, love, please, then call us back, okay?”

“I will.”

“We love you, pretty lady,” Cody said softly.

“I love you both, too, my handsome men.”

From the sequel so far…

Cody hummed to himself as he typed, lines of code appearing on the screen as he worked on the new program.  Vaguely he was aware of Ritchie cussing beside him as Ritchie worked, but it hadn’t reached the “computer meets window violently” stage, so he ignored it.  The coding was flowing easily and he wanted to take advantage of it.  He and Ritchie had the house to themselves, since Nikki was out with Jane shopping for Abe’s birthday—
Ritchie’s cussing and typing stopped as he looked at Cody, puzzled.  “What?”
“Didn’t Nikki ask us to make sure the church hall was reserved for Dad’s party?”
Ritchie’s nose wrinkled a little as he thought about that, then he groaned.  “Yeah—three weeks ago…fuck!”
Cody nodded.  Tunnel vision struck again, something he and Ritchie both were prone to when they had a new project, or a problem came up.
“She’s gonna kill us,” Ritchie muttered.
Cody nodded as he picked up the phone.  “I’ll ask Pastor Stewart, but—”
Ritchie groaned again, and Cody couldn’t help but echo it. The party was in three days. They were part of a fair-sized congregation, so their chances of still getting the hall were slim.  The community hall was always had a full calendar.
“Love and Peace Church, Pastor Stewart.  How may I help you?”  Logan Stewart’s warm, cheerful voice sounded in his ear.
“Save us from having to tell Nikki we screwed up,” Cody answered, putting the phone on speaker, so Ritchie could listen.
Logan chuckled.  “The hall is already reserved for Abe’s party.  Nikki called a couple weeks ago.  Said some new project fell into your laps and that she’d be lucky to make sure that you two actually made it to the party.”
Cody closed his eyes in relief.  “God, I love my wife.”
Logan laughed again.  “I guess she won the bet, too.”
“What bet?” Ritchie asked.
“She said one of you would remember to call three days beforehand in a panic that you’d forgot to get the reservation like she asked.  I told her you’d call a week before,” Logan replied, humor evident in his tone.
“How much was the bet for?” Cody asked as he leaned back in his chair, grinning at Ritchie.  Nikki certainly had them pegged.
“A hundred bucks,” Logan answered.
Ritchie snorted.  “I don’t know whether to be glad you gave us a week, or be scandalized that you, a fine upstanding man of God, were gambling for money,” he teased.
“It’s for charity,” Logan retorted primly.
Cody and Ritchie chuckled.  “Well, since you lost because of us, we’ll cover the bet.”
“Nah, I’ll pay, but feel free to match it.  Half is for the shelter fund, the other half for the church fund…”

About the Author

TN Tarrant is a hard-working single mom, living in the wilds of Wyoming, who enjoys embarrassing her child with bright red lipstick prints to the forehead. When she isn’t embarrassing her child, or hunting, killing and dragging groceries home through the snow, she loves to write romantic stories with hot lovers. She suffers from a love of extremely bad jokes, and has a tendency to inflict them on innocent bystanders. Feel free to contact her at





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  1. /Chuckles as I walk in/ . What? Did you think I wasn’t going to show? I said I was going to torment you and I meant it.

    So first question up: I am a Master of twister and since you’re always doing menages, what’s your favorite position and is it 2 with 1 watching? of a full out tangle of arms and legs? And what is your writing recipe to make sure the reader knows who left foot is that on me ear? and would you please remove it.

  2. Right hand on Yellow, Who is your favorite char out of all your works, and which ones are likely to get revisits or remain as characters through out your series?

  3. I feel like a I am forth grade with the challenging math questions here. Shame the teacher here isn’t male. I’d teach him a thing or too about math and sex. /growls/ . But back to you TN.

    Right foot on blue. You always write about feminine males, but I know on personal account, you like the snuggle Bears. Why do they not show up in your stories?

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    Left hand on green, Who are your heroes? Doesn’t have to be an author, though if one is that’s good too, but any or all heroes and why?

  5. lemme see if i can get everything at one time *rubs hands* First, thank you all 😀 . Koray, you want me to knit you a nice soft extra large cat trap of your very own? it might keep you from keeping in trouble with your little box problem..or was it the the guy who delivered the boxes? As for menages…I tend to get them all in playing.. so somebody is usually in the middle *waggles eyebrows* And if you want that foot off your ear, try tickling it.. although if it’s MY foot it will get you kicked…i’d say it’s a knee-jerk reaction, but it’s my foot…
    Favorite character….female? Kelia K’Arith, hands down. Male is a little more complicated. Probably a tie between Jason Jonai, and Valerian Xeltrai. out of all my pretty males, Nikita Rosetai has made me cry the most, and Liam Manning has surprised me the most. *growls at Kagan* this really is like asking me to pick my favorite kid, you know how many kids i got?!
    As for recurrances, you’ll likely see Kelia in any Hidden Worlds book, when they start coming out. Liam and Jareth already had a surprise sequel, so anything is possible.
    Now, about the feminine males thing, are you talking about the fact that some of my men feel better in women’s clothes, or that almost all my Rimalian males are the homemakers? cause, in Rimalian culture, that’s MEN’S work, and they are just as capable as women at it….
    Now snuggle bears…I’m afraid that so far, not many of my men have been particularly furry…now with the Rimalians, that makes sense, they evolved on a hot sun world, lots of body hair wouldn’t be needed. As for the contemporary world characters, Liam is a bit furry, and so is Nathan. You’ll meet Nathan roundabouts July/August, when he’s released by Dreamspinner Press. By the way, that might not stay his title, so i’ll let you know :D. I have one character in WIP that is currently shelved for the time being that’s an absolute bear, complete with a furry butt…I had a lot of fun asking a few bears if they LIKED having the fur on their bottoms tugged on a bit…
    Now heros…well one is my daughter, actually. She’s developmentally delayed, but that doesn’t stop her from regularly having straight A’s and she is absolutely the sweetest person. She doesn’t want anyone to be hurt. Other heros…Catherine the Great is one. By no means was she perfect, but they expected her to just be a brood mare for the tsar, and instead she ruled the entire Russian Empire as it was. That takes a lot of strength of will, and cunning. Jesus. Not in the religious sense, becasue there is too much BS about what was said/meant/implied/whatever. But the overall intent of the person. Whatever anyone’s belief about Jesus’..uh…ancestry…any person willing to sacrifice themselves in the belief that it will save an entire species, and all he asks of them is that they are kind to one another and help the downtrodden? THAT’S a person to pay attention to. In general, i have a LOT of respect for our military. They sacrifice so much, by choice, and they are treated so abominably by our leadership, yet they keep doing the job….
    I’m not even going to TRY to do the twister moves.. the only place i’m good at twister is in storylines…

  6. On me or the pretty males i drool over? Me, nada… on the pretty boys…um…boxer briefs actually…there’s just something kinda sexy about them

  7. First a confession – I’ve read Nikki’s Secret and am now (after that last little snippet, looking forward to the sequel!

    Now – great interview, good questions. Then Kagan comes along with HIS questions and made it even more complete. I was wondering why no bears myself…

    I’m becoming less surprised that I like TN’ writing style. It turns out that the only favorite writer of mine she missed was Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz.

    I’d order a cat trap myself but don’t have a kitty. Do have a lovely woliff, but I don’t think even a giant size fishing line knitted cat trap would stop her.

  8. I have nothing for a woliff trap…and I like Jayne Ann Krentz…her’s are some of my favorite het romances to read, along with Suzanne Brockmann… right now i’m suffering a bad case of Shiny Object Syndrome…and i’m going to give it to the dragon and the ferret…

  9. Great interview and thanks for the snippet! Looks like I will be rearranging my T B R list. I haven’t read many M/M/F or is it F/M/M women are suppose to come first /grins/ As for the plot bunnies, which are a whole lot better than dust bunnies, I say give them wine and let them have fun!!!

  10. Hi TN!! Great interview! You are so funny. I can’t wait to read Nikki’s secret! What do your friends and family think of you writing m/m fiction? Do you get any snarky comments or closed minded people who want to criticize you?

  11. well… my step-father’s family has all but disowned me…they say it’s an abomination and i’m going to go to hell if i don’t accept Jesus as my savior and quit writing such sinful things. Um.. you might imagine that i don’t handle that well.. the other side of the family is more mixed, but none of them condemn me for it. That would include my Grandma, the daughter of a Methodist minister and the widow of one….and yeah… living in podunk Wyoming i get some snarky comments. Although once in a while i get to surprise someone when they ask me why i like to write m/m and i tell them it’s cause i like boy bits…it’s really funny when it’s a guy *waggles eyebrows*

  12. TN,wow. Who needs them! Too bad people are so judgemental. Is there a genre of book you would like to try writing? And what types of books or genres are your least favorite?

    • Well according to the ferret and the dragon and the drunk plot bunny, i’m going to be writing a shifter story. Didn’t expect that. And despite my liking of Anita Blake, I am not a fan of horror, and i will not be writing anything that is intended to be horrifying….

  13. Hi TN, thank you again so much for doing the interview and spending some time here. 🙂
    It’s sometimes actually surprising to me when someones doesn’t get why we love these books, because…. well, duh, we like boy bits! 🙂

  14. Interesting interview. LKH Anita Blake is urban fantasy. Haven’t read it yet. Have you read the Kate Daniels series?. Just started to read that series. I will have to come back and read the above comments later, there seems to be a lot going on up there.

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