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Here is my answer to Brandilyn’s question and a few of my favorite authors.

Why I read and review M/M stories

I am an eternal student and spent ten years at University studying English Literature and English. I learned to love the analysis of texts and the information that could be garnered from such study. I did modules on medieval lit. and studied Shakespeare and his contemporaries but my main love lies in Contemporary English, which is basically anything after Shakespeare et al. I became very interested in literature from the edges of society, which includes LGBTQ writing. Although, I read a lot of M/F romances and stories after Uni. I found a lot had descended into formulaic fluff and lacked any ‘spark’ which would supply the escapism and interest most of us seek from this genre. So several years ago I started reading M/M romance and found the emotional conflict, social stigmas and contemporary problems used in the plot devices far more absorbing. There is a danger that the popularity of this sub genre will lead to the formulaic stories that destroyed M/F romance. I review novels and short stories firstly, because I enjoy it and enjoy reading about gay sex when written well. Secondly, I review in an attempt to maybe influence some authors from falling into writing formulaic stories, which are basically M/F romances where names and genitalia have been changed!

My 10 Authors to Watch

Harper Fox – Stories and language of sparkling brilliance!

TJ Klune -genius of emotional manipulation.

Eric Arvin – gentle magic realism, wide range of stories from afterlife philosophies to Kid Christmas!

Abi Roux – Ty and Zane are the perfect Alpha Males, her stories have real plot lines as well as hot sex scenes and witty banter!

Brad Boney – Really liked ‘The Nothingness of Ben’ then read ‘The Return’ and fell for his writing totally.

Jet Mykles – Loved the ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ series and the front covers!

Amy Lane – The Promise Rock series was perfect.

Z.A. Maxfield – Loved the St Nacho’s series and ‘Rhapsody for Piano and Ghost’ was fabulous.

C.S. Pacat  – Still waiting for ‘Captive Prince 3’.

Oscar Wilde – Had to add him to my list as without his wit, deftly created characters and social probing we might not have a modern M/M genre to review.

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  1. Hi Beverly! I look forward to reading some of your reviews and thoughts. I definitely agree with Abi Roux and Jet Mykles, and a few others on your list!

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