Why I Read and Review M/M Romance ~ Intro to Paisley

I love to read, and I love to write, so reviewing books is a natural by product of that love affair. Being part of the “Alliance” has been an amazing experience.  I love being part of this team of diverse people who share a passion for reading.  I am basically a M/M Romance reader – although I will read books in other areas of the LGTB spectrum. I am a romance addict and those are the kinds of stories you will find me reading and reviewing on Prism Book Alliance.

I rarely write a very long review. In fact, this post is probably the longest thing I have written in months! I tend to keep things short and to the point. My reviews focus on what I enjoyed about a book or some other “ah ha” moment I had while reading. I have a quirky sense of humor, and I often laugh at myself as much as I do others.  I really love dirty jokes, which is kind of funny because I have a very “girl next door” vibe about me.  I have been told more than once I have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy.

I have always adored the romance genre and have read it since I was in middle school. Remember Forever by Judy Blume? Yeah, that dates me. It was my first “real” romance novel, and I have been hooked ever since.  About a decade ago I became a stay at home mom my to my special needs child. I “retired” from a career as a busy executive and back then I flew frequently to Asia and the South Pacific. Before I departed on those flights I would go to a used romance bookstore near my house and buy 10 or 12 used paperbacks to take on my long journey.  I used to joke that I could read four Silhouette Desires in a 14 hour flight. I would leave them behind whenever I finished one.  If only the eReader had been invented then! I love, respect and appreciate all authors – for they have been able to do something that I never will.

Discovering M/M Romance was unexpected and surprising. In 2009 I read my first M/M Romance. I  joined a online romance reading group and their book of  the month was The Tin Star by J.L. Langley.  I was a bit apprehensive about reading it, but once I did there was no doubt in my mind – I wanted more!  I learned three things from that experience: 1. Love is Love. 2. Straight or gay no one should ever have to hide who they love. 3. OMG gay sex is HAWT!

I still read some good old fashioned hetero romance novels, but less and less as time goes on. Why? I like MEN! And I find reading sexy stories with only male parts in them very entertaining.

I don’t only read erotica. I love sweet and sappy romance too. I always say to my friends, “I am easily entertained.” I enjoy reading books where there is no explicit sex whatsoever, but I also love very dirty stories.  I have read more than my fair share of deliciously smutty tales – I read all types of books from sweet and simple to smutty and scorching. The only thing that I require is a happy ending. Bottom line, I love men and I love reading about men. I love men who fall in love. I love men who fall in love with other men.  Get the picture?

So, now that you know a bit about me and what I like to read I want to share with you some of my favorite authors and books. I am a bit of a fangirl at times, and I am not above writing epically bad poetry about my favorite characters when I am inspired.

My Authors to Watch

Heidi Cullinan – One of the first BDSM M/M Romances I ever read was Special Delivery, and my Kindle nearly imploded from that kinky craziness.  Heidi can write a smoking hot story where love still matters the most. She may have one of the dirtiest minds on Earth – I adore her!

J.L. Langley – I have to say her Sci-Regency books are my favorites. If you haven’t read My Fair Captain you should! J.L. writes everything from very sexy fantasy and paranormal, to good old fashioned cowboy love, and she does it very, very well.

Mary Calmes – I love her characters! She writes about love between men that is so awesome you just want to go grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the show live. Sam & Jory from A Matter of Time are my favorite M/M couple to this day.

M.L. Rhodes – I am a nerd-girl at heart, and I really love fantasy and sci-fi. M.L.’s  “The Draegan Lords” series is my favorite M/M fantasy/paranormal series.  I also love her shorter stories and I always look forward to reading anything she writes – even her blog.

Tinnean – When it comes to sweet love stories I find most anything Tinnean writes will fit the bill. I love the old fashioned feeling some of her stories have, and I really love the way she creates characters who give their hearts away shamelessly. My favorite M/M crime fighting/secret agent series are the “Spy vs. Spook” books because Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann are completely combustable!

Marie Sexton – Her story Between Sinners and Saints is my favorite dramatic M/M Contemporary Romance of all time. I can’t think of a book of hers that I have not loved. If she weren’t a Denver Broncos fan she would be perfect.

T.J. Klune – His books are funny, sad, sweet, sexy and altogether AWESOME. Tell Me it’s Real was my favorite M/M story of 2013. To top it off we share a love of bad poetry – although I have to say mine is much worse.

Josephine Myles – After I read my first Jo Myles story I was totally hooked! I felt like I’d taken a trip to the UK and spent a holiday there. She is funny, she is steamy, and she writes great stories with loving and endearing characters – everything she writes is on my “re-read” shelf, but I think her story Handle with Care is my favorite M/M Romance with a comfort theme.

Erressë – This is one author who blows my mind every time I read her stories!  “The Chronicles of Ylandre” series is such an amazing collection of books I needed to read each one of them several times just to wrap my brain around the crazy world building. Her prose is beautiful and her characters are unique – and I am a huge, huge fan.

Dani Alexander – When I read Shattered Glass in 2012 I wrote my very first (and only) fan letter to an author.  I spend a fortune on eBooks and when I buy something self-published that entertains me like it did I had to say thank you. I cannot wait for the sequels!

Amy Lane – When I read Keeping Promise Rock I said my heart had been sent through a paper shredder. Her stories can make my eyes bleed they are so emotional. But my all-time favorite book of hers, Clear Water, is not so tough and it is one of my very favorite M/M stories of all time.

Ethan Day – If I were a gay man writing books I would aspire to write like Ethan Day. He is funny and snarky, and has caused me some embarrassment when I laughed out loud while reading his books in a public place. His story, Sno Ho, earned me some seriously strange looks in the airport due of my fits of laughter.  I love snarky narratives and Ethan has a true gift for it.

Lyn Gala – My best discovery of 2013 was this author. I think Fettered was the best BDSM book of the year, and Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts,  was a great sci-fi story that I recommend to all of my friends who like to read books about aliens with talented tails.

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  1. You’ve listed a lot of my favorite authors here. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews, knowing we have similar tastes.

  2. What a great listing; some new names to me I will check out! Heidi Cullinan’s Special Delivery is one of my top favorites. Look forward to reading your reviews!

  3. I love a lot of these authors also, plus just added a few (ok – maybe more than a few!!) books to the every growing pile!

  4. Thanks for sharing Paisley. I always love your reviews and I think you are funny. And your poetry isn’t bad, it’s entertaining!

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