Dying Wish by Lor Rose ~ Review by Leisa

Unique and intriguing paranormal novelette

imageTitle: Dying Wish

Author: Lor Rose

Publisher: Rooster & Pig Publishing

My Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

It was an inevitable thing, death.

For some it was closer than others. Some never knew it was coming. If it were up to Logan he’d choose to not know. Unfortunately for him he did know.

Death was close and it was coming for him and he accepted his fate.

He was set to die. Logan even embraced it, finally happy to leave this painful world behind. That is until he met Gyre.

Gyre gave him a sense of life once again. He wanted to stay with Gyre as long as possible but as far as Logan was concerned, his time left wasn’t enough.

Or was it?

My View

Logan, a man whose life is filled with paralyzing anxiety and loneliness, sits at the top of a remote mountain in New Zealand, and grieves the loss of his love, Daniel, and accepts his inevitable death due to advanced stomach cancer. Prepared to die at this beautiful place, an exhausted Logan later sleeps fitfully at his camp site. As he nears death, he discovers that a beautiful man, Gyre, has joined him. He’s intrigued by Gyre and accompanies him to his home in a lovely mountain kingdom. Along the way, Logan and Gyre succumb to their attraction and have sex. Gyre, who has some cat-like characteristics, bites Logan during sex and Logan immediately begins to heal. Gyre is a big cat shifter and King of his people. Despite that humans usually die when taken as a mate, Logan does not and develops the ability to shift. After resolving a misunderstanding, Logan stays with Gyre.

The plot of Logan as a dying man welcoming his death as a reprieve from his pain and loneliness is unique and interesting as a M/M romance. I think Lor Rose truly excels in the beginning portion of the novelette which is largely Logan’s inner thoughts as he laments not only the loss of Daniel, but also the loss of happiness to his crushing anxiety. This portion is very well written and intriguing. I also think that the meeting of Logan and Gyre is lovely, and their sex scenes are good, if not super sizzling. However, the ending feels a bit rushed, and the conflict between Logan and Gyre seems out of place. Overall, Dying Wish is an interesting novelette with a unique plot that is well worth reading. Lor Rose is definitely a talented writer, and I plan to read her future works.

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I would like to thank Lor Rose and Rooster & Pig Publishing for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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