Bound to be a Groom by Megan Mulry ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what’s known as a bodice ripper.

groomTitle:  Bound to be a Groom

Author:  Megan Mulry

Publisher:  Riptide

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

Sometimes our wildest dreams come true.

In the tumultuous summer of 1808, Spain and England are close to war and four young lovers are close to ecstasy.

To carve out an independent life with the woman she loves, Anna knows she must leave her quiet Spanish convent to become a courtesan. To gain experience, she sets her sights on . . .

Sebastian, whose powerful, aristocratic confidence suits Anna’s mercenary goals. But his arrogance masks a craving for submission that Anna instinctively satisfies. Sebastian soon begs for her hand in marriage, even if it means sharing her with . . .

Pia, who trusts Anna completely—with her body and her future—until she learns of Anna’s hasty marriage. Pia questions their commitment to each other as they leave for London to meet . . .

Farleigh, the seemingly feckless duke who thinks he’s over Sebastian, the potent Spanish soldier he bedded two years ago.

What begins as a series of erotic escapades soon evolves into a deep, unbreakable bond. Two men and two women who yearn to explore are about to make their wildest dreams come true.

My View

Correction:  a kinky, polyamorous bodice ripper. Scorching hot at that. The way in which Ms. Mulry weaves these four characters together seemed a natural progression. There is instalove between Sebastian and Anna, but I’m giving it latitude due to the historical setting. I know. It’s a bogus rationalization. Let’s just say I was persuaded to overlook it by all the petticoats, corsets, plackets and buckskins. I’m easy, what can I say? Don’t hate.

All the sexual repression of 19th century Europe gets blown to kingdom come in Bound to be a Groom. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical references interspersed here and there. Sebastian is a Conde, quite wealthy and his family is politically powerful, thus he is expected to relay certain information to potential allies (England) to thwart Napolean’s advances upon the Iberian Peninsula. So, he and Anna’s honeymoon isn’t all love, champagne and roses, just 99% or so.

Anna is a strong female character. I liked her a lot. She won’t be cowed by anyone despite the day and age in which she’s confined. She’s determined to live her life with Pia as openly as possible. She won’t settle for stolen moments in the convent. However, her grand plan didn’t include Sebastian who is smitten straight away and, coincidentally, submissive which compliments her dominance. Sebastian will do anything he can to make his love happy. Pia will make her happy. Ain’t instalove grand? Who doesn’t like a kinky ménage? But, wait! We’re not done yet. This is a square, not a triangle.

Behind the mask, he was the lover who craved nothing more than to be completely subdued by a powerful, knowing partner. Or two. To be taken in hand and made to fulfill every outrageous need, to experience the freedom he only found in submission.

Enter Farleigh, who had a short lived fling with Sebastian about two years prior. The fire is rekindled and Farleigh wants Sebastian with the force of twelve blinding suns. This was my favorite part. Anna and Farleigh are both dominants. Let the pissing contest begin! Anna ratchets up Farleigh’s desire to DEFCON 5 levels by denying him what he most wants. He gets 16 different kinds of fussy-shouting and slamming things. Growling. It was awesome.

Then… they go to the country and glory be… it was marvelous. Marvelous, I say. All of their brains are addled by the bucket loads of lust and UST, wildly turned on by one another in every way possible. A couple voyeurs, a couple dominants, a suede flogger, some restraints. Fabulous. Smutastic! Did I mention how hot they are together?

“I’m not repulsed by a woman’s body, if that’s what you’re asking. It’s… how to say it? The society we live in expects women to be dirty whores or wifely virgins. Neither of which appeals to me in the least. With men, I can be an animal.”

For all intents and purposes, there was no plot to speak of, but the sexy times… HOOYAH! *fans self* I’m still not crazy about f/f but I wasn’t put off by it. I would’ve liked more m/m solo sexy times. What can I say? I’m greedy like that. The prose and dialogue felt authentic to the historical setting; several vocabulary choices had me giggling. Really though, who doesn’t giggle when they read the word ‘reticule’? Say it out loud. I dare you not to giggle.

The character development is non-existent. The relationship development consists of fabulously glorious, kinky sex in a library, a carriage, the country… sublime.

This is an ARC so the formatting goes wonky when it’s converted to a mobi file. I say all this because it seemed like the perspectives changed without adequate demarcation, but I can’t be sure and I’m not counting it against the rating. Think of it more as a warning that it’s entirely possible.

If you need a bit of steamy, kinky, polyamorous, feel good fluff read, Bound to be a Groom has it in spades.

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I would like to thank Riptide for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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