Homecoming by Meredith Daniels ~ Review by Christine

This little story reunites a wounded Delta Force soldier and his high school best friend with some surprising results for them both.

Homecoming coverTitle: Homecoming

Author: Meredith Daniels

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Home is where his heart is…once he recognizes what’s in his heart.

Southern Honor, Book 1

Broken in body, mind and spirit after a botched mission in Kuwait, elite Special Forces operative Jack Dresden returns to Devotion, Georgia, both dreading and longing to face his past. He left town on the receiving end of a wicked right hook thrown by the only person who ever made him feel he was right where he belonged.

Dillon Bluff was never good at pretending. Coming out right after high school, it hasn’t been easy dealing with the stigma of being gay in a small, Southern town. When he stumbles across Jack in the throes of a panic attack, one touch reignites the smoldering, hidden torch he’s always carried for his former best friend.

Jack knows he’s messed up, and the last thing he wants to do is hurt Dillon again. But Dillon is determined to take control and show Jack’s heart the way back home.

Warning: Contains a sexy, scarred Delta Force hero with the hots for his tattooed photojournalist prone-to-skinny-dipping ex-best friend. Threats of creative rope use and plenty of manly loving may leave the reader craving a cigarette—and a man in uniform.

My View

Homecoming is a quick read, a story that reunites Delta Force soldier Jack and his best friend from high school, Dillon.   Jack returns home to his small Georgia town to recover from his experience of being captured and tortured while on a mission.  He encounters Dillon, who he hasn’t seen since their confrontation the night before he left so many years ago.   Both have secrets, and as Jack reaches out to Dillon, and Dillon stops hiding his feelings, the two learn more about each other than they would have guessed possible.

This is a very short story (76 pages) that lays a fairly good foundation for something that I hope is to be continued in future installments.  The characters of Jack and Dillon are both appealing, and I wished to learn more about the background of each of these men.  I found myself wanting to know them a bit as teenagers to help deepen my connection to them as adults. Jack’s character is the better developed of the two, accomplished through devices like descriptions of his relationship with his father and flashbacks to his time in captivity.  However, Dillon remains more of a mystery, despite the narrative shifting occasionally to his point of view.   The author does a good job of creating sexual tension between the two men, and I found these scenes to be even more enticing than those in the bedroom.

I did have some issues with Homecoming.  First, there were a few instances of word misuse that were bothersome and distracted me from the narrative.  Also, I would have loved to have seen the author give us more of Jack and Dillon’s history together.  A bit more background about their relationship as best friends in high school would have been a welcome addition but was never truly presented, except for the brief description of the altercation that occurred just before their parting of ways.  Finally, I am hopeful that there are further installments to Jack and Dillon’s story, as it ended rather abruptly with a some sizable conflicts left unresolved.

I truly enjoyed Jack and Dillon’s characters, and I would be very interested to read more of their story, if that is indeed in the works.  I hope that further installments provide more of their history together, a deeper understanding of Dillon’s character, and closure to some rather troublesome, unfinished business.  I would recommend Homecoming with the expectation that it is only the beginning of a series about these two characters with more episodes to come in the future.

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I would like to thank Samhain Publishing for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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