Serving Mr. Right by Sean Michael ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

I’ll be frank. Sean Michael (SM henceforth) has become my crack. I wouldn’t say he’s hit ‘auto buy’ status but if you need some fluff… man, does he ever fit that bill. In spades.

20820223Title:  Serving Mr. Right

Author:  Sean Michael

Publisher:  Amber Allure

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Stars

From the Publisher

Ten years ago, Finn walked away from Tone and the BDSM lifestyle. It was a bad break-up, and while Tone hasn’t been able to find anyone else, he likes to tell himself he hasn’t given Finn a second thought.

Now the chef/owner of Decadence, one of the most exclusive restaurants in town, Finn is a changed man. When he discovers Tone is a guest at his establishment, he can’t help but moon a bit over the one he pushed away. He knows he at least owes Tone an apology, and arranges a meeting.

Tone instantly realizes he’s not really over Finn, but can he believe that the man has changed? Or would a reconciliation simply lead to even more heartache?

My View

For those of you unfamiliar with SM, let me tell you what you can expect. SM specializes in porky fluffery (porn + kinky + fluff). ™OKW The porky fluffery is bound to include growling, needing, melting and a boat load of “baby”. Do not pick up an SM book and expect a plot. This is straight up PWP. Do pick up an SM book if you like sizzling hot sex scenes that are varying degrees of kinky. There’s really not much in the way of character development and I think I’ve covered what the relationship of the protagonists typically consists of already. Now, if any of the above in unpalatable then SM is not for you.

As I said, this is only my second go round on the SM wheel of fortune, but many of my GR friends will attest to the fact that SM is hit or miss. Sometimes he expects a little too much in the way of reality suspension, but I didn’t find that to be the case in Serving Mr. Right.

Tony and Finn had an established BDSM relationship 10 years ago that crashed and burned. They meet again by chance at Finn’s über exclusive restaurant, Decadence, and the connection is still palpable. They rekindle and combust off the page. Finn is a bit of a brat which seems to rile Tony up in all the right ways.

I think this novella worked for me because they were already an established couple, so the rapid descent into “love” seemed plausible rather than the dreaded instalove. There was actually a bit of character development though I’ve still no idea what either MC looks like aside from Finn having a Prince Albert. Oh, and he used to have nipple rings which will be making a return immediately, if not sooner per Tony’s orders! There was actually some dialogue that didn’t solely consist of:  “need, please, oh, more, FUCK” and the ubiquitous “baby”. I did quite enjoy the chef aspect and some of the food described was porny in and of itself.

The kink was nice:  spanking, paddling, lite CBT and a little bondage. For those familiar with SM, never fear the dialogue by and large is classic SM-highly entertaining. It could’ve been edited to clean up a few mistakes.

If you appreciate SM, Serving Mr. Right, in my opinion, a good one. Porky fluffery at its finest.

Where to Buy

Amber Allure **note: all pre-orders are available at the publisher’s site for a 25% discount**

I would like to thank Amber Allure for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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4 thoughts on “Serving Mr. Right by Sean Michael ~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

  1. I’ve just read two stories from Sean Michael (okay…one wasn’t read so recently and both were in anthologies). But I think I know what you mean. His stories are really good and have just the right amount of romance and steamy bedroom scenes.

    • I really do heart him. Me & a GR friend pretty much solely interact now in SM-speak. Hilarious! He’s so so so entertaining.

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