Horns and Haloes by Charlie Cochrane ~ Review by Beverley

I’m looking forward to meeting Charlie Cochrane at UKMeet this year, so it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to read her work for PBA.CC_Horns_and_Haloes

Title: Horns and Haloes

Author: Charlie Cochrane

Publisher: MLR Press

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Why do you do when finding a new boyfriend is like conducting a job interview?

It’s Jamie’s idea of torture—a training course about selection and interviewing and on February the fourteenth! Everybody’s going to be full of romance and he’ll be playing gooseberry as usual. When Jamie finds himself sitting next to the gorgeous Alex, who seems to hate the day as much as Jamie does, will he turn out to be the ideal candidate for the vacant position of boyfriend?

My Review

This is a sweet short from Charlie Cochrane set during a training course for school Governors. There is a little back story concerning Alex’s dislike of Valentine’s Day however, the story really traces those first moments trying to work out if the other person fancies you. Jamie likes Alex from the first but things are even harder (‘scuse pun) if you are trying subtly to ascertain if the other person is gay. This short story is very English and I certainly, like Jamie, approved of Alex when,

…Alex broke his biscuit – a custard cream, Jamie noted with approval – made as if to dunk it then clearly thought better of the manoeuvre,…

Knowing if you should or should not dunk your biscuit in public is still a very English thing to worry about, and I loved its mention here. I also enjoyed the wordplay humour,

He looked at the clock – tempus was fugiting like nobody’s business, and if he kept putting things off, then the diem would have gone before he could carpe it.

This is a sweet story of two men meeting and getting to the first stage of a relationship, as MLR Press say on their site, the ‘heat level’ is ‘mild’ but appropriate for the story and there is a satisfying HFN ending. A lovely read with a cup of tea and some custard creams.

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