Track Limits by M.A. Ford~ Review by Caroline


Title: Track Limits

Author: M.A. Ford

Publisher: Dreamspinner

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Is motorsport ready for a gay driver?

As the opening race in the Global GT Challenge approaches, lead driver Mark Hunter struggles to regain his confidence after Randolph Racing’s last disastrous season. Mark hesitates when owner Randy says he’s found the perfect replacement for their arrogant previous teammate, Brad Wilkins. Former single-seater star Jordan Matthews is excited to join the crew and ready to put past troubles behind him.

Trust builds as Mark and Jordan become a fine-tuned team for the number 17 Saleen, earning a podium in Abu Dhabi at the season opener. Their friendship develops into more as they continue to earn prestige for Randolph Racing. But their success sparks jealousy, and people from their pasts threaten vengeance. Jordan is reluctant to ruin his fresh start in racing by exposing the secrets that almost cost him his career ten years ago. If he can’t take the risk, he’ll never realize his dream of kissing Mark on the winner’s podium.

My View

A gay racing driver! Now there’s a thought! Come on sports…..catch up!

This is a new author for me and one I will be keeping an eye on. This is a book filled with a lot of knowledge and technical detail and has obviously been written by someone who has a clear love and passion for racing. The small details really give you a sense of what it is like to be in the garages, pits or even out on the tracks.

I wouldn’t call it a romance, more of a sweet love story that slowly bubbles in the background before being forced out into the open. There are lots of sweet kisses but everything else is off the page.

The glossary at the beginning is a little intimidating but don’t worry about it as you don’t need to read it for the story.

Mark Hunter kissed a man once and it was everything he wished it could be. The man he kissed told him later it could never happen again as it would ruin their racing careers. As racing is all that Mark loved and cared about in life he never did it again and currently has a girlfriend.

Marks previous year of racing had not gone as planned. His partner had been trouble from the start and upset everyone on the team. As a result his confidence has taken a dent and he nervously awaits the arrival of yet another partner at the start of the season.

Jordan Matthews was an up and coming future star of formula one ten years ago until he was found in bed with his teammate…another man. The team quickly got rid of him and spends his time out of the spot light now.

When Mark and Jordan first meet just before the season starts they immediately hit it off and a strong friendship quickly forms. They work well together in all the different aspects of racing and are very quickly on the podium.

As in any sport there is jealousy. Mark hasn’t seen the man he kissed all those years ago but suddenly he is everywhere he looks. Add to that the partner from hell from last year and going out on the track starts to get dangerous.

Jordan recognises his feelings for Mark very quickly but for Mark it takes a little longer as there is still fear in the back of his mind. When his relationship fails with his current girlfriend he ends up in the arms of his racing partner and from there the relationship changes.

When both men come under a threat of blackmail they must decide what is most important to them and whether they are strong enough to declare their love for each other and take that final step.

The one good thing about reviewing is that you get to read books that you may not have otherwise. This probably wouldn’t have been something I would have picked up normally and I would have missed out on a good read!

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I would like to thank Dreamspinner Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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