Two Point Conversion by Mercy Celeste ~ Review by Caroline

I have sat on this review for a couple of days as I was interested to see what the reaction would be to another book about twincest. I must admit nothing that has been said has taken me by surprise. Yes this book is about twins who have a sexual relationship. I think it is one of those subjects you either want to read about or you don’t. Personally I have no problem at all with it and have read quite a few books with similar story lines.  I do get a little annoyed when I see things written like ‘omg this has twins having sex or how can you read anything like this I had to put it down’.  YES it is twincest and if you don’t like it don’t read it.  Just for the record I’m not keen on historicals 🙂

two point conversionTitle
: Two Point Conversion

Author: Mercy Celeste

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

On his 19th birthday Kyle Beauchamp gets the surprise of his life—a make out session in the back of the bus. With his wide receiver.

Kevin Beauchamp loves two things, football and Kyle. After a rough game and a discreet blow job in the back of the bus, Kevin’s life will never be the same. But the love of his life is straight, and off limits in more ways than one.

When Kyle returns his feelings, Kevin has to decide if a few nights of intense passion is worth destroying their future. He knows one thing—loving his twin might be wrong, but losing Kyle would be like losing the other half of his soul.

My View

Kyle and Kevin are twins. On the bus back from a match and on their 19th birthday things take a bit of a drastic turn when Kevin gives his brother a blow job to help him with his post match boner. Really after such an event things can never be truly the same and a week later the brothers find themselves together again when their parents are out of town.

This book is not lacking in hot steamy sex scenes and the boys go at it every opportunity they are given. Kevin has had sexual feelings for his brother for a number of years but Kyle finds very new feelings awakening and as much as he tries he can’t stay away.

Their relationship feels a little bit rushed given the sheer dynamics of an incestuous relationship and having two MC’s with the same initial was a little confusing for me at times. It is one thing to be teased about getting it on with your twin brother by your peers as a joke but when you are actually doing what your friends are teasing you about it becomes difficult. No matter how much the boys try to keep their secret they become defensive at the teasing and their masks start to slip.

As luck has it 2 of their best friends are gay and they don’t seem to have much trouble with their relationship and are quick to offer support. I always find myself wondering about things like this. How would any of us react being presented with this kind of relationship. How tolerant are we really? They are also lucky to receive support from their coach which they need when things get hostile at home.

Overall this book is a hot little read with a dose of taboo and in true Mercy Celeste fashion we are left hanging at the end!

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I would like to thank Mercy Celeste for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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6 thoughts on “Two Point Conversion by Mercy Celeste ~ Review by Caroline

  1. I love twincest stories. I’ve also been reading a few stories lately from Mercy Celeste so this review came at just the right time.

  2. Considering what Amazon “does” allow, this is an interesting line they have drawn. I read the sample on my Kindle and found it quite….intriguing. I was disappointed that I was unable to purchase it, particularly after reading your review.

  3. Amazon is getting on my nerves! You have to wonder how far they’ll go with this. I’m off to All Romance to buy the book because it sounds great. Thanks for the review!

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