At Year’s End by Sandrine Gasq-Dion ~ Review by Caroline

If you are going to read this series I would recommend reading the Assassin/Shifter series first. This is where we first meet Elijah and lot of the other youngsters that I am sure will be featured in upcoming books. These young men are children of the gods and as they all reach their 18th birthdays their powers mature.

at years endTitle
: At Year’s End (The 12 Olympians #2)

Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16-year-old Elijah Newman knew who he’d be spending the rest of his life with. The tough guy, on the other hand, was not getting that message. Rebuffed at every turn, Elijah does his best to make the middle Salvatore brother understand that their lives were meant to be connected. Suddenly, odd things begin to happen and Elijah becomes more and more convinced that there’s a demon inside him. All he can do is try to keep his friends – and the man he’s beginning to love – safe from his secret.

Two long years have passed since Jaxon Salvatore first laid eyes on the boisterous, beautiful – and much younger – Elijah Newman. Fighting off the teenager with the huge blue eyes has been torture from day one. Now, Elijah is about to turn 18 and Jaxon finally sees light on the horizon for a life with him. But strange things are happening: the teenager doesn’t flirt with him like he used to, he rarely hangs out with his buddies and he talks about having a boyfriend. A boyfriend? Things are NOT good.

When awful things happen to Elijah, Jaxon struggles to keep the younger man safe and himself sane. From the coast of Washington, to the peak of Mount Olympus, Jaxon will stop at nothing to keep what’s his.

My View

We first meet Elijah when he is 16 and he attends Camp Pride. He is a quiet and reserved young man in all but one respect. As soon as he meets Jaxon Salvatore he becomes a flirty little imp. Elijah wants Jaxon more than anything in the world and makes a play for him at every opportunity.    Jaxon feels the same attraction to the young man but swears to stay clear of him until he is older and experienced more of life, this will prove to be one of the hardest decisions he has ever made.

This book starts just as Elijah is approaching his 18th birthday and is coming into his powers. He is the son of Hephaestus and his power is fire. Elijah has no idea what is happening to him but with dark outside influences he believes he is a Demon and a danger to all those around him. He is desperate to talk to his friends about what is happening but is almost paralysed by fear.

Jaxon has already decided to claim Elijah as his as soon as he is 18 but the final few weeks are proving to be torture. Not trusting anyone else with his safety Jaxon is also secretly employed to be his bodyguard. When Elijah can’t recall conversations that have taken place between the two of them or events that have happened Jaxon is sure that something is wrong put can’t put his finger on it.

The rogues as always are working relentlessly behind the scenes and are intent in having Elijah and his powers as their own. When their plans fail and Jaxon finally allows his true feelings for Elijah out and claims the young man everything looks to be settled. Sadly this doesn’t last long and Elijah and Jaxons happiness is very short lived as they are dragged into a nightmare.

With the entire team brought into help the hunt is on but the results are painfully slow. Jaxon is slowly falling apart and his brothers worry he may never recover. Literally dragged from his bed Jaxon has a meeting that literally changes his world and from there the action really starts.

In a daring raid he gets back the other half of his soul but this happy event only leaves him with more anguish and heartbreak. All he wants is to keep the most important person in his life safe and to love and be loved but after the events of the last few months it may be too late.

This is a great addition to the stories so far and will keep you frantically turning pages. There are surprises in there that will have you thinking wtf!! There is also heartbreaking tenderness for Jaxon.  Roll on the next in the series!!! 🙂

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