Cinnamon by Derekica Snake ~ Review by Caroline

Don’t read this without reading the first two…..big no no!! It had been a while since I read Cake and Cinder so it was a pleasure to re-read them before starting Cinnamon and as I have just read all 3 in as many days I will do a quick re-cap

: Cinnamon

Author: Derekica Snake

Publisher: SL Publishing

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Xavier Von Drachenfeld is being hailed as the first Lord Emperor in four hundred years, and the Blood Nation is starting to break into factions. The redheaded yearling has more on his plate than he can handle: a stalker, perplexing medical issues, and work, all while still trying to learn what it takes to be a Blue Blood vampire.

However, a powerful Ancient, Hades, has brought his attention on the young assassin. When Hades speaks, the nation listens, whether it be affairs of state, matters of finance, or orders of assassination. What Hades wants, Hades gets, and Hades wants the redhead. Can a minor Ancient such as Claudius defy that authority? Can the broken lover stand up to protect his heart of hearts? Does the Brotherhood of Von Drachenfeld need outside protection?

Then the Lycan Nation begins to move…

My View


Cake (Book 1) 5 Stars

This is where it all starts and where we first meet Marcus a deliciously sexy and very deviant vampire. He works for the house of the Assassins and his latest ‘mark’ is Edward who has been stealing from the company he works for. Edward is not a nice person – since becoming almost blind as a teenager he has turned away from the world and his family and is nasty to just about everyone he comes across, his only comfort in life is eating which in turn has led to obesity. Despite all this Marcus sees something special in him and for the first time ever defies the ‘house’ and allows Edward to live.  By living Edward is kidnapped, raped, made to exercise, given his sight back and terrorised for a year before Marcus finally turns him into a vampire. Marcus is in love with Edward and hopes they can be equals and lovers in life but it soon becomes clear that Edward is a very special vampire and life is never going to be the same.


Cinder (Book 2) 5 Stars

So Edward has re-named himself Xavier and we learn that both he and Marcus have Split personalities. I actually love this idea! By the end of the book you no longer have 2 MC’s but 5 and each of them is as messed up as the next one but more importantly they each have a roll to play. I won’t give too much away but it becomes clear that we know more about Armor than we do about Marcus.  As in book 1 we spend a lot of time with Claudius who is like a big Vampire daddy. He tries to keep both the boys on the straight and narrow.  He is the ‘house’ number 1 assassin and is the coldest person you are ever likely to come across. As Xavier comes into more of his powers more and more people are interested in his blue flame.  One in particular will prove deadly and it will leave the young fledgling vampire in a fight for his life.


Cinnamon (Book 3) 5 Stars

Xavier is now the acknowledged Lord Emperor and number 1 assassin for the ‘house’ but not everyone is happy to see the Blue line return and the blood nation is restless. The split personalities become much clearer in this book and Xavier/Sex/Azrael each have very distinctive personalities and they also love very differently. It is not so easy for Marcus/Armor. Marcus was so badly treated as a child he is still broken and when he starts to fixate on Xavier he no longer allows Armor to surface. He tricks Xavier and breaks their relationship completely leaving himself alone in the world. For the next 4 months he stalks Xavier everywhere he goes until both men reach breaking point and Xavier truly believes he is going to have to kill both his enemy and lover. In a last ditch attempt to resolve the situation it is Azreal, Xaviers cold assassin side, who steps in and saves the day. Marcus finally releases Armor and the 2 men and 5 personalities try to resolve their issues.  With all these different personalities you may think this would be a difficult story to follow but it is the complete opposite! These characters fit beautifully together and although they live in a viscous and terrifying world it is like being on an out of control train that you can’t and don’t want to get off!

Enter Hades.  I really really hated Hades!!!  He is an 800 year old Ancient in a teenagers body and he runs the show! After overseeing a punishment session he decides he wants Xavier and he is not used to being told no. It will be interesting to see what happens to him in the next book…..personally I would stake him! Even his blood tastes nasty!

This book is a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down, life literally stopped until I was finished. It holds no punches and is very dark and gritty but it is also a love story when the guys are given a little bit of time. The world building is fantastic and leaves so much open for the continuation of the series! Are we going to have a wife? Where do the Lycans fit in? Will we see anymore personalities appear? Are Xaviers family going to be safe? Will Hades have a personality transplant or will he be staked?

This is such an addictive series I personally cannot wait for the next book to come out to see how these boys cope with everything and what new horrors they have to deal with!

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I would like to thank Derekica Snake for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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