Pressure Points by Silvia Violet ~ Review by Caroline

This is Carls story and I have high hopes for our lovely alpha!

: Pressure Points

Author: Silvia Violet

Publisher: Dreamspinner

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

It’s hard enough being an inn manager, serving at everyone’s beck and call, making sure all the guests are happy and the employees are paid on time. Add to that being a werewolf, a recovering alcoholic, and a pack leader. Add to that a brother who is trying to tear the pack apart and a dark past he can’t escape. Needless to say, Carl is under a lot of stress. Not helping: Justin, the inn’s human massage therapist—who Carl is trying not to fall for—has offered Carl a massage to “lower his stress levels.” As his boss, Carl can’t tell Justin his hands might lower stress levels, but they would raise something else.

Despite Carl trying to put him off, Justin won’t give in. Carl’s friends won’t leave him alone, and the divisions in the pack are near exploding. And it’s tourist season. The last thing Carl needs are wolf wars in the lobby. Like it or not, Carl is going to have to rely on Justin and the wolves who love him to teach him how to let go and get through everything without falling apart.

My View

We first meet Carl the alpha of the Pigsah Mountain Wolves in Denying Yourself when he saves Shanes life and helps integrate him into the pack. He feels like he has the troubles of the world on his shoulders at the moment and is seriously stressed and heading for a meltdown.

His heart is still a little bit broken over Shane now that he is back with the love of his life.  Add to that the stress of running the lodge, taking care of the pack, the lingering guilt from his childhood and his brother causing trouble for him at every turn and he is ready for a drink. The fact that he is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for 12 years means that is out of the question!

To further complicate matters the lodge masseur Justin is nagging him to have a massage to help with the knots in his back. The more time he spends around the handsome young human the more he knows this is a very bad idea! The one thing Carl prides himself on is the control he has over his wolf and even that seems to be slipping when he goes anywhere near Justin.

Carl is the ultimate in stubborn and never considers himself ahead of his responsibilities. When trouble arises in the pack it is far too close to Carls heart and the consequences leave him devastated. He needs someone to have his back but he is too scared and vulnerable to let his walls down. Practising what you preach is not always easy and this is definitely a lesson Carl needs to learn!

Justin knows he could have something special and long lasting with the stubborn alpha but fears he won’t be able to get close enough to the man for it to work. He loves all sides of Carl but the alpha seems stuck on the fact that he is a fragile human so Justin works hard to alter that opinion and prove to him that they should be together.

When Carl sends Justin away both men are left shattered and need to dig in deep and fight for the outcome they want and need.  This is a great series and a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next one…..hopefully it will be the big bad wolf…..or the little brother J

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  1. I’ve never read anything by this author but your review definitely makes it sound like a good read. Thank you.

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