The Prince and the Practitioner by Christian Baines ~ Review by Lirtle Grafton

Possession by a demon. Or is it? Cheeky, a modern feel with olde word types, and a bit out of control with a healthy dose of curiosity… that left me wanting for what might have been.

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Title: The Prince and the Practitioner

Author: Christian Baines

Publisher: Wilde City Press

My Rating: 2.75 of 5 stars

From the Publisher:

Eliot has been seeing ghosts since he was six, talking to the dead since he was eleven, casting spells since he was fifteen and summoning daemons since… well, never. Until now.

When a malevolent spirit from a kingdom long-dead makes its new home inside Eliot’s body, the young wizard is faced with only one choice. Pass it on.

Dean seems like the perfect candidate, and is all too eager to get Eliot into his bed. But Dean is not your everyday piece of hot bar trade, and if Eliot wants to learn a thing or two about the fine lines between sex, magick and power, he’s come to the right place…

My View

This story started out in a pretty promising way, what with a young, hot wizard trying to expel a demon from his own body at the expense of a very old fellow wizard. The sex is nearly immediate but it actually fits the story, it didn’t feel out of place or smack me in the face. We learned some things about each of these two characters, their motivations, and the groundwork was laid for some subterfuge in regards to turns and changes that occur.

Eliot (our young wizard) has chosen Dean on which to attempt an exorcism of sorts in order to rid himself of a demon named Prynthius. Some sexy ensues, some surprises pop up and the story gets going. Sounds good, right? And it was. I was curious and ready to see what was going to happen with these three.

Sometimes it works to be dumped right into the middle of the lives of the characters, as long as we get backstory through dialogue and related action at some point. Then again, sometimes it doesn’t and that’s what happened here. What exactly is their “magick”? Why and how did Eliot end up picking Dean to be his probable victim for passing off Prynthius to/into him? Why did Prynthius exist to begin with? Why and how did Eliot allow himself to get possessed? Now, we do get a sort of half answer to this question, but that’s about it.

About half way through, this turns from a fun, silly and possibly very interesting and entertaining story to Dean and Eliot having their every which way with Prynthius. Now, I love me some surprises and shocking turns in my stories as long as they work. Make me work for the story, and you’ve got me. Here, however, everyone’s motivations change without much explanation. Their treatment of Prynthius is such a turn-around from where things started and there were no reasons provided. The story and the characters became scattershot. This is unfortunate because there is talent here, it’s scratching at the edges and of that I wanted much more. This felt like a mismatch between style and story. If the story had been further fleshed out, it may have lined up with the modern sounding dialogue, seemingly ancient wizard, the young buck and a demon turned servant. See? It sounds like an intriguing mix, right?

So, the first half held much promise, had humor and hotness and definitely had me curious. The second half rather lost its way and started becoming nonsensical and was nothing but sex and all things sex with little mention of the story and its confines. The story did  not match the talent. This would normally mean a right down the middle 2.5 rating. However, as I stated, there is talent here and clearly tendrils of creativity that, if fostered, could have led to something rather rollicking. Extra points for the creativity and teasing effort.

We all know the plot-lite books are out there and sometimes that’s exactly what we want, they fit the bill. Unfortunately, this one didn’t fit for me for the reasons I’ve described. But when you’re in the kind of mood that nudges you towards this kind of read, maybe this one will do the trick for you.

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I would like to thank Wilde City Press for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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