Alexa Land talks Salvation and Skye Blue ~ Interview and Giveaway!

I would like to thank Alexa Land for stopping by to Talk Salvation and to make a Special Announcement .  Check out Caroline’s review here.   There is also a really awesome giveaway, so stay tuned for that.


Title: Salvation
Author: Alexa Land
Cover Artist: Alexa Land


Hi, thanks for interviewing me! This is only my second interview ever, so I’ll try not to run off in a panic. 🙂

The Prism Recommended Read, Salvation is your latest novel.  What can you tell us about it?

It’s a love story about two people who seem wildly different, but find their common ground. Trevor’s a quiet guy with little self-confidence, and he’s used to life letting him down. He falls for gorgeous, brooding Vincent, who’s entangled in the Mafia and carries a lot of secrets. People aren’t always what they appear to be on the surface, though.

In a genre that is about man on man loving how on earth did you come up with someone as iconic as Nana?

You know, I often wonder that myself! It started innocently enough. I introduced Dante’s grandmother in All In, and suddenly realized her huge comedic potential. At eighty, Nana’s gotten to a point in her life where she really doesn’t care what other people think, so she’s willing to say or do just about anything. From her first scene, where she made her future son-in-law bust her out of the hospital with a plastic Toy Story gun, she became the heart, soul and funny bone of this series.

Vincent was so misunderstood and I think he has ended up being my favourite character in the series.  Who is yours?

I just love Christopher Robin from In Pieces. Despite so much tragedy in his past, he remains optimistic and keeps trying to make a brighter future for himself. He embodies the belief that we can change our lives for the better.

Which book are you most proud of and why?

I’m most proud of In Pieces. That was the first time I let myself go a bit deeper with the characters and their back stories. It still has its funny parts, but it has a lot of heart too, I think.

If you couldn’t write what would you do?

Well, I’d be devastated, because this is my dream job! But if my writing dried up tomorrow, I’d love to try my hand at being a wildlife photographer. I’m one of those people that leaps out of the car with my camera and runs toward the wild alligator, rather than away from it. I literally did that when I visited Florida. It was awesome!

I can’t wait to read about Skye, how many books do you see the series having?

The series is open-ended, so I’ll continue writing it as long as people keep asking for more. I was joking with a couple of my readers that the characters can start having kids, and then the kids can grow up and I can write books about them, so it could go on forever! 🙂

What was the last book that you read that left you with a happy feeling?

Sweet Giordan, Please Remember by the lovely and talented Raine O’Tierney. She’s truly a gifted writer, not to mention a genuinely nice person, and her sweetness comes through in her writing!

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

Believe that you’re good enough. The world is full of people who’ll tell you that you can’t succeed. Don’t be one of these people!

What is the nicest thing a reader has ever said to you via email or a review?

I’ve gotten some beautiful emails from my readers. One that stands out came from a young gay man who’s getting married this summer. He asked if he could use a couple lines from In Pieces in his marriage vows. He told me it was exactly what he wanted to say to his future husband, but he hadn’t known how to say it until he read my book. That just touched my heart.

Rapid Fire Time:

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! Oh, and then some chocolate!
Love Story or Thriller? Love story every time!
Favorite Color? I’m all about blue (even before Skye) 🙂
Any Tattoos or piercings? Nope, but there’s still time! Maybe I’ll wait until I’m Nana’s age and then go completely crazy!
Tea of Coffee? Coffee! Lots and lots of coffee! Even as I’m drinking coffee, I’m wishing I had more coffee.
Morning or night? Night! Mornings should be illegal.

What are you working on?  What is next? 

I’m totally immersed in Skye Blue right now, the sixth book in my Firsts and Forever series. For the first time anywhere, I’m officially announcing the release date! Skye Blue will be out on August 1st! This one’s a fun ride, because Skye is such a free spirit. Oh man, and when he and Nana team up, watch out! We met Skye, a blue-haired art student working as a go-go dancer, briefly in Salvation. He’s trying to lose his virginity, but in the process of doing that, he just might find his HEA.
Here’s the very first look at the cover:


Where can readers find more about you on the web?

They can find me on Facebook:
On my blog:
And on Twitter: @AlexaLandWrites

From the Publisher (Salvation):

Can two men from wildly different worlds prove to be each other’s salvation?

Trevor isn’t surprised that he’s a twenty-year-old virgin. He sees himself as skinny, clumsy, and shy, and is sure no one could possibly want him. Vincent Dombruso is about to prove him wrong.

Mysterious and troubled, Vincent masks a lot of secrets behind his handsome exterior. As the spark between them ignites, both men are surprised to find a kindred spirit in such an unexpected place. But Vincent’s Mafia ties and whatever he’s not telling Trevor could destroy their chances of a happily ever after.

Salvation is the fifth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book is written to stand alone, so jump in anywhere. PLEASE NOTE: This erotic male/male romance is for ADULT READERS ONLY. It includes explicit language and graphic sex between two hot men.

About the Author

Alexa writes and independently published M/M romances. She was born in Southern California, and has been on a gradual northern migration ever since, having lived in Santa Cruz, San Francisco and now Oregon. She shares a little blue cottage with a cute kid and a standoffish cat.

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80 thoughts on “Alexa Land talks Salvation and Skye Blue ~ Interview and Giveaway!

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    I want to help bring more awareness to these children forced to grow up too soon.

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  33. I’ve read all the books, and love them. My favorite is also In Pieces. The quote at the beginning totally describes me and my life. “I live my life in pieces….I’m holding me together” Everyday that could change, the hope Christopher Robin has helps me.

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