Enforcer (Timber Pack Chronicles #2) by Rob Colton ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Enforcer Title: Enforcer (Timber Pack Chronicles #2)

Author: Rob Colton

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: Slumberus

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Sequel to Timber Pack Chronicles.

Jed Stone suffers in silence, damaged and poisoned from his fight with the rogue wolf. But he puts on a smile and does his duty, making sure his Timber Pack mates are safe.

Buzz Hinske belongs to a traditional lycan pack. Challenges and violence seem to be their way of life. Forced into hiding his true nature and feelings, Buzz obeys his alpha without question.

When they come together at the annual Lycan Conclave, Jed is elated to find his destined mate. Unfortunately, Buzz has already been promised to another…

If Jed wants to build a life with Buzz, he’ll have to overcome power-hungry challengers, hunters, and rival packs. But first, he has to convince his scared and confused mate two men can be destined to spend their lives together.

My View:

Enforcer is the second book in the Timber Pack Chronicles By Rob Colton and is a great addition to this world. Mr. Colton delivers another action packed love story full.

In this second installment of the TPC series, there is great continuity and the plot effortlessly continues from where things left off in book one. Mr. Colton introduces new concepts in this tale that have the potential to be an overall plot arc and continue pushing this series forward. Hunters attack and capture some shifters and the packs end up working together to stop them. TWP benefits from this by gaining the respect of fellow packs and growing in number. I look forward to seeing how this pack deals with the addition of the new members.

I loved that Mr. Colton’s shifter world is so well developed and complex. Through the idea of the conclave, Mr. Colton introduces more characters and more pack dynamics. While book one dealt mainly with two local packs, this book introduces the idea of the shifter society as a whole and bring forth new potential for additional series interactions. I liked seeing the cultural differences between the different packs from different regions of the world. I am hoping to see some of the more old school packs come into the future. It could be fun!

The character development is not as strong in this book as in the first, but the relationship growth is more satisfying. Both men have issues they need to get past before they could successfully mate with each other. Instead of focusing on sex like in the first book, Mr. Colton focuses more on the men and their thought processes in getting to know each other. I enjoyed seeing them grow together and develop into a true partnership instead of just seeing them satisfy their lust. It enhanced the HEA.

I enjoyed reading Enforcer by Rob Colton and look forward to seeing what is next for this shifter world. Did pick up a hint of a future mating pair potentially including one of Jed’s brothers? I sure do hope so.  🙂

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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