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The-Growing-SeasonI’m about to divulge something that won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me well:  I’m a little bit…out there.  I’ve become convinced of this over the years, mainly because of the honest answer to a couple of questions I get asked fairly often.  The questions?  Where do you find your inspiration for what you write?  And how do you choose what to write next?  

I suppose I could come up with an answer that sounded mature and writerly, but it wouldn’t be the truth.  The truth is, my inspiration can come from something as simple as a man jogging down the street, or as complex as a personal crisis someone I care for is going through.  Inspiration is everywhere.  Songs on the radio.  The color of the roses at the bottom of the stairs leading to my apartment.  The love letters my Dad wrote home to my Mom during WWII.  An ice cream flavor.  See?  Everywhere.  And how do I choose what to write next?  The answer is even more revealing, I think, of the idiosyncratic workings of my mind.  I choose what to write next by which of the voices in my head is the loudest. 

I feel I should perhaps clarify here. I don’t have voices in my head like Joan of Arc did, or the way several well-known serial killers have.  Mine are the people who populate my books and novellas.  For instance, for months before I began ‘A Reason to Believe’, there was a young man with an Irish accent whispering in my ear.  I worked on other things while the echoes of that voice stayed in the background, waiting.  But when it was time to tell the story, Kiernan Fitzpatrick wouldn’t be ignored any longer.  And he came into being a fully developed character with a quirky sense of humor and a heart bigger than he was.  

With Danny from ‘The Growing Season’, I began to hear him while I was in content discussions with my two co-writers of the ‘Secrets of Neverwood’ anthology.  G.B. Lindsey, who wrote ‘One Door Opens’, had her character Calvin Ware pretty well developed, as did Libby Drew with Devon McCade from ‘The Lost Year’.  Danny Redmond grew from who I thought would be the best antagonist for the two of them.  As the youngest of the three former foster children, I knew he had to be that annoying little brother who drives you crazy.  (I have one.  I know.) But I also knew he had to have redeeming qualities and a back story that made him sympathetic.  He also had to fit in terms of the story line about the restoration of the crumbling Victorian mansion, Neverwood. That was when I really began to hear Danny.  He would bring his dead foster mother’s spectacular gardens back to life, the one she believed in enough to leave one third of her estate to even after he’d disappointed her.  Profane, defensive but ultimately lovable Danny. 

So yeah, I hear voices.  Right now the one talking the loudest is Prince Almeric, a beautiful young man who would do almost anything to prevent his father from leading his country into a hopeless war against a neighboring kingdom.  This includes swimming a mote to confront his counterpart, Prince Garrick.  The machinations they go through in order to head off warfare are helped along by an ambitious princess and extremely… creative. But in the background the voice with the Irish lilt is whispering again, telling me it’s time to continue Matt and Kiernan’s story.  This story follows their love affair to Los Angeles and to the television show that has made Kiernan a famous medium.  It includes the understandable complications of life with a celebrity, and a ghost who, once again, Matt can SEE.  

Waiting in the wings is Aidan, a man in love with his step-sister’s ex-husband, and Andy, the make-up artist from Seattle who moves into a haunted apartment and falls for the ghost hunter his landlady calls to rid him of his mournful ghost.  

My head is a busy place.  But I love these men, and spending time in their company is a pleasure.  Even if I’m the only one who can hear them, until I get their story on the page.

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  1. I totally love you, Diana Copland, just from your posts of Facebook. I’ve read a few of your pieces and this blog has served to move you up on the Want to Read/Need to Read list. I’m a fast reader, so keep writing. 🙂

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