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Title: Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound
Author: Jeff Adams
Publisher: JMS Books

GayRomLit in Chicago:

GayRomLit in Chicago will be my third time to go to this awesome event. Life got in the way of making it to the first one, but Albuquerque and Atlanta were awesome and I’m psyched about Chicago.

Chicago marks the first time I’m going as an author. Hat Trick went under contract after the GRL registration deadline in 2013, so I was a reader last year. Now I’ve got a second novel with Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound, which came out a couple weeks ago.

I’m looking forward to doing all the things a Supporting Author does. There’s the signing, which will be a great way to meet people and talk books with people. There should be a slot to read as well, which will be very cool (readings are one of my very favorite things to attend at GRL and I’m excited wiht the prospect of doing my own). I suspect there’ll be some other author events on my schedule too. Most of all, I’m excited to talk with more readers to hear what they want to read and how that intersects with what I want to write.

Besides what I’ll do as a Supporting Author, there are several other things I’m looking forward to as an attendee.

Vacation with my husband: This is not an official GRL activity, of course, but it is something that makes me happy. My husband and I both love books and GRL is something we look forward to each year. We make sure it’s firmly in our calendar before we figure out the rest of the year’s travel plans. We’re both excited about the Chicago trip!

The readings: As I mentioned above, I love going to the readings. It’s a great opportunity to discover authors I’m unfamiliar with by hearing them read from their own work, or to hear something new from an author I already follow. I still remember the hilarious reading Geoff Knight gave from Paperboy in Albuquerque. I also loved ZAM reading from Drawn Together last year in Atlanta.

The Writer’s Workshop: This was a great addition to GRL last year and I’m glad it’s back for a second go. Learning more about writing in the m/m genre is great, and I’m particularly interested in hitting the marketing workshops now that I’ve got more books in the pipeline.

Q&A: The question and answer sessions were a lot of fun last year. You never know what the audience will ask. Several of the sessions last year were revealing, and sometimes hysterically funny, about author’s characters and process. It’ll be interesting to see what’s on people’s minds this year.

Time Travel Costume Party: This sounds very cool. My husband and I don’t usually dress up for GRL events, but this caught our eye so it’s possible we might try to put something together this year. Regardless, it’s always fun to see what people dress up as. The time travel element this year should make it extra special.

GRL Storytellers Series: I find these as valuable as the writer’s workshop in many cases. Putting authors together who write in a specific genre and let them talk about how it’s done. I find these fascinating because there are several genres I want to try–sci-fi, western, action/adventure–that I haven’t had the guts to attempt. Hearing authors discuss how they do what they do inside their genre is always fascinating to me.

Of course, the best thing about GRL is catching up with friends and making new ones. Facebook is great for keeping up with people, but there’s nothing like hanging out in person. Seeing Geoff, Clare, Lynn, Becky, Wade, J.P., Michael, ZAM, Stephani, T.A., Devon and others will be great. And who knows what super cool people I’ll meet this year. If you’re at GRL, make sure to say hello!



Here’s a look at what I’ll be showing off most at GRL: My latest novel, Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound. It continues the story of Simon and Alex, two hockey players who fell in love during their senior year in high school. In Playing the Rebound, they’re sophomores at the University of Michigan. Here’s a brief excerpt that sets up the family matters Simon will deal with. This exceprt picks up in the locker room after talking with team captain, Greg.

As Greg walked away, my phone rang. I dug it out of my jeans pocket and saw I’d missed seven calls during practice.
This call was from a blocked number.
“Simon, thank goodness.” It was my mom. “I’ve been calling for hours.”
“Sorry, I was at practice. What’s wrong? Where are you? This isn’t your phone.” It sounded like she’d been crying, or maybe was crying. It was hard to tell with the noise around me.
Alex looked at me and mouthed “what?”
I shrugged.
“I know. My phone died a few minutes ago.”
“I’m in the locker room. Let me find some place quieter so I can hear.” I looked around and decided to go back into the hallway. Alex followed, adjusting a towel around his waist as he went. “Okay, that’s better. What’s going on?”
“It’s your father. He had a stroke last night. He…You’re not going to like this. He wants to see you.”
“What?” I was confused. We hadn’t seen each other since his sentencing more than a year earlier, where he just glared at me. “Why would he want to see me?”
“I don’t know. But he’s asked for you a couple times.” She paused for a few seconds. “Simon, he’s not doing well. He’s in and out of consciousness. The doctor…” Her voice broke. She was definitely crying. Nothing about this call was making sense. “…well, they don’t think he’s going to last much longer. The stroke did a lot of damage.”
“Mom, why are you there?” I said it as nicely as I could. It probably wasn’t the right time to ask, but it was easier than processing the rest of it.
“The doctor called last night. Apparently I’m still his emergency contact.”
“After all this time?”
“I know this was the last thing you wanted to hear. If you don’t want to come, I’ll understand.”
I sighed. Alex leaned against the wall, looking concerned. I’m sure he didn’t like my side of the conversation.
“Look, he’s done nothing for me. Ever. I really don’t think I owe this to him.”
It was her turn to sigh. “No. You don’t. That’s why I’ll understand. I don’t want to guilt you into anything, but I want you to think about your choice. You’ve usually taken the high road where your father’s concerned, simply standing by your convictions. He’s reaching out. The high road would be to come see what he wants.”
“God, sometimes you’re such a mom,” I said, in an exasperated voice that I immediately regretted. “Let me think about it. I’ve got to talk to coach about missing practices and possibly some games. I’ll need to make class and work arrangements, too.”
“I’ll let him know that we’ve talked.”
“Simon, don’t take too long on this.”
“I won’t. Love you, Mom. Call me if you need to talk.”
“I love you, too, Simon.”
“Shit,” I said, disconnecting the call.
“What was that about? Your dad wants to see you?”
“He had a stroke last night, a bad one. He’s asking for me.”
“That’s fucked up. What’re you going to do?”
I shook my head and looked at my phone to check the time.
“Right now, I’m gonna get cleaned up, talk to coach to see if I can take time away if I decide to go and then haul ass to class.”
Alex nodded. “I’ll talk to Coach with you. If you decide to go, I want to come, too.”
“I’d like you there. It won’t be an easy trip, but you’ve got your own school and work stuff.”
“I don’t care. You shouldn’t have to do this on your own. Truthfully, you shouldn’t have to break your routine either, especially to deal with him,” he said, sounding annoyed. “I can’t believe she dumped that on you.”
“Whoa!” I raised my voice in response. “She got this dumped on her. She’s only doing what she thinks is right.”
My dad, and my brother, were difficult subjects for us. Other than the aftermath of my nightmares, it rarely came up. This was a situation that neither of us saw coming, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. I lashed out at Mom a bit, now he was doing the same.
“Sorry.” He immediately backed down. “I shouldn’t take it out on her.” He pushed off the wall and put his arm around my shoulders. “I promise I’ll behave if I come with you.”
I gave him a quick hug, thankful the tense moment had passed quickly. I headed for the shower as he went to his locker to finish undressing.


The events from two years ago are still fresh in Simon Robert’s mind as he and Alex Miller begin their sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Nightmares are a routine occurrence as Simon relives the crimes his father and brother committed. Now, with his father ill and asking to see him, Simon must decide if he should see the man who tried to send him away to be fixed. And then there’s Zach. Simon’s conflicted about making peace with his older brother who tormented him as they grew up and caused him to be outed to his parents, friends and teammates.

Alex wants Simon to find closure, but Alex is furious at the thought of forgiving Zack. With no clear direction, Simon finds guidance from an unexpected, but very welcome, source.

At the same time, the University’s student body is faced with an anti-gay attacker among them. When he witnesses an attack first hand, memories threaten to overwhelm Simon. At the same time, he’s also emboldened to take action, which might turn him into a target.

Despite the distractions, Simon works towards his future as he begins working with teens at the local LGBT community center. He has the opportunity to use his story as a teaching tool to help others come out. While he’s never enjoyed telling his story, he looks for the courage to speak his truth to an audience.

Luckily, not everything is chaos. Simon and Alex mark their anniversary in epic fashion, continue to play hockey and hang out with good friends. But with many demands on them, can Simon and Alex set up the rebound necessary to create the scoring opportunity for their future?

About the Author:

Jeff Adams started writing fiction in middle school and hasn’t stopped since. “Hat Trick” was his debut novel and “Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound” published in July 2014. He’s currently working on the third novel of the “Hat Trick” series. Prior to this, he wrote several m/m romance shorts. Jeff and his husband, Will, recently left NYC to return to the rural peace of Northern California. Besides writing about hockey in his books, he covers the Detroit Red Wings, and reviews books that feature gay hockey players, for

You can learn more about Jeff’s writing at, which is part of the website he runs with his husband at You can also follow him on Twitter @hockeyguynyc.

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