Mighty Casey & Home Run by Willa Okati ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Mighty-Casey Title: Mighty Casey & Home Run

Author: Willa Okati

Publisher: Loose Id

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Mighty Casey

The only thing extroverted Nate loves more than baseball is his quiet, reserved Casey. The feeling’s mutual, thanks–but it isn’t all fun and games. A wedding planner, Casey’s booked solid during the summer months and thanks to a certain poem about the Mudville Nine, cringes at the thought of ball games. Fair’s fair–with seven older sisters who redefined “wedding drama”, Nate freezes at the thought of tying the knot. Casey might wish things were different, but he wouldn’t trade Nate, his big heart, or his skills between the sheets for a wedding worthy of a Rockefeller.

After losing a strip poker bet, Casey’s promised forfeit is spending a full day at a softball tournament. He’s sure there’s more going on than a simple sports wager and wonders what Nate’s up to, but he’s curious enough to jump in and commit. And so, finally, is Nate, who’s planning a surprise involving an engagement ring and a proposal from the pitcher’s mound.

But things don’t go quite according to scheme for the odd couple when Nate takes his lover out to the ball game. And who knows what might happen when Casey’s called up to bat?

Home Run

If opposites attract–and in this case, they do–then Casey and Nate fit like puzzle pieces. Though married for a year and still rocking the honeymoon lifestyle, Casey’s starting to feel like it’s time for the next big challenge.

Casey’s never been interested in having kids, but knows Nate would love a family of their own and would be a fantastic father. He thinks he’s ready to put aside past prejudices, but he knows it’s not the kind of decision you make on a whim. Nate only wants to have a family with Casey if Casey wants it just as much. Neither would accept anything less.

The annual Rule family reunion is the perfect time and place for Casey to take his hopes for a test drive and inform his choice. He’ll have plenty of chances to practice–with Nate’s menage-a-parents and seven sisters, there’s a smorgasbord of family to observe and a half-dozen babies to test his limits.

(And a few games to play. This is Nate, after all!)

Is Casey ready to grant Nate his wish to become a dad and wind up the pitch for a proper “home” run?

My View:

I was recommended Mighty Casey by a friend a while back when I was looking for a comfort read. I can’t remember why I needed one, but I did. I purchased the title at the time but didn’t end up reading it for whatever reason. However, Okati recently released a follow-up novella, so I decided to give both titles a try. Here are my thoughts.

Mighty Casey

Mighty Casey is about sports, love, and sex. It is a relatively quick tale of two men that couldn’t be more different and couldn’t fit together better. Casey is a wedding planner who, thanks to the old baseball poem, hated sports, especially any played with a stick and a ball. Nate is a sport fanatic who, thanks to seven bridezilla sisters, hates all things wedding. They shouldn’t work, but they do. We are told this, and we are shown this, at least in the bedroom, shower, truck, and whatever other surfaces they can find. Regardless, Okati makes me believe it.

There is no angst in this story. You don’t have to wonder when the other shoe will fall. The plot of this tale is not hard to figure out. The penultimate moment is not unexpected. The conclusion is pretty darn obvious. But how you get there is a sweet, fun, sexy, and enjoyable read. I can see why my friend called this his go-to comfort read.

Home Run

If Mighty Casey was sweet, Home Run was a luscious indulgence. We pick up with our favorite odd couple about a year after the events of Mighty Casey. They are now happily married, but still getting it on anytime and anywhere they can. They head out of town to a family reunion full of crazy in-laws, hay loft sex and kids. Yep, will they or won’t they is a major theme in Home Run.

Okati does not explicitly spell out the conundrum that Casey is pondering the entire book, but allows us along with Casey for the ride. Actually Okati doesn’t spell out a few things explicitly, instead allowing the reader to use their brain to connect the dots. I applaud her for taking that risk; it is a trait I rarely find in romance novels.

Nate and Casey are a loving and demonstrative couple. If you enjoyed Mighty Casey, you will likely also enjoy love Home Run.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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