Skye Blue by Alexa Land ~ Book Review by Caroline

22751307 Title: Skye Blue

Author: Alexa Land

Publisher: Self Published

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Sometimes, the road to happily ever after takes you where you least expect it.

Skye was only interested in finally losing his virginity, but he might have found much more than that. Two guys both feel so right to the twenty-one-year old art student, but maybe that means they cancel each other out. After all, if either was the one, Skye wouldn’t have feelings for both of them. Would he?

But what if he really did just meet the love of his life?

This male/male romance is for ADULT READERS ONLY. It includes graphic sex and explicit language. Skye Blue is the sixth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book can also be read as a stand-alone, so jump in anywhere.

My View:

When I finished Trevor and Vincent’s story in book 5 I couldn’t wait for Skye Blue’s story. Alexa Land certainly didn’t let us down, this is a brilliant addition to the series.

Skye is 21 and desperate to lose his virginity. After a rough start to his post teenage life he is now feeling ready to experience everything and the first thing he wants to try is sex. Not even his gay best friend will help him out though and he is beginning to wonder whether it will ever happen.

Then two things happen: He gets a dancing job with the hottest man who is the biggest douche he has ever met and it is a hate on sight relationship so no chance of sex there. His girlfriend signs him up to a dating website where he meets a guy he feels like he can tell everything to, a guy that has been hurt in a previous relationship and is just looking for friendship and someone to talk to, so no sex there.
Losing his virginity is turning out to be the mother of all tasks!!!

Whilst all this is going on his brother River decides it is time for Skye to grow up and stand on his own two feet. He moves out of their shared apartment and Skye is suddenly responsible for himself for the first time in a while, in fact the first time since The Incident, and he isn’t sure how he feels about it.

Watching Skye grow up, mature and take on this responsibility is hilarious and heart warming. River did the exact thing that Skye needed even if he is left hurt at first and the calamity that is his life will leave you sore from laughing so much. His date nights and first forays into cooking, dying his hair and the royal rodent are just a few reasons not to read this book in public if you prefer people not to think you are mad and prone to inexplicable bouts of hysterical giggling!

Nana….omg Nana.

I can’t think of another female character in this genre that I love as much as this crazy, and I mean totally crazy, 80 year old woman! She is an enabler of sheer madness! She loves her gay homosexual family and friends and will eviscerate anyone that has a bad word to say about them. Whether she is skip diving, dog napping or driving her stretch limo into another act of chaos the woman is completely unstoppable and totally unapologetic.

I guessed the twist ( I read too much) and thought it was brilliant. I love Alexa’s writing and this series in particular is addictive. The writing is fantastic, the plot lines will keep you interested, the characters all need a little loving and Nana is an icon. Roll on 2015 and the next in the series!!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Skye Blue by Alexa Land ~ Book Review by Caroline

  1. First, thanks not only for adding that it can be read as stand alone. But we can jump right in. I’ve read the stand alone before, but then it’s either added or not that its still better to read in order to fully understand.

    Not big on young adults, so the age is a turn off for me. But I’m super intrigued about how funny it is. I just can’t find many funny bks. So added the sample!

  2. I love this series and laughed so much throughout this book. I almost fell off the elliptical laughing so hard reading Skye’s first date….so, so funny. 🙂

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