Mending Him by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon ~ Book Review by Josie Goodreads

Mending-Him Title: Mending Him

Author: Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: Lou Harper

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


As his world collapses, love opens his heart.

Robbie Grayson has always felt like a bit of an outsider in the Chester family, though he’s related by blood. An orphan taken in at a young age, he is further set apart by a limp inflicted by a childhood illness.
Nevertheless, he’s content enough with his quiet country life—until a mercurial wastrel named Charles Worthington explodes into it. And Robbie is assigned to play nursemaid to an invalid with an attitude.
Injured in a carriage accident, Charles arrives at the Chester estate drunk as a lord and with empty pockets. Despair consumes him as his broken body slowly heals, but the kindness of quiet, thoughtful Robbie saves him from drowning in self-pity.

Over chess matches and conversation, these polar opposites challenge each other to break out of old patterns, until desire burns through the thin veneer of pure friendship. Yet their passion could destroy the family bonds they value so highly. Especially when someone catches wind of their relationship—and threatens blackmail.
Warning: This book contains hot man-on-man lovin’ between not-quite kissin’ cousins.

My View:

Orphan Robbie Grayson has built a home for himself within his uncle’s family. He spends his days helping to run the estate and most of the time he is able to convince himself that he belongs. When his uncle announces that his cousin Samuel will be returning from his European Tour Robbie realizes that his own place in the family is a mere illusion, he’s not needed, not anymore, soon he will have to make his own way in the world, something that fills him with fear and foreboding. Before he does so though he is asked to help his distant cousin Charles settle in as the Chester family welcomes yet another lost sheep into the fold.

Invalid Charles Worthington arrives at the Chester estate a broken man, in spirit as well as body. Now destitute and with two broken legs Charles wallows in despair wondering if he will ever be well enough again to work and to provide for himself. Money never used to be a worry but then he was a wastrel, living each day with no care in the world, but now penniless and a cripple Charles is scared and helpless with no idea how to turn his life around.

Fierce need and attraction runs between Robbie and Charles from the first day they meet and the more time they spend with each other the hotter it runs, but they have to be careful, neither man wants anyone else to find out. Can the friendship between the two men heal them both, fortifying them to face a new and uncertain future?

When Samuel returns to the estate Charles sees in him a reflection of the man he used to be for Samuel wears the air of entitlement and authority without the consideration and compas-sion for others. Samuel is also in trouble, trouble that could bring both shame to the Chester family and ruin to Robbie and Charles.

Mending Him is a delightful novel of contradictions. Charles and Robbie are two men who appear on the surface poles apart but deep down they are more alike than either of them imagine. Robbie is the quiet one, with a hidden sense of abandon running underneath the surface. He’s an intriguing mix of formal and relaxed that veils a sharp mind and a wicked sense of humor.

Charles is worldlier. Used to living his life with a devil may care attitude Charles lost everything because of the mysterious illness which caused the carriage accident which broke his legs. Charles is grateful to be given a roof and a home on the Chester estate, a home which led to Robbie. When he looks at Samuel Charles feels nothing but relief that he is not that kind of man anymore.

I love the historical novels Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon create, I’ve not yet read one that I didn’t like. They are always absorbing and fascinating, with interesting plots and happy end-ings. Mending Him is written from various POV’s and as much as I liked Robbie Charles was my favorite, he was a perfect example of a bad thing changing someone for the better. Charles realized how he lived his life before was stupid and naive and he vowed to change for the better, putting others, especially Robbie, before him. The only thing I found a bit disappointing is we never got to a resolution to what Charles mysterious illness was, it’s only a minor thing, and didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story, it was more a niggle.

I loved Mending Him and recommend it to anyone who loves historical stories with wounded heroes that need lots of tender care.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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