Preternatural Rescue Centre Series Prequels by Ellen Cross ~ Throwback Thursday Book Review by PizzyGirl

I have reviewed these two together as they are set before the official start of this series.

Delta Blues, Cole in His Stocking Title: Preternatural Rescue Centre Series Prequels

Author: Ellen Cross

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Delta Blues

In a World where the Alpha are the law, Beta the order, and Omega the knowledge…the Delta have become the oppressed.
The night of Samhain is fast approaching, and for that one night a year, Gray and the last remaining Dire Wolves—amongst others—are entrusted with the protection of the veil between worlds, while it’s at its thinnest. Add in the threat of a new drug on the market, and they’ll have to work twice as hard to keep everyone safe. The last thing he needs is a sexy little Delta to save.
As a lowly Delta, Red Wolf shifter Ryan has never known peace. Cast away and unwanted, he is quickly taken captive and trained as a dancer at The Howling, a strip club in the worst part of Praeter. Hungry, abused, and kept in a drug-induced fog, his life is nothing. He is nothing but the orders and twisted demands of his captor. All that changes when he catches the scent of a wolf in the crowd.
Long ebony hair, eyes that can’t decide if they’re green or blue as they follow him on stage. Unable to stop himself, Ryan does the one thing guaranteed to earn him punishment. He touches the other wolf. Peace. For those few brief moments, the hunger, the pain, the torment…all gone. The price to feel that respite again, though, could very well be his life.

Cole in His Stocking

It doesn’t matter if he’s been naughty or nice all year. Adam’s stocking is still getting stuffed full of Cole, this Christmas.
The coming of age for any vampire is cause for celebration, a time when they first taste blood. For Cole, however, his twenty-fifth birthday brings a terrible choice from his father—either he takes the life of another to prove his worth, or he forfeits his own life. Cole chooses the only way his heart will allow, and pays the price with both his fangs and the rapidly mounting blood starvation that will slowly end his life, now that his body needs to feed, but cannot. He escapes, bleeding, barefoot, and wearing nothing more than a simple cotton sleep-shirt. With his father’s sentinels in pursuit, Cole soon finds himself half-frozen and unable to run anymore. The last thing he expects when he crawls into a dumpster to hide away for the last few hours of his life is to be rescued by a temperamental black cat and…aww hell…his cherished one, Adam. How is Cole meant to blood-bond to the wolf hybrid when his time is fast running out, and he has no fangs to even try? He quickly learns his cherished is far more than he appears, though, and Adam’s friends at the Delta Rehabilitation Centre have even higher friends, with a score to settle with his father, of their own. It’s just a shame he won’t be around long enough to witness their payback.

PizzyGirl’s View:

Delta Blues and Cole in His Stocking are the prequels to the Preternatural rescue Centre series. These novellas introduce the key characters and plot elements. Ellen Cross did a great job drawing me in and forging a connection with her characters. These two stories were very enticing and I am eager to start reading the series itself.


Delta Blues (Prequel #1)

This novella was a great start to this series. It set up the overall plot ARC nicely and opened up a whole lot of possibilities for series growth and continuation. While this is not officially the start of the series, this pre-prequel set everything up nicely and introduced the reader to the author’s style and talents.

Ryan and Gray enter into a mating together and teach the reader what it means to mate a Direwolf. Yes the mating was fast, but it was fueled by love and acceptance and was very sweet in that way. I want to know more about these guardians (both Samhain and Preternatural Rescue Center) and I want to know more about the rescue center and it’s purpose. I want to see more mates find their HEAs and I want to know what other supernatural creatures exist.

The focus was on Gray and Ryan, but the other three Samhain Guardians/direwolves met their mates as well, but their stories were not told. Law’s story was shown a bit, but I would have liked them to get their own stories instead of having their matings happen off page.

Overall, this one really drew me in and I can’t wait for more.


Cole in His Stocking (Prequel #2)

This is the official prequel to the PRC series and continues where Delta Wolves left off.

Adam literally found his mate “IN” his stocking. Found him in a dumpster with his feel inside his old santa sticking trying to find warmth. The story was a bit slow to get started, but it gave the reader more information into the types of paranormals and what they need to live/mate. The two men were HOT as they bonded, a there was a little exhibitionism for added heat. The reader was introduced to more of the guardians (the actual individuals rather than the concept) and more of their world. It also moved the series ARC forward and the reader found out more about the drug manufacturing and drug properties. There was a very nice plot twist and the big bad was revealed with some disturbing news that will keep this plot going forward!

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style. There was good imagery and descriptions of the people and surroundings. I could clearly picture the bunker and the lab as the guardians went through each.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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