Comfort and Joy by Joanna Chambers, Josh Lanyon, Harper Fox, L.B. Gregg ~

81fBURHOENL._SL1500 Title: Comfort and Joy

Author: Joanna Chambers, Josh Lanyon, Harper Fox, L.B. Gregg

Publisher: *Not Listed

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


A Holiday anthology

Rest and Be Thankful by Joanna Chambers

Two stormy hearts find peace when feuding neighbors in the Scottish Highlands are trapped by a blizzard.

Things haven’t been going well for Cam McMorrow since he moved to Inverbechie. His business is failing, his cottage is falling apart and following his very public argument with café owner Rob Armstrong, he’s become a social outcast.

Cam needs to get away from his troubles and when his sister buys him a ticket to the biggest Hogmanay party in Glasgow, he can’t leave Inverbechie quick enough. But when events conspire to strand him in the middle of nowhere in a snowstorm, not only is he liable to miss the party, he’ll also have to ask his nemesis, Rob, for help.

Out by Harper Fox

Can a stranger unlock the courage and passion in a young man’s captive heart?

It’s Christmas at Edinburgh’s magnificent Barlinney Hotel, and chief housekeeper Cosmo Grant is in charge of the festivities. He’s already got his hands full when handsome Ren Vaudrey checks in.

It soon turns out that Ren is an undercover cop. Cosmo wants to help him, but unless he can do it within the Barlinney’s walls, Cosmo is stuck. A victim of crippling agoraphobia, he’s been a prisoner in this gilded cage for over a year. Cosmo gathers all his courage to do the right thing by Ren and Sam—and as a glittering Christmas Eve descends on the city, finds himself confronting his very darkest fears.

Waiting for Winter by LB Gregg

Some mistakes are worth repeating.

Luke always thought he and Winter were the perfect couple—until the day Winter announced he was taking a new job and they were uprooting and headed for Germany. No discussion. No debate. For the first time in his life, Winter miscalculated. Badly. Now Luke is trying his best to move on with his life, but Winter is back in town and he’s set on digging their relationship out of the deep freeze.

Baby, It’s Cold by Josh Lanyon

Or maybe it’s the flu. Breaking up is hard to do — especially around the holidays.

Talk about Kitchen Nightmares! TV Chef Rocky and Foodie blogger Jesse have been pals forever, so it should have been the most natural thing in the world to move their relationship to the next level. Instead, it turned out to be a disaster. But Christmas is the season of love, and someone’s cooking up a sweet surprise…


Rest and Be Thankful by Joanna Chambers

Review by Lirtle

Rating: 4.5 stars

For me, this is the best short story by Joanna Chambers that I’ve read. Yup, it’s that well written and grabbed ahold of me and my heart. Here we go:

A great short story needs to snag the reader’s interest and make them curious about what’s happening in the story and the characters from the word go. Check!

The personalities, emotional states and conflicts of the main characters need to be revealed immediately without feeling rushed or giving too much away. Check!

Humor and frustration and hope are things to which we all make connections on very basic levels. Within the first few pages, I got all of these by way of Cam and Rob, and the rough and rocky places in which they find themselves these days. Life isn’t exactly making anything easy.

Both of these guys are lugging around some baggage, neither one of them spring chickens. On the flip side, neither one is even close to buying the farm. In other words, maybe a second chance is up yonder in the future, for each of them. Maybe Rob can help carry Cam’s load when he’s feeling defeated and struggling with finding solutions? Maybe Cam can carry Rob’s when he’s feeling sad and uncertain? It seemed like snow and icy hills and a broken down car were all determined to play their parts in discovering those answers.

Some of the set-up was rather obvious. Then again, us human types aren’t exactly as stealth as we’d like to think. It’s also a Christmas story, sometimes the obvious or convenient that we would normally find unacceptable in any other story, feels instead a part of the fantasy this is supposed to reflect. I can dig it.

Dense emotion and meaningful dialogue made it very easy for me to get to know these guys. Set against a brightly described small town in the throes of winter, a sparkling fireplace, a non-functioning heating system and self-inflicted pain, I pictured and felt every scene in this story about those second chances.

Humor, determination and hope make for a rather formidable combination. Mix in some tenderness, desire and heat, and this is the kind of Christmas story I’ll read any time of the year. 😉

Out by Harper Fox

Review by PizzyGirl

Rating: 5 Stars

This story was not at all what I was expecting from the title of this Anthology or from the blurb. It was awesome! From the very opening sentence, which shocked me and drew me in, to the HFN ending with the promise of more, this story was well put together. The writing was fast paced but not rushed. The tone was engaging with a little snark thrown in for character. Cosmo was fully developed and Ren was a great counterpoint to his craziness.

The author did a fantastic job of keeping the mystery alive without confusing the reader. For such a short story, there was enough back story and character growth to make the ending meaningful and fulfilling. I would not mind seeing more from these men in the future. This is the second short story I have read from Ms Fox and I have absolutely loved them both. I will be looking into more of her works. Well done, Ms. Fox!

Waiting for Winter by LB Gregg

Review by Teresa

Rating: 4 stars

Winter Kendrick made a huge mistake that hurt his partner and caused a rift that has lasted almost a year. Luke needs to see if holding a grudge and making Winter pay is worth more than forgiving and moving on. This Christmas seems like the right time to do it.

I love L B Gregg’s writing style. It is easy and fluid and engaging. Waiting For Winter was all of that as well as a story about forgiveness. I felt Luke’s conflicting emotions. Part of me resented Winter as much as Luke did, but I also could see Winter’s remorse. The setting was well described, and I felt immersed in the story.

What I didn’t like was the jump to the epilogue a year later. Things happened that needed to be explained as they were contrary to the direction I felt the story was going. We got our happily ever after, but it wasn’t the one I expected.

However, overall it was an enjoyable read, and you may have no problem with the epilogue at all, boosting it to great!

Baby It’s Cold by Josh Lanyon

Review by Brandilyn

Rating: 4.5 stars

Baby, It’s Cold is another winning holiday story from Josh Lanyon. Tightly written and sweet as all get out (hey I am Southern, get over it), but with enough conflict to keep things interesting. This isn’t a mystery. There isn’t an evil baddy. It is two friends who tried to become lovers and failed. However, one just isn’t ready to give up. However, a third man just might spoil Jesse’s plans.

No, this isn’t a menage… don’t even go there. It is a tale of one man trying to win back the man of his dreams through his stomach at Christmastime. Rockie’s manager isn’t too thrilled with Jesse’s attempts to woo the man he wants in his bed. With mistakes, misunderstandings, illness, and of course cold, we watch as Jesse’s hopes are repeatedly dashed and rekindled .

Christmas is the time for forgiveness and family. Can Jesse and Rocky find their way back to each other or at least back to friendship. Baby, It’s Cold may take place during the holidays, but it is a sweet read any time of the year.

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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