Never Enough (The Naughty List Gay Bundles #1) by Various ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Never Enough Title: Never Enough (The Naughty List Gay Bundles #1)

Author: Various

Publisher: The Naughty List

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


9 amazing authors. 9 naughty stories.

The Naughty List Presents – Never Enough, the first bundle in our new series of gay-themed erotica stories. It’s got 60,000 words of hard-bodied hunks, twinks that live to serve, and men doing things that will thrill your mind…along with other parts of your body, too!

Featuring the following authors and their books:

Behind The Gloryhole
By William Cooper

Coming Clean
By Zoe X. Rider

Gay for My Teacher
By J.D. Hardwick

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket
By Rod Mandelli

By Lyla Brooks

By Raminar Dixon

Under His Doctor’s Supervision
By E. Davies

Weekend with My Boss
By Mona Lottze

Bareback Rodeo: Wager
By Mike Ox


I give this collection a 3 stars because most of these stories were middle of the road. Some stories were exactly what I envisioned when I was promised an erotic collection, but many were not. I was picturing stories focused on sexual encounters, described in detail and in a way to bring out lustful fantasies and hidden desires in each reader. I have to say that most of these stories did not have that effect on me. Overall, there needed to be a bit more editing and proofreading. Some of these stories were well done, others were over the top, cheesy porn, and some of these tales felt more like they were taken out of a longer romance story.

Night Time Encounters by William Cooper 3*

I am on the fence about  this one. The taboo increased the hotness factor, but the talk of love brought it back down. The introspection and waffling during the beginning of the sex scene pulled me out of the action, but then things picked up and Hotness was achieves. However, I could not decide if this fit the mold of quick and erotic, or if it was more of an introduction for a longer story.

Coming Clean by Zoe X. Rider 3.5*

I enjoyed this one. A little bit of background to set the scene and then the main focus was on satisfying an urge. There was some humor and the ending leaves it open for more, without being mushy or hinting at anything more than fulfilling a sexual need. Not exactly erotica, but it was still fun to read.

Gay for my Teacher by J.D. Hardwick (Gay MM First Time Erotica) 3*

Kevin is struggling to come to terms with being gay and being attracted to his professor. After a few tutoring sessions, neither man can keep his desire in check and they end up having sex in the professor’s office. This one was a bit too much for me. The “first time” sex was done hastily and things turned cheesy after the orgasms were over. It also had a few editing issues as if the author changed POV and didn’t convert everything over. This one wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite.

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket by Rod Mandelli 4.5*

Wow, I was impressed with this short story. Not only was it HOT, but it had a surprise ending that I did not see coming. This one was well written and well executed. There was very little story here other than the sex and the ending. This story is exactly what I think of when you say erotica.

Schoolboy by Lyra Brooks 1*

This one started off with a humorous and lighthearted tone that made me think it would be fun to read. But then, the sex started and things were no longer humorous or fun. In fact was a little concerned at the BDSM implications without a safeword. The bossiness and ordering around was HOT but Gabe was not given a choice in the matter and was not given a way to say stop if his teacher did something he was not OK with. This power play was just plain cruelty. It killed this one for me and I skimmed to the end.

The Hicklewoods: First Year by Zania Summers 2*

I was a bit confused at times while reading this one. Conner just registered for classes and was already studying and then Donnie threw a hissy fit because Conner, who he met once, didn’t pay him enough attention. Donnie starts playing pranks on Conner and then they get locked into the gym. They hash it out and BAM! they are Ok and getting it on! With some porn quality cheese.  I think this would have been better if it was just two guys getting locked into the gym and having a HOT encounter. Get rid of the overly manufactured story leading up to the sex, and cut back on some of the cheesy dirty talk, then this one might have been something I enjoyed. As it stands now, I skimmed my way to the end.

Stranded! by Raminar Dixon 3*

The only survivor of a plane crash, Benjamin finds himself stranded on a primitive island full of spear carrying, tattooed savages who have been cast out of their village for being gay. After learning the native ways and living in harmony with them, Benjamin starts a sexual relationship with “Frek” and by doing so “marries” Frek. This one was not really an erotic encounter so much as a short story that detailed the start of a romance. Well done for what it was, but not exactly erotica.

Under His Doctor’s Supervision by E. Davies 4*

Naughty doctor! Supervising his patients while they provide semen samples. Very naughty indeed! This was a short erotic encounter in the doctor’s office. Totally inappropriate and rather HOT. I liked it.

Bareback Rodeo: Wager by Mike Ox 1*

Ok so this one is dub-con which is not my thing at all. I kind of wish the blurb for this bundle included a bit about each story so I would have been warned before hand. I am sure people who enjoy that sort of thing will find this one very HOT, and had this been fully consensual, I would have too. But as it stands, this is one of my triggers and I just could not do more than skim to the end.

Weekend with My Boss by Mona Lottze 3*

This was just what the title suggests. A weekend sexual encounter between boss and employee. There was sex, and introspection, and a tropical island. Sex did not seem to be the focus of this story. Instead this one seemed more about a newly developing relationship. This was a cute story, but not what I look for in erotica.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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