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Authors aren’t perfect, not by any means. However, there is one thing that should always be true. What we publish as ours should be something that we wrote. In other words, don’t steal other people’s work and claim it as our own.

This post may piss people off. I may make enemies of readers – both authors and publishers – but I don’t care. What happened needs to be known and publicized. After that everyone can make their own decision.

There is a plagiarist in the m/m genre. She has admitted her actions and apologized to her victim but as of yet I haven’t seen any public statement, by either her or her publisher, who is also aware of what happened. I believe in naming names when it comes to things like this, so here goes.

Lynn Hagen and Siren Publishing.

The book with the copied words was Saving Sean which, I believe, has now been pulled from most booksellers. The victim was Raythe from and her story Sanctuary.

Here are some examples of the thievery:


“What do you want to happen in this bath, my Alexander?” Demetrius asked, his voice low and smoky.

Alex never been one to mince words. He was nervous and he knew he was going to stutter a little as he said this, but he was going to say it anyways, “I want us to have sex.  To make love.  I really want you inside me, Demetrius. I don’t want to wait.”


“What do you want to happen in the bath?” Isla asked, his voice low and smoky.

Sean was nervous and he knew he was going to stutter a little as he said this, but he was going to say it anyway.  “I want us to have sex.  To make love.  I really want you inside of me, Isla.  I don’t want us to wait.”


 Alex’s sweet, surprised expression at his appearance, nude, in the doorway made Demetrius smile. He hid his smile though behind the lip of the decanter.


Sean’s sweet, surprised expression at Isla’s appearance, nude, in the doorway made him smile.   He hid his smile, though, as he turned away.


He sauntered over to the young man. He took his time so that Alex could watch the beautiful play of muscle beneath velvet skin. Alex’s eyes darted all over his body. It was as if he didn’t know where to look, or more like, he wanted to see everything at once.


He sauntered over to the young man.  He took his time so that Sean could watch the beautiful play of muscle beneath velvet skin.  Sean’s eyes darted all over Isla’s body.  It was as if he didn’t know where to look, or more like, he wanted to see everything at once. 

This disgusts and infuriates me, as both an author and a reader. All authors have had times of not knowing what to write, whether the muse isn’t cooperating or a bad case of writer’s luck, but that doesn’t make it okay to steal from someone. And that’s what this is—stealing. Stealing words and stealing money. Lynn Hagen is no different from the pirates we all complain about when they illegally download our books. If we hate those people, why aren’t we mad at Lynn Hagen and Siren?

Readers should feel cheated too. They paid for a book that Lynn Hagen did not write. She took money for something that wasn’t hers. She would still be doing so if a reader hadn’t alerted Raythe to the plagiarism. Yeah, Lynn Hagen has admitted to the theft to Raythe, but she didn’t come clean because she felt bad about what she did. Her morals didn’t make her admit the truth. If she did feel bad for doing what she did, her conscience wasn’t so bothered that she had to confess. Maybe I’d have more sympathy for Lynn Hagen if she had done so, but that isn’t what happened.

Why hasn’t Hagen or Siren made a public statement about this? Are they hoping it will all be swept under the rug? That bothers me a great deal too. I’ve always had more sympathy for stars or politicos who do the ‘my bad’ thing and admit their wrongdoing, even if they were forced to do so. The absolute silence in this case tells me the author and publisher are hoping the damage can be controlled.

According to Raythe’s website. Lynn Hagen did contact her.

When Lynn called to apologize, which she knew was not enough, she stated that she had a lot of bills and her normal fertile imagination just went blank.

Lynn Hagen apparently loved the story and plagiarized even though she supposedly knew it was wrong.

Siren’s response to Raythe was apparently that they were allowed to keep the money made from the plagiarized work and that Lynn Hagen would pay Raythe all she was owed. Ummm….what? Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure they didn’t know what Lynn Hagen had done when she first submitted the story. But they know now, and they aren’t doing anything about it, even though they have benefitted from the theft. I’m sure Siren has no legal culpability here, but morally there are things they should be doing.

First and foremost, they should be making a public statement and apologizing, even though it was Lynn Hagen who violated her contract. Their silence on the issue is part of what infuriates me, like they just want to sweep it all under the rug.

They should also be recompensing the readers who bought the book. The readers were victimized as well, buying what they thought was an original piece of work from Lynn Hagen. Even if it isn’t Siren’s fault they should be offering refunds to everyone who bought Saving Sean. If they end up losing money in the deal they could just go after Lynn Hagen since it was her fault. It’s all money they shouldn’t have and wouldn’t have if Lynn Hagen hadn’t stolen from Raythe. Making an offer could go a long way to appeasing not just Raythe but also all the people who are incensed at what has occurred.

Lynn Hagen’s readers and fans should be pissed. She may claim this was the first time she’s done it, but how can anyone be sure? Lynn Hagen has written a ton of books, I’ve even read and loved several of them. This may truly have been her first act of plagiarism, but it’s also possible she’s done it before and gotten away with it. I can’t trust her or anything she’s written.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I won’t ever read another book by Lynn Hagen. She will get no more money from me, that’s for damn sure. A heartfelt public apology could change that, but I’m not sure.

Siren’s actions to Raythe also mean I won’t give Siren another penny, not that it will make a difference to them. Losing one reader won’t mean a thing. Losing several could change things. I’d like to see other readers boycott them at least until they offer more than the fuck you they’ve given to Raythe. However, everyone has to make their own choice.

Raythe isn’t the only victim here, readers are too. How do we know this won’t happen again? Shouldn’t there be stricter controls to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Oh yeah, this has happened to Siren before when Christine Phoenix plagiarized from J.L. Langley. Their response was basically the same back then. I don’t have a link to that because the original blogger has since shut down his blog.

Lynn Hagen and Siren should pay for what has happened. Raythe is owed money from Lynn Hagen and the readers are owed something from Siren.

Here are links to Raythe’s blogs so you can check it out yourself.

~Ethan Stone



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Ethan recently returned to Oregon after almost a decade in Nevada. He no longer has a day job and is doing his best to make a living at this writing thing. If he can’t make a living, he at least wants to support his Mt. Dew and beef jerky addictions.

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57 thoughts on “Lynn Hagen-Plagiarist ~ Outside the Margins with Ethan Stone

  1. Stealing from another author is never right. I don’t care what her excuses are. Everyone has bills to pay, and we aren’t plagiarizing!

    Thanks for being open about this. I agree this is the kind of information that should be made public.

  2. I am happy to day I have never read nor heard of Lynn Hagen until now. I can guarantee I will never purchase her work. Doing what she did pretty much was the equivalent of shooting herself in the foot. I can’t see how her career can recover from this. It’s disgusting, immoral, and Siren Publishing will never get a dime from me either.

  3. This is really good and much needed post, Ethan.
    I do not know this author’s work and do not wish to now. Somehow, this is worse than the pirates, who even steal from little fish like me.

    Piracy is impersonal theft – plagiarism is someone cherry picking your work for the best bits to steal. The author and Siren Publishing will never see a penny from me either.

  4. Thanks for this post Ethan, and making us aware of what’s been going on. Yes, I used to read some Siren Publishing stuff when I read m/f, but never Lynn Hagen and of course it goes without saying that I never will do now. Plagiarism is just wrong and dishonest, and I hope the true writer of the stolen work will eventually what’s owed to her…. We try and do our best to stand by our M/M authors and protect their work by pointing out websites that let ‘readers’ download free copies of published works, but when it’s actually other authors doing the thieving?? That hurts twice as much..:(

  5. Thank you so much for putting this on your blog! I found you through Raythe’s blog and will follow you as well, if nothing more than for sticking up for what is right. It’s hard enough to be an indie author/publisher–then to have some hack steal from you? It’s just as personal and invasive as having someone break into your home. I have also boycotted Siren and, although I’ve never read Lynn Hagen, this has made sure I never will. I’ve spread the word through Goodreads and every forum I can think of, because this should NOT be swept under the rug.

  6. Siren’s laissez faire attitude is strange. They are the ones who have a contract with Hagan. She’s broken her contract and they can surely recoup all the royalties and/or advance they’ve paid to her.

    I don’t know about Raythe’s circumstances, but most of us authors wouldn’t have the resources to take a plagiarist to court. it would probably cost us more than we’d get back anyway, if we ever got anything at all.

    In these circumstances the publisher is generally the only one who can make some real world financial consequences happen to the plagiarist.

  7. Shocking to read this!
    I looked for this author on Goodreads and i’m happy to say that i didn’t buy any of her books nor will i after reading this .

    Thank you for posting this.

  8. Being plagiarized sucks – it draws so much of your energy and time trying to fight it. To see your soul copied and pasted with someone else’s name, it’s a violation. The bastard even took my DEDICATION and made it to his husband. It’s repugnant. Luckily the same guy who plagiarized Aaron also stole from celebrated romance authors like Fern Michaels and they had much bigger guns than I did.

    And if my readers hadn’t seen it and reported it to Dreamspinner – I never would have known.

  9. Thank you for your honesty Ethan, this is something that should be brought to readers attention. Siren is known for crossing the lines so I don’t buy ANYTHING from them. You stay true to you and it will all be fine, if that makes people angry… fuck em!

  10. I must say, I am so disappointed that any author would do this. As Ethan says our genre has a hard enough time getting respect, this doesn’t help.

  11. I’ve read several books by Lynn Hagen and enjoyed them. Now, I can’t help but wonder which books of hers were an original idea written with her own words and which ones has she stolen from others. As authors, all we have is our words and the story we have to tell. How can any person steal from another person *s* ideas and make them their own? So what if she has bills. Guess what? We’ve all got them. We’ve all experienced some kind of lull in our writing. Hell, I’ve had writer’s block for almost two years and of course it’s put us in a financial strain at times, but I would NEVER steal from another writer for my own personal gain.
    To make matter worse I have a book with Siren. Looks like I won’t be submitting to them again until they (if ever) make this right with the readers. If they don’t, I will pull my book when the contract is up. I agree that Siren should reimburse their readers who were betrayed and a public statement should be made on BOTH of their parts. True, it is not Siren’s fault, but they still have to make it right and regain trust with their readers. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t publish another book of hers. I’m sorry to say this, but how can they or their readers ever trust her again. What they need to remember is that In the end, the readers should always come first. ALWAYS.

  12. This has left me in a state of shock. I have every book this “author” has ever written, I always wondered how she cranked them out so frequently, and if you go on her website has a slew of books yet to come.What a shame, The Brac Pack series is really good too.Now i understand why the quality of her most recent books was lacking.I don’t support anyone I don’t respect. So sad.

  13. I’ve read and enjoyed many books from Lynn Hagen and I wish I had known this just yesterday when I bought several of her stories. I will not buy anything of hers again because I can’t be sure now that it isn’t copied from another author. I’m saddened to hear that she stooped to theft of another’s work, then didn’t have the guts to make things right when confronted. I will not be purchasing anything from Siren either. There are plenty more places and authors I can go to. Thank you for the information!

  14. I own every book by Lynn Hagen except the book in question and the new one that has just been released. I am at a total loss of what to think. I won’t be buying any more books. Stealing from anyone is wrong.

  15. There is not enough yuck in the world to express my disgust.

    Thank you for bringing this to the fore Ethan. I hadn’t heard of her before your post, but now I have I won’t remember her for any of her own work that she published. Only the one she stole from another.

  16. Thank you for posting this. I had not heard anything about this at all. Siren does seem to like to leave their paying customers in the dark until the truth is dragged out of them. And many of their authors who just “disappear”.

    Shame on the author, but more shame on the publisher who should be leading by example.

  17. Reading this has made me so sad.

    Isn’t it bad enough that the LGBT community already has negativity thrown at them by so many of the right-wing conservatives. But now we have someone in our own community that causes such devastation. How are LGBT authors ever going to be taken seriously if a well-read author is a admitted plagiariser and one of the biggest publishers don’t care?

    I have read almost every book written by this author and enjoyed most of them, but now I want to delete them. I also buy a significant amount of books from this publisher and no longer wish to purchase from them, but, unfortunately, unless I can find the books of some of my favourite authors elsewhere, I maybe stuck using them still. While I don’t condone Siren’s pathetic response to this issue, I will continue to support the other authors I enjoy as they are victims in this also if everyone boycotts the publisher.

    I can guarantee that I will never buy another Lynn Hagen story again

    • I know exactly how you feel. I have read most all of Lynn’s books, and I have never hidden the fact that I enjoy Siren books even when others have criticized me for it. I just feel really bummed out and angry about the whole situation. Stealing is wrong.

  18. I don’t think plagiarism will be a problem with her any more. I have read most of her books, but I have not been able to finish them the last few months. I believe she is using a ghost writer because the books the past few months are very poor and different in story and style. Many of us have had financial difficulties and an abundance of bills. I cut back on my style of living and expenses that are not mandatory to life. I feel let down and lied to. I also wonder how many of their other writers are less then honest. Just my thoughts.

    • I noticed that too Sunny. Her books for at last six months or so have been all over the place. I have questioned if she was the one actually writing them. And now plagiarism!

  19. I’ve already commented about this over on Raythe’s blog but it’s well worth repeating: plagiarism is always disappointing to see but it’s particularly disheartening and brutal for fans and writers alike when it’s from a “fellow author” (a term I use loosely here considering the circumstance).

    It’s also disappointing that Siren is not trying to get in front of this. One would think that, at the very least, they would issue some sort of statement acknowledging this has happened and that they’ve taken steps (taken down the offending book, etc.) to rectify the situation. Obviously, the real disgrace is firmly at Hagen’s door but a publisher is only as good as its authors and if one of your well known authors does something as baffling and contemptible as word-for-word plagiarism then it should behoove them to address it.

    As for Hagen herself, I don’t buy that this is the first time she’s done something like this. Perhaps it’s the first time she’s been caught or the first time she’s done it so blatantly but first time ever…? Yeah, no, I don’t believe that. Not for a second.

  20. I am disgusted by both Lynn’s attitude and Siren’s. This is what should happen:
    1. Both parties should publicly apologise.
    2. Siren should attempt to track down every reader and refund their money.
    3. Siren should hand over ALL money to original author – no profits to them, and definitely no profits to LH. And not even net (ie income less costs). ALL money. Amount of books sold x price sold at.
    4. Any money that Siren is now out of pocket should be taken out of LH’s royalty payments until recouped.
    5. Siren should check all LH’s other books (at a cost passed on to the author).
    6. Siren should never sign another contract with LH. By accepting new books from this author, they are telling the public it is okay (as long as you don’t get caught). The pen name of LH should stop today. One strike and you’re out. Dishonourable discharge, we don’t want to see you again. You’ve worked hard to build a career, but you lost it. Punishment needs to be given.

    We all have bills. We all have stresses. A book a week is not sustainable and completely nuts. Each time something like this happens, it cheapens the genre that I love so much. Thanks for this post Ethan.

  21. I’ve bought dozens of her books in the past, but never again. I’ll also never submit anything to Siren for publishing.

    This is so sad… and the response from her and the publisher is pathetic.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  22. I have almost ever one of Lynn Hagen’s books and I love them. I was so heartbroken when I read this. It is so hard to believe that an author as well known as Ms. Hagen would do something like this. It has definitely made me re-think ever reading another book by her. Even if she only did it once out of the hundred or so books she has, it is still wrong, and she needs to take responsibly and make amends for her actions. She should be punished in this way and to loose her fan base is definitely what should happen.
    As far as the Publisher is concern, Siren has amendments in their contracts with their authors, as all publishers do. The author sign’s the contract promising that their work is their own. It would be hard for any publisher, with all the books they each release, to check every word, every author write’s. It is the author’s bad, she signed the contract, she stole the words, she lied to the publisher, and as I’m sure is stated in her contract, she is to be held responsible for all repercussions for theft. The publisher is most likely doing what their lawyers are telling them to do while the issue is being investigated. That is normal practice in any business. For them to say no comment or that it all sits on the authors shoulders is completely just if she signed a contract with them stating she was responsible for this.
    I have read a few of the contracts from different publishing companies and they all had this in their contracts. I never read a Siren contract, and of course I haven’t read from all publishing companies, but it seems logical that they would have this clause in it.
    Ms. Hagen should be made to pay ALL damages, she and she alone committed this crime. She should return every penny to everyone who bought said book and pay a hefty fine to the author she stole the work from, along with loosing any further contracts with Siren and it’s affiliates, and black marked to all other publishers.
    With all that said, to punish all the authors that are signed with Siren is JUST AS WRONG! To boycott those authors who had no knowledge of what was going on, who are all just trying to make a living as you are Ethan is WRONG. In my eyes you and anyone else who punishes the other authors under Siren Publishing for something they didn’t do and had NO KNOWLEDGE of is worse than what Ms. Hagen did. You and everyone else will be hurting a multitude of people that don’t deserve it. Not just the author’s, but their families, their kids. I agree with you on every point you made, but that. You and everyone else who are boycotting all the innocent authors are taking money out of their pockets, food off their tables, and punishing them and their families for something they had no knowledge of.
    And not for nothing, but if every one of those authors at Siren see any sale drops because of your post, they could all join together and come after you with a class action suit, and let me tell you, THEY WOULD WIN! I know they would. It’s my job to know they would. You have publicly asked people to punish innocents and cause them loss of wages. You have damaged ALL of their reputations, ( defamation of character). You and anyone who has passed on this word of boycott on these other authors for no fault of their own because you are mad at the actions of ONE person, can ALL be brought up in a class action suit.
    The comments above listing how they posted on Goodreads to boycott all Siren authors, again, publicly defaming innocent people and damaging them, that person or persons would be added to the class action suit and would have to pay repercussions to ALL Siren Authors.
    Again I agree with everything you said, except for punishing these hard working, INNOCENT authors. But I thank you and anyone else who has PUBLICLY posted to hurt them, for my possible new clients.

    • You seem to have read between the margins of my comment, since I was the only one to mention posting on Goodreads. I didn’t tell people to boycott Siren. I said that *I* have boycotted Siren, which I did before reading this blog, so you can hardly blame Ethan for that. I also posted about the plaigarism on the author’s page on Goodreads. I don’t imagine any authors will starve because of this. I don’t imagine that I have such fantastic sway over complete strangers that they will hurry to delete all Siren-purchased works from their tablets simply because an anonymous commenter decided the company didn’t deserve investment.

      I already support plenty of authors financially. I feel absolutely no moral obligation to support a company whose actions are (thus far) to pull a single plaigarized work and not the “author’s” entire bookshelf. I don’t recall a law against boycotting a company or stating that you have done so. If Siren changes their tune, I may change mine. So take a deep breath. Calm down. No one has defamed the character of any authors signed by Siren. They’re victims of the plaigarist as well and should be (probably will be once they hear of this) demanding Siren kick her out of the company. Nothing will be helped in the long run by sweeping this under the rug and pretending it didn’t happen.

      • You are wrong. You say that you doubt any of these authors will go hungry. Wrong. The misconception that all authors are wealthy is wrong. Most of the authors signed on with these smaller publishing companies, or self publish their work, have day jobs just like you and me. They write to supplement their income to make ends meet. You are thinking on the scale of Stephen King or E.L. James. These author’s are lucky if they make a few thousand a year, and they put out more work than the big names do. I have one client who is an author with one of these smaller publishing companies and he is homeless. I help him with his legal matters for free. This is his only means of income. Any drops in sales for him for something like this would affect him greatly. This client goes to the public library and types his work on their computer, then submits it through that computer to his publisher. So stating that none of these authors will go hungry by this, shows your ignorance. You don’t know each of these authors life stories. You don’t know how this will affect them.
        No, boycotting a company and speaking out against it’s practices are not illegal. It is your right as an American citizen to choose to boycott a company and to speak your opinion. There is no crime in that. My point is, that if any or all of the other authors from Siren wish to file a class action suit against Mr. Stone or anyone who have publicly defaced them, then they have that right. Just as you have the right to boycott and to speak your mind, under your freedom of speech.
        And one person getting up on their soap box can illicit others to follow suit. It’s the crowd mentality. It has happened before and it will happen again.
        Hopefully the other authors of Siren Publishing will contact Siren and demand they step in and do something to protect them. But even if they do, and even if Siren does step in and pull all of Ms. Hagen’s work, which I agree with you and feel they should, if these other author’s suffer any personal backlash as in loss of sales do to this, they have the right to file suit against any and all persons who have publicly hurt their income and their reputations by association.

  23. I am amazed that there has been nothing done by either the author or publisher. Thank you for getting the word out. I have enjoyed several books by the author in the past. I will no longer purchase anything from author or publisher unless something is done. Maybe not even then.

  24. Sirens release caldenar isn’t showing a single book upcoming from Lynn Hagen!
    They have made changes in the past day or so. .I’ve been checking to see…also can’t find any upcoming release for the 29th on sirens website. It sorta ooks like they might “be “feeling the pressure”
    Glad u guys aren’t letting this go …Keep Spreding the word.
    These Publishers are responsible too..I think they might still be selling previous books, just nothing new….They are greedy and should pull them all until they can be vested plagiarism free!

  25. Well, this sucks heinously. I’ve read Lynn’s work before, and thought them quite above average, even exciting. But… she’s one of the top earners at Siren, making five-to-six figures each quarter. So do I buy her “I have bills to pay” excuse? Not for a second!

    This situation is bad for everyone–author, publisher, readers. Also, the residual fallout is bad for us Siren authors who have never plagiarized, or even thought of doing so. Lynn’s actions are causing us monetary loss and damages our reputation.

    Siren’s silence is hurting everyone. As one of their authors, I think they should do the right thing. I don’t want to lose readers or fans because of what someone else did!

    And Lynn? You lost a reader here.

  26. It seems everyone one is ready to condemn Ms Hagen before any real proof of her being guilty is shown. What happened to innocent till proven guilty? I have been a huge fan of hers for years since the very first book I found by her. I also have other favorites as well as 1 time buys. All the books I have by her I have never once seen anything that could be close to copying from someone else that I read. After finding the post from Raythe Reign, I looked for the book Sanctuary so I could see what it was about and compare for myself just how similar those lines are. But I found out the book isn’t sold anywhere as an ebook but you have to pay about $10 monthly for access. I don’t even pay that for kindle and you get a lot more books to choose from, multiple authors and can read on any device.It was several days ago I found that post, looked again today and found this one. This is just giving the same info that I read on Raythe Reigns site the other day. NOTHING NEW! and nothing to convince me that she is guilty as charged. Not to say there’s no truth to the accusations, just that I want proof! undeniable proof!. [Like I’m always told about Bigfoot, lol] As for as her or Bookstrand not making any comments, I’m sure by now lawyers are involved or should be and they’re told not to say anything. In the meantime I will remain a fan of hers, hoping she’s able to get this all straightened out. Just my 2 cents.

    • I agree with you and I’m glad everyone isn’t on the total boycott train. Lynn Hagen is one of my favorite authors and will continue to do so.

        • I agree too! Because all romance book had the same idea! I love you and you love me main idea in all romance books. I can’t stand people copywritering statements. Because before long you will have to pay for statements like I love you, Your beautiful, and etc. Getting a little too extreme. The book Saving Sean is from a series that has nothing to do with Reign’a book so what if she use some same words in the end Christian’s Coven has nothing to do with her book. I have read enough romance books to tell they all start to sound the same after awhile. I will continue to buy and read Lynn Hagen. This Reign is just out for money and publicly.

  27. As a person who reads on average more than 3 books per day, it’s NOT my responsibility to monitor authors nor berate them for their real life choices. I have the book in question from Lynn Hagen…it was a good story. In fact, I own each book she has published and will continue to purchase them. I buy books to lose myself in a fantasy for a few hours to minimize the stress in my life. I don’t want to be involved in someone’s real life drama. The person who claims their work was stolen should be able to prove it clearly without a doubt and a portion of Hagen’s profits should be turned over. However, to say all profits is laughable. Going by this article, the stolen words are just a small fraction of the whole work. Frankly, if you want to get technical every writer plagiarizes someone else’s work. Just how many ways do you think people can “drape across the spanking bench” or “walk out of the front door”. Her behavior my leave some in dismay, but get a grip folks…and I’m not talking about the grip of a bucket of tar and feather pillow. Unethical not criminal. The increased availability of intellectual property due to a rise in technology has furthered the debate as to whether copyright offences are criminal.-Wikipedia

    • I agree with you, I love Lynn Hagen’s books and have been a huge fan of hers since I first read her books. That is not going to change. Am I disappointed to learn of this yes but I am more disappointed that because of one HUMAN mistake people who claimed to be die hard fans of hers are turning on her. Get over it people she privately apologized to the author, so now let it go.
      I just learned of this and I guess this is why she has not published/ released her new series “The next Gen” and that really upsets me because I was looking forward to reading the series. But I will tell you this as soon as she does I will buy every last one of them, and screw anyone who doesn’t like it.

  28. I agree with Liz, I love Lynn Hagen’s books and I’ll keep reading them if / when they’ll be released. There are unfinished series I follow and I would love to read them till the end and new ones I want to start. (I don’t know if it’s really clear but sorry I’m french !!!) I won’t turn my back on an author and books I love just because of “one human mistake” like Liz said.
    Sorry if you don’t like it but this is what I feel.

    • I agree with you. I will continue to purchase her books and I’m hoping she releases new books soon, either with Siren or a different publisher.

      • I am glad that there are still fans that are willing to stand behind Lynn Hagen and her books. I just wish there was some way to get up to date information in regards to this matter and if/ when she will be publishing again.
        I mean this happened back in June and now it is August. I haven’t seen any news on this since the end of June and beginning of July. If anyone has heard anymore info please let us know.

  29. Thank you for posting this information. The authors at Siren have been disappearing with no explanation. I love Lynn’s books and am very sad to hear she did this. I think fair compensation should be given to the original author (apology was already given) by both Lynn and Siren. It’s simply the right thing to do!

    That said I am also looking forward to “The Next Gen”, and will support Lynn in the future.

    Come on Lynn do the right thing and let’s get back to doing what you and I love.

  30. I am seriously dumbfounded by some of the comments that have recently been appearing. You do not know how much of her work – is hers? Plus, Siren still has to answer for contributing to this act even if it was through ignorance.

    To these Readers, I’m seriously intrigued to know – if you really like a book, or series, but know the books are plagiarised would you still buy and read them?

    Several above refer to ‘one human mistake’ would you be so easy to forgive if you had worked hard to build a classic car, and it was stolen. You then found it for sale for thousands at a garage saleroom…

    • We don’t know if the WHOLE book “Saving Sean” by Lynn Hagen was plagiarized. Yes, chapter 8 of Saving Sean, has parts that have striking resemblance to chapters 26 & 27 of “Sanctuary”. But if that is all the evidence given to us then it cannot be claimed that the WHOLE book was plagiarized, It was different parts from two chapter combined into one chapter that had other details not in the “original”(ch 26&27).

      You will have to give me conclusive proof that all of the books that are credited to Lynn Hagen are not her writings. My opinion would be different if it was outright proven that the whole book was plagiarized, and the evidence supported the claim. If she truly did plagiarized the “Saving Sean” beyond ch 8 then fine I will agree to her being a copier, but only in regards to “Saving Sean”. I will not be convinced that all her published works are not hers. Give me individual proof that she copied another writer for each book she has published. Then I will change my stance, but until then Lynn Hagen in my eyes is Innocent Until she can be Proven Guilty of plagiarizing all her books, including all of “Saving Sean”!

      Everyone is jumping to conclusion without knowing all of the facts. Until all the facts are known I will continue to stand by Lynn Hagen. If you don’t like it too bad, it is my right to have my opinion.

      I already have most of her books already and even if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she did not truly write any of her stories I would still keep the books, they are good stories that I would want to read again.

      I will say again if/ when she starts to publish again I will be buying each one even if it is proven she did plagiarized ch 8 of “Saving Sean” from “Sanctuary”. So screw anyone who doesn’t like it.

      • I agree totally. I wish she would start publishing again and that this whole affair hasn’t made her decide not to write anymore. I was really looking forward to the next generation.

        On that note if she is really copying from others, tell me who else writes about the universe she has built over the past years??? Really I want to know so I can buy those books and see what happens with the kids. Not to mention the other spin off series we’re left hanging on now too.

        I could go on and on, but won’t. While I wait to see if anyone can provide undeniable proof that Ms. Hagen is plagiarising all of her many many books, again please provide the authors/books she is copying her whole universe from so I can buy them. Till then I will continue to wait and hope she is able to get this all straightened out and start publishing again somewhere.

  31. This will be settled and soon no one will remember or care about it. Nora Roberts and Janet Daily ring a bell? And Ms. Daily went on to write more books with a well-known publisher. To ruin a person’s career to satisfy another’s is just as wrong.

    As for boycotting Siren, you say that you are book lovers but are willing to punish hundreds of authors for the act of one. That is something I will not do.

    I hope you all think long and hard before allowing emotions do the thinking.

    • See I didn’t even know about that whole Nora Roberts and Janet Daily thing. I didn’t even know who Janet Daily was, I had to look her up. lol.

      Anyways, I hope it is settled soon and everyone can move on. I hope she lets her fans know one way or the other too.

  32. I think everyone makes mistakes in life, I know I sure do, but I know I’ve spent years reading and enjoying Lynn Hagen’s books and I absolutely love the special worlds she’s created. I will still support her and hope the issue can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction without to much mean-spiritedness.

  33. I’m a little behind the eight ball on this. Upon noticing that there hasn’t been any new releases from a favourite author, Lynn Hagen, I googled why?
    WOW! I could not believe what I read. I purchased the book in question and I am appalled I contributed to this.
    I have never read Ms Reign’s work so I noticed nothing untoward about the book. The blatant method in which this was done takes my breath away.
    So, for someone coming late to the party, may I express my sympathies to Ms Reign for having to endure this. May I also say that I will never purchase another novel from Ms Hagen, nor will I purchase a book published by siren, admittedly a publisher that features strongly in my library. Their treatment of Ms Reign has only added to an already intolerable act. Shame on them!
    You can rest assured that I have deleted all 126 novels that I had purchased of Ms Hagen’s work. Sadly, this total does not include the collaborative works I also deleted. I no longer trust them to be her own. I will not support this in any way and whilst deleting the books does little to take away from the profits she has already made, I can at least scroll through my library knowing that I am no longer contributing to this.
    I wish Ms Reign the best in her efforts to have this brought to justice. Ms Reign has a right to have her work protected.
    Thank you Mr Stone for not only helping to protect the authors, but also the loyal readers who purchase these book. I am horrified by the amount of money I have spent on this authors books. I doubt this is the first time, just the only time Ms Hagen has been called on it.
    The readers who brought this to the attention of Ms Reign are to be commended.
    I will miss Ms Hagen’s books, I enjoyed them immensely. Her work is forever tarnished, and rightly so. I would never be able to get the same enjoyment from them again.

  34. I’m an editor for eXtasy Books and I have to say this is very discouraging! I was directed to this article by a great writer Catherine Lievens who I work with, and I’m worried about how this will effect her and the other MM writers I work with. My writers are hard workers that would never ever do this type of thing. They would rather push back a release date than steal someone else’s work! Which we have done!
    Before I started my job, I had applied to Siren, and I have to say I was not impressed with the responses or the attitude of the publisher. Boycotting them will be no hardship for me, but since I read more than 800 books a year for pleasure, I can only hope that it will effect them to do something about this.
    So many names are being attached to plagiarism lately that I worry over every dollar I spend now. We should have a database for books like the scholar journals have to spot these kinds of theft.
    Thank you for the heads up about this writer, and yes I will miss her books. I have many of them here.

  35. I’ve only just found out about all this because I was looking for a reason why no books have come out and I’ve been waiting to long for the new gen books. I have all the books in all the linked series. I think it’s wrong in what she’s done but it’s also wrong to all the people that have spent there hard earned money on lots of series that if you stop her doing her job as a author, there won’t be a ending to them. It’s out now and I guess it’s being delt with. People have a choice with the knowledge of what she’s done to buy her books or not. I do think it’s wrong that authors get away with not finishing a series after so many books. Or they go under another name and start a new serie.

  36. This is just CRAZY. Why has there been no tremendous outrage by both Authors and M/M readers. We need to boycott on a large scale Siren and all publishers who do not have a moral compass. We need to not buy books from Authors who steal from other Authors. It is never a “mistake” when you plagiarise someones work. It is premeditated theft and those who commit this crime should be punished.

  37. She is right back to publishing like nothing happened. No outrage, no bocott of her books–it’s like she gets rewarded for doing wrong. That sends a real strong message to other writers. Go ahead and steal. No one gives a crap.

  38. Outrage is easy, but hard to maintain. It’s been noted that many of these works sound similar. While obvious plagiarism is rare I’m sure the sex scenes get recycled continuously and without credit to original sources. Knowing who actually writes what you read isn’t as common as you might want to believe. Between pen names, ghost writers and groups of people all publishing under the same name you really can’t be certain of anything. It’s easy, and probably appropriate, to condemn the plagiarist. It’s harder to devise a fair way to remedy the harm, or actually even measure it.

    The author may lose some readers and respect, but obviously not enough to prevent her from resorting to plagiarism. That points of light Oprah book comes to mind. Even Alex Haley’s career wasn’t permanently damaged by the parts of Roots someone else wrote, and he had a much higher profile. And them there’s Melania Trump’s speech as a more contemporary example.

    The publisher does deserve criticism when plagiarism occurs. But IMHO most romance publishers do such a poor job of editing for content and checking for typos that expecting them to catch theft or take responsibility for their part in it would be asking them to exceed their own capabilities by a significant measure.

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