How to Howl at the Moon (Howl at the Moon #1) by Eli Easton ~ Audiobook Review by PizzyGirl

howtohowlTitle: How to Howl at the Moon (Howl at the Moon #1)

Author: Eli Easton

Narrator: Matthew Shaw

Publisher: Self Published

Story Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Release Date: 03/19/2015

Length: 05 hours 52 minutes

Genre: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Humor/Comedy, M/M Romance, Paranormal


Sheriff Lance Beaufort is not going to let trouble into his town, no sir. Tucked away in the California mountains, Mad Creek has secrets to keep, like the fact that half the town consists of ‘quickened’—dogs who have gained the ability to become human. Descended on both sides from Border Collies, Lance is as alert a guardian as they come.

Tim Weston is looking for a safe haven. After learning that his boss patented all of Tim’s work on vegetable hybrids in his own name, Tim quit his old job. A client offers him use of her cabin in Mad Creek, and Tim sees a chance for a new start. But the shy gardener has a way of fumbling and sounding like a liar around strangers, particularly gorgeous alpha men like Sheriff Beaufort.

Lance’s hackles are definitely raised by the lanky young stranger. He’s concerned about marijuana growers moving into Mad Creek, and he’s not satisfied with the boy’s story. Lance decides a bit of undercover work is called for. When Tim hits a beautiful black collie with his car and adopts the dog, its love at first sight for both Tim and Lance’s inner dog. Pretending to be a pet is about to get Sheriff Beaufort in very hot water.

Story Review:

What a fun and unique story! From the very beginning this one pulled me in. I mean canine shifters and dogs that can become shifters under the right circumstances? What is not to like?

This world was fantastic and fascinating. I loved learning about the “Quickened” and how they came to be and how they lived in society. Some were fun loving, others were mischievous, and some were hard core. But mostly, their human sides mirrored their canine breeds.

Tim and Lance were great together. I loved the way Lance went undercover to sniff out Tim’s supposed nefarious plans but instead, fell in love. There was a great connection between these two that was fun to watch but was also satisfying in that there was growth and emotion.

If you are looking for something relatively angst free and unique, pick this one up and give it a try. I enjoyed this one for what it was and am on pins and needles waiting for Roman’s story!

Narration Review:

This narration was easy to listen to and enjoyable. It was a fun reading of this fun story though sometimes the emotions were a bit off. However, I enjoyed this narration very much.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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