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This time last year when the Prism team had just returned from GRL I remember saying to my hubby that it was the one con I would love to attend. March came round and many people in the MM community were eagerly awaiting the announcement that registration was open. I was busy chatting in a group message with my fellow reviewers and before I knew what was happening I was registered! I was so excited! There were no nerves as my hubby was going to travel with me and go off and explore San Diego. Then it all changed – hubby couldn’t get away from work and I was left with the daunting thought of travelling thousands of miles on my own to meet a group of people who I only knew through social media – two weeks before I was due to leave I was feeling pretty terrified!!
It was a scary experience but let me tell you that without a doubt it was the best decision ever! If you are reading all the posts and considering it next year – my advice would be go for it! There are a host of gentle people that will hold your hand, go for coffee, sit down and share a meal with you – hell if you can’t find anyone come and seek out TeamPrism! GRL is an event unlike any other I have attended. It is a melting pot of personalities that whilst different are the same and every one that I spoke to left an impression. The main conversations revolve around books, of course, but hell we talked kids, family, health care, schooling and everything in between!

The lovely Mr Reed

The lovely Mr Reed

The first member of our team that I met was Paisley who went above and beyond and found me looking totally zoned out at the Airport. She also provided me with a goody bag of Gin, tonic and snacks – if we both weren’t already married I would propose! Brandilyn was next and our poor gang leader looked tired when I got to the hotel, how she made it through 5 days with her leg still so busted up is testament to her sheer determination! I really, really needed sleep but OMG so many faces that have just been cyber friends for so long! So many hellos and even more hugs that I really can’t find the words to explain just what a fantastic group of people are involved in this community. It was overwhelming, surreal and fantastic and I managed to stay awake for another couple of hours before crashing!

Welcome to San Diego!

Welcome to San Diego!

I had to wait until Wednesday to meet the rest of the team but ladies let me tell you it was worth the wait! Katie, Lirtle and Christine it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you all. So interesting to converse with, so much fun to hang out with and so crazy when we partied! I don’t want to name names because everyone I met was so special to me but there are a couple I must mention – Rick R Reed thank you for letting me tag along to look at whales and get over my first day nerves. JK Hogan it was great to finally meet the lady that put my son on an MM cover. Zallora, what can I say, it was your boys that brought me into this genre and what a ride it has been! Brandon Witt thank you for all the time you spent with us girls – you are an adopted member of our gang! I feel humbled to have met so many people who care about the things I care about, who took time out of their schedules to sit and chat, sign our books and have their photos taken. Your generosity astounds me and I came away from the event with a real feeling of friendship and then sadness that it was over so quickly.

Stalking Andrew Grey

Stalking Andrew Grey

As I never adjusted to the time zone changes I was up every day at 3am. The sunrise is a beautiful thing to watch, the trip to Starbucks organised by Silvia Violet even more so! Let me tell you coffee was my god for a week! If swag is your thing you were in luck as the authors were both creative and generous. The panels were fabulous and I tried to fit in as many as possible. I read a lot and to see some of my favourite authors, listen to them discuss their thought process and how they get their words down is amazing. Listening to authors read their own work – WOW! There were tears, laughter and when Greg Tremblay got up there was drooling! I even got to say hi to Eric Arvin on a skype call – seriously where else could you go and be amongst such a fabulous crowd?

Perfect Panel

Perfect Panel

I’ve waffled and I make no apologies. GRL has left me feeling invigorated about what I read and the friends I have made and I will absolutely see everyone next year in Kansas City. To TeamPrism and everyone who stopped to say hello I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so welcoming.

We know how to party!

We know how to party!


The one and only

I will leave you with my last thoughts……

Why don’t toilet doors fit in America?

Never post a video of TJ Klune twerking the hula and post it on Facebook if you don’t want your phone to have a meltdown!

We shall never speak a word about how many books I bought!

Christy Duke is one of the strongest women I have ever met!

Just because....

Just because….

Much Love Caroline x

Much Love and see you Tomorrow!

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  1. Loved your recap and getting to meet you and everyone on the Prism Team. And I love the picture of the 6 of you. You were all so welcoming no matter where we ended up meeting, whale watching, dinner, luau or just sitting around. Thank you for sharing your time at GRL with me. You ladies ROCK!

  2. Thanks for another great post about GRL! I am glad you had such a great first experience. And I hope you enjoy all those books that-shall-not-be-mentioned. 🙂

  3. I must admit that with every post i read i’m getting more jealouse of everyone who went to GRL. All these (blog)post by all the different people have one big thing in common and that is the fun they all had at GRL.

    Have fun in reading all those books you bought 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a great time… Although I’m intrigued now… What’s wrong with toilet doors in America (European girl here)? I’m trying to imagine how they do not fit…

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