Myth Adventures (Mojo Mysteries #3) by Ally Blue ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

myth-adventuresTitle: Myth Adventures (Mojo Mysteries #3)

Author: Ally Blue

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/06/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Alternate Universe/Alternate World, Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay Fiction, Humor/Comedy, Mystery, Paranormal


Something evil is going down in Atlanta…

Mojo Mysteries, Book 3

Adrian Broussard and Greg Woodhall are attending OutlantaCon, Atlanta’s annual gay geek conference, and are looking forward to a weekend of cosplay and general nerdy fun. As they mingle with other conference goers, though, Adrian feels a strange, cold energy emanating from a man dressed as a satyr.

Encounters with storybook creatures roaming the streets only increase the chilly tendrils teasing Adrian’s sixth sense—strong enough to cause disturbing visions of Greg’s existence being erased.

When a girl at the conference goes missing, then turns up dead, clues literally drop in their laps as Adrian begins to fear the cold, alien energy is engulfing the whole city. And in danger of swallowing up his lover.

To Adrian’s horror, his worst nightmare is realized. Now both he and Greg must call on reserves of strength and resourcefulness they never knew they possessed to save Atlanta, and each other.

Product Warnings
This book contains weird critters, Hell-Lanta, regular Atlanta, a creepy escalator, awesome cosplay geeks, temples that aren’t (but totally are), and liberal use of mojo mind powers.

My View:

Myth Adventures is by far my favorite of the Mojo Mysteries series. This story was so much more vivid and creative than the previous two. I was pulled in and mesmerized from the very start.

The world was fantastic. It was so carefully crafted that I could easily envision the setting. It was dark and dirty and full of all the good things needed to make this story creepy and mysterious. I loved the blending of Atlanta and Hell-Lanta. The way the author seamlessly switched from one to the other was great.

I love that Adrian and Greg are still so in love and that it shows in their actions. I have said this before, but the author does a great job of incorporating their relationship into tangible images and actions instead of just telling the reader that they are still in love. And she is so good at showing that they are still growing as a couple and learning each other, but that their issues are just ways that make their love even stronger.

The mystery in this one was great as well. It was unique yet not. It was an old trope of the videogame come to life, but it was done so uniquely for this world and these characters. It brought out more information about Adrian’s past and forced both Adrian and Greg to continue to grow as people as well as a couple.

I loved the creatures in this story and how they were blended with Outlantacon atmosphere. They were still monsters and suitably creepy while having that Con feel of fun. I would have loved to have learned more about the priests, dimension, and Hell-Lanta, but the story worked well as it was.

I also LOVE that the author did not wrap everything up with a pretty perfect bow. I loved that she let her characters have side effects and need help to cope with the outcome of this story. It was really well done and so right for Greg and Adrian. Has the author forced everything into a box and shoved it into hiding, she would not have been true to the series or the men. It was a great way for this story to end.

I hope for more adventures for Greg and Adrian. I am curious to know what path Greg chooses for his future.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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