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I love journals. Most readers and writers I’ve met have an affinity for them, love touching them, love smelling them. Ah! 🙂 I’ve spent hours in stores looking through journals, and over the years I’ve bought many. I have journals with hand-stitched bindings, leather covers, decorative designs, or witty typography. I have them stacked on bookshelves all over the house.

I love pens too. And more recently I’ve become a huge fan of markers, but to fill my precious journal with ink?! GASP What if I make a mistake? I can’t erase pen or marker, so I’ve used pencil. But it’s just paper. It’s my journal, holding my story, even if that story contains To-Do lists, doodles, and random thoughts.

The problem I’ve had over the years, the one I think I’ve finally conquered, is organization of my numerous journals so I don’t feel pressured to only use pencil, which doesn’t flow nearly as nicely as pen. I often have four of five journals going at a time for various things. I may have written a note about my Naked Organics series in my Trust Your Crazy Ideas journal but then continued that thought in my Moleskine®. I’ve been working very hard to stick to one journal at a time now or to use a journal for a specific task. I just started one to keep track of all the editing jobs I do, for instance. I want that separate from my creative work and separate from my lists that I don’t need to keep a record of. That can be accomplished all in the same journal, if you’d like, but you’ll need to organize it first.

So how do you organize your journals so you can easily find information later and keep things straight now? You make your journal work for you!

Seven strategies for an organized journal:

  1. Create an index in the front of each journal. Figure out how many pages are in your journal, then go to the first page and start numbering each line. Obviously, if you’re using the first few pages for an index, you won’t be numbering to 100, but to 98 or 96, depending on how many numbers you can fit on each page.
  2. If you want, number each page in the journal. This is a personal choice thing, but you have to ask yourself if you’re going to write on both sides of a page or only one, so number accordingly.
  3. As you fill your journal, jot a quick description of that entry into the index. If pages are numbered, it’s easier to find the corresponding page. This way you’ll find that list of books you want to buy in paperback rather than hunting for it.
  4. Consider creating sections in your journal. List those sections in the index. Maybe even use a different colored pen for each section, then make headers. And if you want to make it even easier to find a section at the drop of a hat, you can color code the pages by coloring the edge of the paper with a marker.
  5. If you’re using markers, use markers that won’t bleed or else plan to only write on one side of the page. We’ve all had Sharpies bleed through and ruin books. That’s because they have alcohol in them, but there are plenty of markers that don’t bleed. Find a pen you love! For me that is Staedler and Stabilo.51RoWbawvL._SY45051xmmyKLhL._SY450
    Scrapbooking markers won’t bleed either. But find a writing implement that allows you freedom to write. I have several really high quality pens, but for some reason they don’t work for me when journaling. They’re too stuffy and serious. I feel like I should be signing legal documents with them rather than having fun, which brings me to…
  6. Make it fun! This last summer John started using stickers in his journal for those days he needed a boost. Initially I laughed at my husband, but then I realized what a brilliant idea it was. Remember getting stickers on your homework? The scratch-and-sniff stickers were the best! So buy some fun stickers. Draw in your journal. Doodle on the front. Make it yours!
  7. Don’t erase. Part of the joy of a journal is having a record of your life, but I struggled with that for a lot of years, as you can tell by my gasp up above. I saw a journal as a diary, as something that my grandchildren might read to get to know their grandma. That’s a lot of pressure, and it straps you in. Journals are a tool to be used and abused and loved and hated. If you decide you don’t want something in it, cross it out. Three years from now, you might come across that and have your creativity or memory sparked.

I’d love to hear any other ideas you’ve used to help make your journal work for you. And happy journaling!


~Posy Roberts


Title: Silver Scars
Author: Posy Roberts
Publisher: Labyrinth Bound Press
Publication Date: 06/22/2015
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, M/M Romance, Romance


A bomb destroyed high-powered lawyer Gil Lemieux’s seemingly perfect life, and PTSD has ruled every decision since the explosion that left him scarred inside and outside. Moving home with his mom is meant to be a temporary measure, just like proofreading for a medical editorial firm is meant to be a stopgap. But two years after taking on the wrong court case, he’s still living in fear.

Keith Kramer might be based 1,500 miles away from Gil, but their shared work brings them together—a chance meeting that’s life-changing. Gil is drawn to Keith’s good looks and intelligence, but it’s his innate understanding that Gil is more than the scars on his skin that is truly attractive. He’s everything Gil used to be and more. It blows Gil’s mind that his attraction might be returned.

Only doubt could widen the distance between them. Keith’s hopefulness, borne out of surviving some tough challenges of his own, isn’t enough to bridge the distance alone. Gil will need to believe he has as much to offer as Keith if they’re to build a life together.


We get as far as taking off our swimsuits before we’re kissing again. [Keith] pins me against the wall, but when he shifts his weight a few times, I realize he’s struggling because of his leg.

“Come on. Bed. No need to overcompensate with me, ever,” I say.

“I’m glad, ’cause it’s exhausting.”

He gets comfortable, but I notice his brace’s scant padding is wet. “Should I take it off?”

“Yeah, so your bed stays dry.”

I’m careful. The amount of damage that’s been done by one bullet and untold surgeries is shocking. I set his brace aside to air-dry and do my best not to stare at his leg.

“Is this safe? I mean, without the brace on?”

“I’ve got titanium in there for strength. Just don’t grab me by the ankle or get too rough with it.”


I straddle him so his injury is farther away. He moans when I drop all my weight on his hips, and when I lean in to kiss him again, he sighs against my mouth and pulls me in closer yet.

Nothing we do to each other is particularly skilled or wonderful. We’re both too desperate to keep our teeth from knocking together and nails from scratching tender skin. He holds both our cocks in his long-fingered hand and encourages me to thrust against him.

I’m self-conscious at first because he refuses to look away from my face. Stares have been associated with negativity for so many months it’s hard not to shy away, but Keith studies me with wide eyes and desire. He craves me.

He reaches for my nipples and pinches them in turn, as if he’s watching to see if I like it. My eyes drift shut both times. He licks a finger and reaches behind me, glides it around and over my hole, but never tries to press in, even though I would love that.

I want his kisses, so I take those for myself, hundreds of them. Thousands.
I bite down on his neck. He comes, and the slick heat of his come rubbing into my dick drives me over the edge soon after. I try to hold my body away from his. I don’t want to smear our mess everywhere, but he pulls me down anyway, saying, “Let me hold on to you. I’m not ready to let you go yet.”


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About Posy Roberts

Posy Roberts writes about romantic male love. Whether her characters are family men, drag queens, or lonely men searching for connections, they all find a home in her stories.

Posy is married to a man who makes sure she doesn’t forget to eat or sleep; her daughter, a budding author and dedicated Whovian, helps her come up with character names. When Posy’s not writing, she enjoys crafting, hiking, and singing spontaneously about the mundane, just to make normal seem more interesting.


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  1. I use to journal in high school, college, first started working and then it just slipped away. I think its time to re-kindle my inner me. Great ideas. This MN fan Loves your stories <3

    • I don’t journal, per se, but I certainly keep copious notes on various projects. Blogging is now my journaling. 🙂 And thanks! I’m so glad you enjoy by books, Jodi! 😀

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