Cowboy Roundup: Gay Erotic Romance Anthology by Edited by Drew Hunt ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

cowboyroundupTitle: Cowboy Roundup: Gay Erotic Romance Anthology

Author: Edited by Drew Hunt

Publisher: JMS Books

Cover Artist: Artist: Written Ink Designs

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 10/12/2015

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Historical, M/M Romance, Menage/Poly, New Adult, Western


What’s better than a story about a sexy gay cowboy? How about a whole posse of them? Editor Drew Hunt has rounded up some of the finest authors in the M/M western genre to bring you this collection celebrating gay cowpokes!

Meet real men who ride the trail or ride the rodeo, join a wild west show or douse their thirst at the local country western bar. Whether in the bygone Old West or on a modern cattle ranch, these rugged hunks know how to ride ‘em hard and put ‘em away wet. And the ride lasts a lot longer than eight seconds, so saddle up, pardner, and let them take you on a wild ride … or for a quick roll in the hay.

NOTE: Each of the stories in this collection is available as individual e-books for those readers who only want to pick and choose which they want to buy. Or do yourself a favor and rassle up all sixteen smoldering tales at once!

Contains the stories: Roughshod by Dale Chase, Taming Brooks by R.W. Clinger, The Spring at Sloan Pond by Lee Crittenden, Rogayo by Landon Dixon, Cowboy Therapy by Hunter Frost, A Change of Pace by Drew Hunt, Firefly Ranch by Rebecca James, Wild Ride by Kassandra Lea, Guy Walks Into a Bar by Georgina Li, Nephi Takes a Husband by Bob Masters, Flyboys and Cowboys by Michael McClelland, Wild West Show by Rob Rosen, Riding for the Brand by J.D. Ryan, Daniel in Distress by Feral Sephrian, Save a Horse by J.D. Walker, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ojete by Salome Wilde.

My View:

Overall this anthology get 3 stars. There were some stories that just fit perfectly with the opening explanation, and others that did not. There were some stories that were well done and enjoyable, some that were good but not memorable, and some that left more to be desired.

RoughShod by Dale Chase 2*

Set in the old west, this was a May/December sex marathon. It suppose it could be considered HOT, if you can get past the idea of what hygiene was actually like back in the days of horses and chamber pots. I applaud the author for the realism and really love that the sex was not made perfect, however, I could not get beyond the overly repetitive focus on the poor hygiene factors. In addition, I never did understand why the connection was so instantly more than just sex on Cal’s part. And I really didn’t understand the need for the violent, filthy(not HOT filthy either) sex scene of questionable consent.

Taming Brooks, R.W. Clinger 2*

This story was odd for me. It was written in stream of consciousness which is not my preferable method of storytelling and therefore I had a hard time enjoying this right away. Also, I often didn’t understand why certain things were focused on and why others were omitted. The main focus was on the sex and therefore I did not understand why things turned into more than just lust. This one wasn’t bad just wasn’t for me.

The Spring at Sloan Pond by Lee Crittenden 3*

I liked this one. I liked that it had a bit of a story, though I am unsure why the sex scene was included at it felt very out of place.

Rogayo by Landon Dixon 4*

This was sexy and unique. I loved the Rogayo concept and the way this story was fast paced and fun to read. I did not understand the “love,” but I still enjoyed this read very much.

Cowboy Therapy by Hunter Frost 4*

This cute story had history and emotion and healing. I connected to Jude right away because I wanted to know what happened to make him so afraid! I wanted to see  him overcome his issues and find a bit of peace. I was on pins and needles as Wyatt coaxed Jude to touch a horse again.

I loved the quick erotic interlude that promises to be the start of something more. And I loved the idea of using horses as therapy for autistic children!

A Change of Pace by Drew Hunt 4*

I enjoyed this recap of an established may/december couple’s life. It was really cool to see how they met, mixed in with the actions of today. The combination of the two really displayed their love well.

Firefly Ranch by Rebecca James 3.75*

This was a very satisfying enemies to lovers story. I enjoyed the tension and the resolution and think this was a great start to something more. I would read a continuation of these men in a heartbeat.

Wild Ride by Kassandra Lea 5*

OMG this was SOOOOO romantic! Is this a sequel? I need to find out. If not, can I please get these men’s story? This little short was fantastic and only made me crave more about how this relationship started and I want to seeeeee the wedding take place! PLEASE??

Guy Walks into a Bar by Georgina Li 3*

This was a very dirty, HOT romance. I enjoyed it even if I didn’t understand why things progressed beyond the initial hookup phase. I think too much happened behind the scenes because I felt like a lot was missing and therefore i just didn’t understand why things happened as they did. I liked what I read, these men were good together, but I wish there would have been more.

Nephi Takes a Husband by Bob Masters 3*

This one was different. It was a historical with heavy religious influence. This story was cute but full of a naivete that felt awkward to me though I think that may have been the point. I liked that this one was unique but I couldn’t get over the first time having sex equal true love forever. Maybe if this was longer and showed more about these men and their loves both before and after they met up, then I would have connected better.

Flyboys and Cowboys by Michael McClelland 3.5*

This was a quick encounter. Two strangers, one night of sex, in a time when it was illegal and dangerous for two men to be together. This one was short and to the point. I like that it was just about the sex, but that the author left things open enough so that the hint of development could be explored if desired.

Wild West Show by Rob Rosen 3.5*

This was nothing more than an excuse for some on page threesome action and I like that the author didn’t try to force it to be anything other than what it was. This one was short and hot and I enjoyed it.

Riding for the Brand by J.D. Ryan 3*

This was a fun enemies fighting turns erotic story. Two men determined to one up the other in ranching spills over into one upping the other in order to win the rights to “top.” It was a fun erotic scene.

Daniel in Distress by Feral Sephrian 3.75*

This was a great setup for something longer. Daniel’s character was established along with some of his history. Cole’s character was hinted at and some of his history given as well. Their connection was evident and the way things ended leave this story open for so much more. I hope to see the rest of their story or see this expanded as I liked what I read but want more.

Save a Horse by J.D. Walker 4.5*

Ok there needs to be a sequel to this one! I need to see if the MCs make it and if their connection is a true love match. And Bo needs his story! He needs his story so he can tell Nicholas where to shove it and rub his happy in Nicholas’s face! Please can there be a sequel????

The Good, the Bad, and the Ojete by Salome Wilde 3*

This tale was very cleverly executed. The ending took me by complete surprise and I am glad it did, because it changed my view of the entire story and increased my rating. This one had a scene of dub-con that almost made me DNF the story until I got to the end and discovered it wasn’t really dub-con. I am unsure why it needed to be presented as such though.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Thank you, PizzyGirl for your fair and balanced review of the anthology I edited. Really pleased you enjoyed my own story, “A Change of Pace.” I’m gratified that you wanted more of some of the stories. I think that’s a sign of a good short story.

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