Helping Hands Series by Blair Nightingale ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Helping-HandsTitle: Helping Hands Series

Author: Blair Nightingale

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 12/01/2015

Length: Novella (~ 15K-50K)

Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal


Connor’s Lair

Connor had planned to spend his days painting and writing with only the memories of his lost love as his companion until he finds a badly wounded wolf in the forest.

Connor built his cabin to be alone, to escape, and to live with the memories of his lost love. After he finds a wounded wolf in the forest he nurses him back to health and falls in love with the animal. He decides to keep the wolf as his companion and calls him Silver. Little does he know what else Silver will bring into his life and how everything will change in the months following the rescue.

Freeing Silver

Helping Silver find his past is not a simple task…

When undercover agents approach Silver in the local bar, the question is, who is he and why are they after him?

There is only one solution—Silver needs to remember his past. But how?

Agent Chris

With Connor captured, it is now up to Silver and Connor’s family to rescue not only Hank and his pack, the other ones that were taken, but most important to him, the love of his life as well.

Will their rescue be successful? Can the witches eradicate all memory of shifters from each and every government official? Can they rescue everyone and will it end there, or will it be an ongoing battle? Will they always be hunted?

Help comes from an unexpected source.

An Angry Wolf

Dylan McIntyre’s life is turned upside down when he arrives home with terrific news only to find his lover with another man, both murdered.

Dylan McIntyre arrives home with fantastic news to find his lover with another man, but worse, they’ve both been brutally murdered.

After his arrest, Dylan’s one phone call is to his sister, Mariah. She contacts a lawyer for him. He is surprised to learn Silver, his new lawyer, is also a wolf shifter.

Released when his alibi checks out, he’s not allowed to go back to his apartment. Silver invites him to stay with them at Connor’s Lair. Dylan meets Tor, the local doctor, who also happens to be a vampire. He fights the feelings the man awakens within. Dylan has anger issues he must deal with, not to mention the traumatic death of the lover who betrayed him.

Circus Lion

Agent Jordan Neri makes a surprising discovery at a circus…

When his partner buys tickets to a circus performance because of a supposed wolf sighting, Jordan reluctantly accompanies him because he hates the circus. When the lions come out, he decides to leave and wait in the car.

Until he scents a shifter, and it wasn’t wolf scent that drifted into his nostrils…

An Illegal Immigrant

Picking up a hitchhiker in the middle of the night could prove dangerous…

When Agent Chad Brooks picks up a young hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere late at night he’s surprised the hitcher is on his way to Supinity. Why would a young man want to settle in such a small town? Was he running and hiding from the law?

An Invisible Threat

Frustrated in their efforts to catch shifters, vampires and witches, the feds take things to a whole new level.

The people of Supinity prepare for a peaceful holiday season, but the feds just won’t leave them alone. Chad Brooks knows they’re planning something, but he can’t figure out what and the powers that be aren’t telling him anything. But in the fight against invisible threats, help comes from unexpected sources.

My View:

I have waffled on whether to review these books together or separately. I ended up choosing to review them together for a few reason. First of all, they need to be read in order. There is an overarching mystery and plot that extends from book to book. In many of the installments, the mystery overshadows the “main” couple. Secondly, I have very similar comments to make on each story.

The first two books focus on one couple. After that, each book pairs a new set of main characters. Most of the couples are shifters, but there are some witches and vampires involved along the way. Okay so there hasn’t been a witch/sorcerer main character, yet… but I see one in coming in the near future.

The first thing I have to say about this series is, if you are a grammarian, you will either need to turn your brain off or get out a package of red pens. I chose the former path since I didn’t want to write on my phone! It suffers from the traditional eXtasy lack of editing and proofreading. There are incorrect words, poor word choice, missing words, incorrect punctuation, and general lack of attention to detail throughout this series.

The second negative I have about this series is the predictability. There is certainly a formula to the matings. While this author does not choose the “fated mates” path, there is a definite parallel among all her matings and story lines.

The romances are in and of themselves, weak. However, if you are there for the mystery and the action, you will also likely get sucked into the world. There is magic, deceit, fighting, fucking, and so much more waiting for you in Supinity. Sometimes the answers come a little too easily. Sometimes the answers are a bit too predictable. Sometimes the plot is almost presented as though by rote.

All that said, at some point in my reading of the seven available installments of this series, I got sucked in. I don’t know that I will be eagerly awaiting each installment as I do some other series, but I will certainly revisit Supinity in the future.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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