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Title: Until September
Author: Chris Scully
Publisher: Riptide
Cover Artist: Lou Harper
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, M/M Romance


As a teenager, Archie Noblesse clawed his way out of the poverty, heartache, and abuse of the reservation and left his family behind. Desperate to shake the shadow of his past, he reinvents himself as Archer Noble, an outspoken blogger and controversial author who lives only for himself. But when his beloved sister dies, Archer is saddled with guardianship of his niece and nephew.

Elementary school teacher Ryan Eriksson is devastated when his best friend Marguerite is killed, leaving her two young children orphaned. Helping Archer with his new responsibilities eases his grief, but when Archer offers him custody of the children, Ryan’s left with an impossible choice: get the family he’s always wanted, or respect Margie’s wishes and convince Archer to give parenting—and his heritage—a chance.

To buy time, Ryan promises to stay for the summer, hoping that Archer will change his mind and fall for the kids. But Archer’s reluctant, and the growing attraction between him and Ryan complicates matters. Legal decisions must be made, and soon, before Ryan returns to school. But with hearts involved, more than just the children’s future is on the line.

Until September Background

Until September has had a long and winding journey to reach this point. It was originally conceived (shortly after the US Supreme Court 2013 decision on same sex marriage) as a sweet and fluffy romance about a young man (Ryan) who wants to get married but falls for a guy who does not. I was fascinated by how many young gay men (in Canada anyway, where same-sex marriage has been legal for over a decade) now expect to get married and actually have “dream wedding” plans, and how that contrasted with previous generations’ ideas of sexual liberation. It was going to be a battle-of-the-wills-type story, and to some extent that still remains, but as we all know, sometimes our characters have other plans.

From the beginning, I knew Archer had to come from a non-traditional background—he was going to be Ryan’s opposite after all—but I was stuck on the details. In 2014 as I was writing, Canadian news was starting to report stories of missing and murdered indigenous women. A number of key reports on aboriginal issues followed. The whole period was a political and social awakening of sorts for me. It made me think about how we’re shaped by our upbringing and our environment, and more specifically, what it would be like to grow up not knowing what had happened to your mother. In my own way, I wanted to shine a light on some of these things. That’s when I decided to make Archer an aboriginal man struggling with his identity. It’s not the focus of the novel, but it certainly shapes Archer.

From that point on, this became a more serious story. Soon I had two orphaned children (not part of the original plan) and a reluctant guardian. If it all sounds tragic and depressing, it’s not. I can’t guarantee you won’t cry, but I hope in the end, readers take away an affirming message about love and loss, the nature of family, and overcoming the obstacles fate puts in our way.


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About the Author

CHRIS SCULLY lives in Toronto, Canada. She grew up spinning romantic stories in her head and always dreamed of one day being a writer even though life had other plans. Her characters have accompanied her through career turns as a librarian and an IT professional, until finally, to escape the tedium of a corporate day job, she took a chance and began putting her daydreams down on paper.

Tired of the same old boy-meets-girl stories, she found a home in M/M romance and strives to give her characters the happy endings they deserve. She divides her time between a mundane 9-5 cubicle job and a much more interesting fantasy life. When she’s not working or writing (which isn’t often these days) she loves puttering in the garden and traveling. She is an avid reader and tries to bring pieces of other genres and styles to her stories. While her head is crammed full of all the things she’d like to try writing, her focus is always on the characters first. She describes her characters as authentic, ordinary people—the kind of guy you might meet on the street, or the one who might be your best friend.

Although keeping up with social media is still a struggle given her schedule, she does love to hear from readers.

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  1. Oh, this sounds like a really nice story… A summer together and a decision to be made at the end… I’ve just added it to my TBR list. Thank you for sharing

  2. Lovely post, Chris. I enjoy the chance to explore more serious topics in the framework of romance, and I don’t mind some tears. Thank you!

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