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Title: Trainwreck (Trainwreck #1)
Author: Michele Micheal Rakes
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Drai Bearwomyn
Genre: BDSM, Bisexual, Crime Fiction, Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, Menage/Poly, Thriller


Detective Sergeant Vincent Sweetwater hates dead bodies. That’s why he’s an undercover narc and not a homicide dick. So why is he standing on a sandy beach in California staring at a lifeless body—oh yeah, the suicide attempt. Lieutenant Hanson is making a statement. Something about life worth living. Shows what he knows.

As Vince examines the tortured body, he feels an empathy and déjà vu for the victim, her wounds are similar to scars he has only a vague memory receiving. An intense desire to find her killer fills his queasy belly as a dark game of cat and mouse begins.

The young woman’s death forces Vince back into a secret life dominated by sex, perversion, and sadomasochism. Estranged from his wife he still loves and longing for the man who possessed him once, Vince buries his torment deep inside meaningless sex.

*Warning: This book contains adult content and situations. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.

Ten Places I’d Like to Go

#1. Scotland because it is the home of my ancestors, but I would also go to Wales while I was there, as well. I’m Welsh and Scottish. I’m also a history buff with a love of Arthurian tales. The Highlands call to me. I’d love the opportunity to live there for a year or so, and write. I wrote a short story set in Scotland. A ghost story set in a small croft on a huge estate. I love the green and the wet and the mists. One of the reasons I love the Pacific Northwest.

#2. Egypt stems from my love of all things ancient Egypt. I wanted to be an Egyptologist/archaeologist since I was seven. Of course, I wanted to writer as well. Agatha Christie may have exposed me to both endeavors.

#3. Iceland for the men and the volcanic activity. I’m so intrigued by their ability to survive and even save towns from the volcanoes. I have an interest in volcanology too. I live thirty miles from Mt. Rainier. I remember St Helens blowing her top. Watched it from my front yard when I was ten.

#4. Sol Duc (plan on going this summer) Olympic National Park, WA, USA. Actually, since the death of our wife (whom I’d made so many plans to ride around the country with in our older years) my husband and I have decided to no longer put off all those rides around our state. Mary and I had made the run around the peninsula before we met Scott. A year before she died, we rode to Idaho, just the three of us and met up with a friend of ours over there. We had a lot of fun, including a 90mph orgasm I had on the freeway in 104° weather. We pulled over and jumped in the Snake River fully clothed. Just took off my boots. We plan on a trip this summer to the Hoh Rainforest. My state has so many wonderful places to go and most can be done on an extended weekend.

#5. Yellowstone National Park. I’ve never been there, but Mary had, she insisted I go eventually. The knowledge that it’s basically a flat volcano is astounding.

#. 6 The Arches National Park because I saw a picture of it in a National Parks magazine and fell in love.

7. Alaska’s Dalton Hwy. on my motorcycle, because it is an adventure Scott would like us to do in the summer time. Alaska is said to be gorgeous in the summer. I can’t wait to go.

8. An archaeological dig where they are working to reveal a mammoth skeleton. This is on our list of places to go, and if I remember right, it’s in Alberta, Canada.

#9. Glastonbury Tor and the Chalice Well because of the natural power of the place. The ley lines make the site strong in mysticism.

#10. Stonehenge. Since I was little, I’ve had dreams of living in a henge. I’ve been to the full sized replica in Maryhill, WA that was built as a WWII memorial. However, I think Stonehenge would be more amazing during the full moon without all the tourists


The room fell silent and he turned back to the freezer. His hand hovered lovingly over the lid before he lifted it. “Hey, pretty. I know what to do with you now. You’re going to meet the son of an old friend.”

The girl had dead-fish eyes. Half-lidded, green once upon a time, they stared unseeing from a frost glittered corpse. Hair like sunburnt grass pricked her high cheekbones and full lips. He smoothed it back stiffly. The realization this would be the last time he felt her youthful body rushed through him like a phantom out of the dark. He was almost surprised at her lack of life.

On a shelf across the room was a black tarp, which he spread on the floor. With singular effort he struggled to get the partially frozen corpse from the freezer. She landed with a sick thud. The man apologized to her as though she were still living, stroking her stiff hair soothingly. He started to roll her in the black plastic, cocooning her in a final darkness, to be reborn from the chrysalis in the morning sunlight. Only then would Vincent Sweetwater come to know her and whom she represented.


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author

Michele Micheal Rakes lives in a small town in the shadow of a big mountain and works as a surgical technologist assisting in the removal of tonsils and testicles. Three grown children, a one year old granddaughter named Thrasher, two psychotic Egyptian Mau’s, a husband with hair down to his knees, an Amazon for a wife, two Harley’s, and a ferret named Teeny Tiny Ferret Feet (husband insists her name Little Feet, we all know he’s wrong) life is gets pretty wild.

Note: Wife recently passed away from cancer and this book is dedicated in loving memory of Mary Louise Castleman. Love you babe!

Where to find the author:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/michelerakes1

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/michelemichealrakes

Twitter: @MicheleRakes

Blog: www.michelerakes.wordpress.com

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