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This is an update on something I’ve done before but it’s valid now as it was then. Is there such a thing as a self-epiphany? Because I think I had one over the weekend. I woke up one morning and things suddenly seemed clearer to me. I’ve been moaning and groaning about my life for a while, probably to the complete boredom and eye rolling of people around me. I decided to sit down and do a Pros and Cons of My Life list and this is what I came up with. You might like to do it yourself and see where you end up.

Motivational Background


Pros Cons (mostly Tongue in cheek)
I enjoy good health. Yes, I’ve had a little scare recently but I think it’s all good now I’m middle aged and want to be twenty five again.
I have a supportive husband who lets me be as quirky and miserable as I need to be sometimes He’s not Benedict Cumberbatch –but he’s mine.
I have fabulous children, polite, healthy, and people to be proud of They aren’t millionaires yet and can’t support me in the lifestyle I want to be accustomed to – get a move on, kids J
I have a job- yes, I moan about the travel but I am at least working where others aren’t Said travel. Train delays and rush hours car jams suck.
I have other family in a mother and sister who are proud of what I have achieved. Mum is convinced I write ‘man-porn’ for a living…her words. She’s a little put off by that. But I simply tell her not to read it.
I enjoy the company and the people I work with – a bonus in my book They always want me to go out drinking and partying with them- oh, the horror of spending time with the cute younger guys!
I write books as a part time thing, and said books actually have *gasps loudly* READERS!! Wonderful, supportive readers who are my world and my success. I don’t have enough time to write- but I think every writer will say the same thing so I can’t claim this one for my own.
Talking about success, I have had some in my writing endeavours and make money out of it. For doing something I love. I’m not a millionaire yet, still have to work for a living. I want that damn country house, damn it! With a butler ..
I know some incredible people and have made some wonderful friendships. I have nothing on this one. People, you all ROCK like Bon Jovi.
I’ve got to do things I’d never have dreamed of before taking up writing, like going to conferences and meeting fellow authors, some of whom are my idols. Nope-nada on this one too.  They may be crazy, some of them, but I like it. Craziness is SO underrated.
I still have all my teeth. Yeah-nothing really.
I still have my hair. It’s too damn curly and my daughter calls me Poodle Hair.
I get to talk about sex, porn stars, blow jobs, BDSM practices and the 101 uses for bananas – and no one bats an eyelid. Well, perhaps some do. It’s not really the correct topic of discussion in the local Costa Coffee house as Daughter and I recently discovered.


So what’s the consensus? I told myself to man up and just try and take each day as it comes. I’m very much the profile of a classic ‘perfectionist’, I think, wanting to get to good places quickly and feeling like a failure when I don’t.

While not all of the traits in the link below apply to me, I think some of them are me to a T. I did the quiz and this was the result. No surprise there.

You’re A Perfectionist

You probably already know that your perfectionist tendencies cause you stress and complicate your life in some ways, but you probably don’t realize the extent of perfectionism’s negative effects on your lifestyle and stress level. The resources below can explain more about perfectionism, and give you resources for changing. I highly recommend you begin the journey now. Don’t worry if it takes a little time to change your patterns; any progress made can benefit you from now on!

You can take the quiz too if you like here –


So, in hindsight, some things I’m going to ‘fail’ at, and not meet the expectations I have. That doesn’t mean I’ve actually ‘failed’. I need to start taking a deep breath and looking at my achievements as opposed to the areas I don’t feel I’m measuring up. Like selling enough books. Increasing my readership. Making more money out of book sales. Seeing my Amazon overall store rankings in three, double or single digits. I need to keep writing and enjoying what gives me fulfilment and hope that perhaps one day, I’ll meet all my own personal goals and if I don’t quite reach them – then at least be satisfied that I tried my best.

It’s all anyone can do.

~Susan Mac Nicol


Title: Damaged Goods
Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing
Publication Date: 04/28/2016
Cover Artist: Chris Keeslar-Boroughs
Genre: New Adult


Touched by tragedy, love is an elusive dream never to be realised by eighteen-year-old Jax Grady–until he discovers his secret admirer and receives the sweetest gift he could ever desire.
Tragedy and horror shaped Jackson Grady’s life, leaving him orphaned and scarred. At eighteen he’s ready to claim his future, but who could love his disfigured face and damaged soul? Definitely not a big, burly, beautiful Irish Traveller who is entirely the stuff of dreams.
Dare Rowan didn’t mean to become obsessed with the blue-eyed man he first saw across a field, but that porcelain skin and innocent air demanded another meeting. Jax has the face of a wounded angel, and the rest of the young man is as heart-breakingly perfect. Jax is beautiful in every way and teaching him about love and life will be something Dare will embrace. Like unwrapping and savouring the candy at the shop where he works, Dare will show this young man everything Jax desired but never thought he’d have, and take Jax to new highs while he holds him through the lows. Between them, they’ll find out just how sweet life can be.


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