What About Now by Grace R Duncan ~ Book Review by Caroline

29755820Title: What About Now

Author: Grace R Duncan

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 05/09/2016

Length: Long Novel (~ 100K+)

Genre: BDSM, Gay Romance


Five years ago, everything went wrong. Braden Kirk and Rafe Jessen’s long-term relationship started unraveling. They stopped talking, fears mounted, then Braden walked in on Rafe and another man, completely misreading the situation. Without giving Rafe a chance to explain, Braden walks out. Out of their home, their relationship, and the game development company they started together in college.

After months of therapy to deal with the attempted rape Braden walked in on, Rafe begins to understand that his dominant tendencies in the bedroom aren’t a bad thing and that Braden’s submission is likely what scared his partner into silence. But Rafe isn’t ready to let go of the man he loves more than life itself. He arranges for himself and Braden to end up on the same charity cruise, knowing Braden won’t let his phobia—terror of vast, deep waters—rule him.

With a plan and twenty-eight days, Rafe is determined to get Braden back, make him see there’s nothing wrong with being submissive, and find a way to get Braden to stay with him when they get home to LA.

My View:

This story really hits home and reminds you that not everything you see should be taken at face value.

Five years ago Braden and Rafe were in love, had been since their college days, but due to a lack of communication things had started to go wrong. Braden was pulling away and avoiding his lover rather than sitting down and talking about things that were making him feel uncomfortable. When Braden comes home to find Rafe with another man he walks out and doesn’t return. If he had stopped to look properly and realised what was happening things could have ended very differently but he didn’t. He didn’t stop for the next five years even though he was desperately unhappy and still loved Rafe with all his heart. In those five years Rafe has picked himself up and received counselling and truly discovered just who he is.

Braden is terrified of large amounts of deep water but with a bit of cajoling and even a few threats he finds himself on a month long cruise raising money for a charity close to his heart. What he doesn’t expect is for Rafe, who he hasn’t seen since that fateful night, to be on the same cruise. Rafe has one plan, one well thought out and almost rehearsed plan and he puts it into motion the very first day on the ship.

I loved the way the author brought Rafe and Braden together even if at times it was unrealistic. A lot of the time it felt like everything just fell back into place, went easily back to how it used to be, but that was part of the challenge as the way things were hadn’t been working for them. Rafe is challenged with not only getting Braden back but having him accept certain aspects of their relationship that he needs. The easy part for both of them was love – they both still loved each other deeply and always had and I think that made the situation seem more desperate as neither of them wanted to lose that for a second time.

I have read a few books of Grace’s where BDSM features in the story and I always enjoy the scenes the author puts together and this one was no different. From Rafe having to hold back to Braden accepting this part of himself I felt engrossed in the storyline and loved every aspect.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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