Hard Climate by Susan MacNicol ~ Book Review by Caroline

30635703Title: Hard Climate

Author: Susan MacNicol

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing

Cover Artist: Unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: 07/28/2016

Length: Novel (~ 50K-100K)

Genre: Gay Romance


Eco-warrior Mango Manning must shake the demons of his past to win back London nightclub owner Ryan Bishop, who is suddenly facing issues of his own.


Brawny, beautiful, complicated and sexy as hell, eco-warrior Mango Manning is everything performer and London nightclub owner Ryan Bishop wants in a life-partner. But Mango has been loving and leaving Ryan for the past two years, and Ryan’s had enough. That’s why he’s moving on. Ryan’s the monogamous type—which means now he’ll be alone at the worst possible time.

Mango Manning knows he’s screwed up and has commitment issues. That’s why he’s been so on-and-off with Ryan these past two years. He’d thought he found a safe haven, a place to hide from the losses of his past, but there are other demons you just can’t escape. Like Ryan’s health. If Mango is to put things right, he must man up and discover a way back into Club Delish and the heart of its owner. Only then can they look to the future together, come what may. True happiness will slip through their fingers…unless they both grab on and hold tight.

My View:

Book 8 in The Men of London and still the series feels fresh and nowhere near ready to finish. This has what I like in a series; each new couple brings their own unique set of issues but there is always the steady strum of couples from the past that gives us a familiarity.

Ryan Bishop owns a swanky and popular London nightclub where he is free to let his alter ego out to play. Delilah Delish, drag queen extraordinaire, is the snarky diva side of Ryan who quite often spills over into Ryan’s character when he becomes emotional and at the moment his emotions are all over the place due to Mango Manning. Mango is a free spirited soul who fights the eco battle for those that need a voice. He is actually very good at his job and gets a great deal of satisfaction from it but he also uses it to run from his personal life and he has been using it to run from Ryan for the last two years.

Three major things change in their lives at once that turn everything upside down.

Firstly Ryan decides he has had enough and he wants and needs a partner that isn’t going to run off at the first sign of commitment. The knock on effect of Ryan’s decision makes Mango FINALLY realise that not being with Ryan is an option he can’t even consider – he is going to have to change his ways and start opening up about his past. In theory both these things should resolve their ongoing issues once and for all but then Ryan has a health scare and everything changes again.

Ryan and Mango have to work hard for their HEA. They both have trust issues, they both need to open up to each other and they both have to take a leap of faith that everything will work out. Great 8th book in an equally great series.


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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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