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There are many changes occurring this year—some don’t feel so great, some are probably good, and only time will tell how the end result affects humanity. But, for better or worse, our world seems to be in a state of flux and emotions are running higher than usual. That’s not a bad thing when it creates positive change, greater acceptance for humankind, etc. However, these emotions can express themselves in harmful ways, too, and can also have a negative impact on us, individually, if we’re not careful.

I rarely air my real-life for the world to read nor do I post it privately on my wall for Facebook friends to offer support or advice. That’s just not me. Don’t get me wrong, I encounter hardship, troubles, and real-life drama like everyone else. I have opinions—usually very strong ones, I won’t even lie about that grin—I just don’t post about it. Your mileage may vary, but that’s my choice. It could be my private nature, or that little person sitting on my shoulder, whispering, “don’t do it,” or maybe it’s because I cringe each time I see the ill-effects of a viral post and the sometimes hateful follow-up responses that spread anger and hurt feelings rather than inspiring positive change.

I crave a happy social space. I prefer positivity. Happy times. Yay! Because real life is sometimes hard and cruel. Cute puppies, funny animals, and happy news? I’m so there. Politics, religion, or viral posts? Um, no thank you. That’s a ticking time bomb. We all need somewhere to go to be happy and free of the drama life so easily drops at our feet.

I’m not an authority on the subject, but I thought it might be a good time to discuss how we all handle the stress running rampant in our lives just in case it helps anyone struggling to keep their positivity flowing. Everyone deals with stuff in his or her own way. The trick is finding what works best for you.




My Outlet

What do I do when I’m super pissed or extremely happy? I temporarily shut off social media, isolate myself in my creative cave, and pour myself into my work. Might not be very healthy (that’s still up for debate, especially when I’m pulling a 16-hour workday), but it works for me. It’s cathartic, it’s therapeutic, and it’s comforting. But most of all, I can brush a smooth Photoshop line in place of a subtle caress or slash an angry, grungy stroke in place of my anger—all without hurting anyone, either intentionally or inadvertently. I can spend hours creating a character and channel my focus. I can target my frustration and curse and fight with the hair that refuses to cooperate.

I can also switch gears and focus on the softer design, the lights, the faint colors, the wispy accents during my happy moments. I can smile when I nail that perfect tattoo or just that right shade of blue for the eyes. I’m silly that way. It’s the reason why I will work on multiple projects at once. So I always have one that suits my inspiration and mood.

I’m blessed that I can also do that with my writing. If I’m hurt or going through an emotional storm, you bet your ass I’m writing an emotional scene.

My outlets might be somewhat unconventional for some people. But they allow me to convert my pain, anger, or other negative emotion into something positive I can share with others and hopefully make them smile in return.

When all else fails and my creativity is stumped, I veg out on the couch and watch TV, read a book, or my awesome hubby takes me out for a drive with the top down.

Sometimes, taking a step back and a brisk walk can help—um, if you’re into exercise. cough I used to bake when angry or stressed. Needless to say, when I worked at the office job, there was a steady supply of home-baked cookies and brownies in my home (okay, maybe that one wasn’t so healthy). chuckles

I’m curious and always hunting for stress relievers or ways to find my happy place. What outlets do you have? I’d love to hear about your outlets, creative, physical or otherwise.


~Jaime Reese / Reese Dante


Title: A Mended Man
Author: Jaime Reese
Publisher: Romandeavor
Publication Date: 04/26/2016
Cover Artist:
Genre: Contemporary, Gay Romance, Romance



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      I often listen to music when I work on designs, especially when I’m trying to tune out social media. I don’t, however, know how authors can write and listen to music at the same time – and I know some do! LOL That right there is one heck of a talent. 🙂

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